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6 hours ago, talvikorppi said:

The Westerlands hills/mountains? No mention of snow/ice in the summer. I rather imagine them like the Scottish hills/mountains. Steep and spectacular but not very high and therefore hardly ever snowy during the summer, snowy in the winter.

From the World book

"THE WESTERLANDS ARE a place of rugged hills and rolling plains, of misty dales and craggy shorelines, a place of blue lakes and sparkling rivers and fertile fields, of broadleaf forests that teem with game of every sort, where half-hidden doors in the sides of wooded hills open onto labyrinthine caves [...]
These are rich lands, temperate and fruitful, shielded by high hills to the east and south and the endless blue waters of the Sunset Sea to the west."

No mention of snow-covered peaks of any type.

6 hours ago, talvikorppi said:

In the North, we have the Flint hills/mountains. It seems there's a mountain range that starts somewhat north of Winterfell and continues along the western coast, then across the Gorge at the Wall and on to become the Frostfangs north of the Wall. I'm wondering if the southern reaches of this range have perma-snow tops even in summer. I can't remeber what Bran and friends say/think when they're travelling through this country. No snow where they were, and no snow mentioned at the tops, though, as far as I can remember.

Nope. No mention of snow, although at this latitude, the peaks should be covered in snow even in summer. I remember king Robert in AGoT astonished that it snowed during summer while traveling to Winterfell. Here's from the Bran chapters in ASoS:

"No roads ran through the twisted mountain valleys where they walked now. Between the grey stone peaks lay still blue lakes, long and deep and narrow, and the green gloom of endless piney woods.The russet and gold of autumn leaves grew less common when they left the wolfswood to climb amongst the old flint hills, and vanished by the time those hills had turned to mountains. Giant grey-green sentinels loomed above them now, and spruce and fir and soldier pines in endless profusion. The undergrowth was sparse beneath them, the forest floor carpeted in dark green needles."

So, even after they reach the mountains, there's still conifer trees, and the floor isn't covered in snow either (although it should).

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