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  1. Blackfyre Bastard

    Targaryen Kings and their Historical Counterparts

    I know GRRM modeled ASoIaF after English medieval history, but I can't seem to chase off the idea that there's a hint of the Carlist Wars in the Blackfyre Rebellions.
  2. Blackfyre Bastard

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    OMG! I read this correctly in my first try!!! I'm feeling very proficient at the moment.
  3. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Since we're on the topic of pronunciation of names, I'd like some suggestion to the pronunciation of "Chella" Ch as in German or Scottish "loch" [x]? Or Ch as in church, Chicago [tʃ]?
  4. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    All of them TY. What's the point of etymology, then?
  5. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Don't sweat it. Some of those in the list are probably still wrong. GRRM has acknowledged (probably tongue in cheek, but still) that he's not authoritative regarding pronunciation because of his Jersey accent and I wouldn't count the show as canon (although it probably has popularized and standardized many of the names). Regarding the audiobooks, GRRM has said that they consulted him on the harder names, but got the easy ones wrong! (e.g. "Damfair") I for one refuse to accept Tyrion's pronunciation as ['tɪəɹiən] TEER-ee-ən; having the particle "Ty" in his name, I think it should be pronounced as Tywin ['taɪwɪn] TY-win, hence: ['taɪɹiən] TY- ree-ən (similar to Tyrone but with the stress on the first syllable). But that's me.
  6. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    IIRC, there are tourneys in the North, just that there are no tilts (jousting), since there's few knights (because of religion); however northern tourneys are mostly melee.
  7. Blackfyre Bastard

    Errors in the WOIAF

    I find that there are many dates left ambiguous or unsaid so the reader must fill in the blanks. If the wording would have been something like: "In the year 114 BC, twelve years before the Doom of Valyria, Aenar Targaryen sold his holdings in the Freehold and...", then there would be no ambiguity and we'd have a solid date to which build chronology upon. I just had an argument about the length of time spanned between Braavos's founding and its reveal. On one hand, many people interpret the wording of "Its very existence had been a secret for a century, the girl had learned; its location had been hidden thrice that long." to mean that the location was revealed two centuries after the existence was revealed. On the other hand, I always took it to mean that it was three centuries instead. That, if we only take into consideration that the quote is from AFfC (Cat of the Canals). If we take the World book into consideration there's still more contradiction. The World book states that the Unmasking of Uthero occurred on the 111th festival of the city's founding, further explaining that when the city paid reparations "[t]he dragonlords proved to have little interest in the descendants of slaves who had escaped a century before", which makes it unequivocal that the founding occurred a century before the Unmasking. ETA For the record, I can get both meanings (the Doom being in 102 BC or 114 BC) alternately, depending on how I read the passage.
  8. Blackfyre Bastard

    Puns and Wordplay

    Eyrie / eerie The seat of House Arryn is a desolate castle located at the top of a mountain surrounded only by air and the peak of the mountain from where Alyssa's Tears drop towards, but never reach, the ground below (i.e. there's sadness even in the sunniest and warmest day). The first impression we get of the Eyrie is Catelyn's POV. She notices something anomalous about it: While imprisoned, Tyrion gives us his impression of the sadistic nature of the builders of the Eyrie, regarding the lack of walls in the cells And of course, the culmination of this aversion to heights and the threat of a gruesome death by falling is the Moon Door. Remember Sweetrobin's favorite phrase: "Make him fly". Later, Sansa as Aleyne gives us a more insightful view of the Eyrie. Still, it is depicted as desolate and the isolation that emerges from it Even when well-lit with sunshine, the castle seems strangely eerie
  9. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this. If existence and location were revealed, how they didn't occur? TWoIaF mentions that Uthero "invite[d] men of all nations to celebrate the 111th festival of the city's founding." How could the location be kept a secret if you have a bunch of people from all over the world traveling to your city to celebrate a festival? In the same paragraph we're told that the Valyrians showed "little interest in the descendants of slaves escaped a century before," so it's clear that Yandel puts the reveal of existence and location at the same time. Yes, I know it's a matter of interpretation. I start from the premise that if the existence of something is unknown, then the information regarding the location cannot be counted as concurrently. Let's say a sporting goods store opens by your house and you never knew about it. It has functioned for two years without you noticing it. Then, for some reason you need to buy a football (or darts or whatever) and you start to inquire and someone tells you of the existence of this store but refuse to tell you the location. Let's say you come up with the location after two weeks of trying to find it. Would you say that the location was kept a secret to you for two years or two weeks? If you never knew about the existence, then you wouldn't be bothered about not knowing the location.
  10. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I'm a little confused as to the diverging versions of the Uncloaking of Uthero and the total number of years that the city's location was a secret. TWoIaF says that the revealing of the existence and the location of Braavos were done at the same time, 111 years after the founding, but AFfC (Cat of the Canals) tells that the existence was a secret for a century (111 years, fair enough) and the location was a secret "thrice that long", which to me suggests that the location was a secret for another 300 years after the revealing of its existence, not 200, so the total time between founding and reveal of the location would be ~400 years (not 300). I mean, if you are not aware of the existence, then you couldn't possible worry about finding the location. Is only after learning about the existence of the city that someone would be actively searching for it and the citizens of Braavos purposefully trying to keep the city undisclosed, so the location was a secret "thrice that long" AFTER news broke about the existence of the city. Earlier this year on the thread about mistakes and contradictions I said, half joking and half serious, that the figure of 111 years in TWoIaF was probably a typo and it should be 411. I'm sorry if my reading comprehension is flawed and "thrice that long" doesn't mean "add another 300 extra years from this date" but rather "300 years in total since the date of the founding," but to me that's what makes sense and I believe the date should be pushed back another century.
  11. Blackfyre Bastard

    Puns and Wordplay

    Bread in the broader sense of food and nourishment could be at issue also. Don't forget that Pod is usually described as undernourished: too thin and short for his age. He looks (and behaves) very much a child compared to Sansa who is of an age with him. Pod was sentenced to death for sharing food belonging to Tywin with other soldiers, but his name saved him (Payne / paine / bread)
  12. Blackfyre Bastard

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Dontos told her to escape during the bedding, when all attention would be focused elsewhere. I'd never considered it, but in the end, I think it was pure luck that she didn't stay with her husband not 10-15 minutes, but 3-5 minutes. That's how narrow her window was and she took it (inadvertedly) right on cue.
  13. Blackfyre Bastard

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    He wore Lannister colors when he had dinner at Darry on his way to Riverrun (AFfC)
  14. Blackfyre Bastard

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    I haven't had my printed copy at hand for a while but I've been reading a digital copy which so far hasn't "shamed itself", so I trust it when I spotted this error. When Jon Snow treats with Tycho Nestoris, Jon mentions that some members of the NW should have passed through Braavos and Nestoris offers to inquire after them when he returns: This time of year. Someone forgot that the year and the seasons don't run concurrently in Planetos and the time of year doesn't have much significance when it's the seasons that change the weather and seasons can last for years on end. And is strange that they let this pass since only a few lines earlier, the same characters have this exchange:
  15. Blackfyre Bastard

    Puns and Wordplay

    After I wrote my previous post, it occurred to me that the anagram of KOTN (King of the North) would be "knot."