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A Princess Recovered

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Princess Daena has been found (some might say that stating she was captured would be more honestly put) in Duskendale after having escaped the Maidenvault, and thence the royal city. Word from Duskendale—where a royal galley was already waiting to bring her back if she happened to go to the seat of House Darklyn in search of a ship to take her away from those who pursused her—was bare regarding the details save to say that she was unharmed and would be placed on said galley forthwith with an added escort of Darklyn knights as well as the Kingsguard knight and his company of men-at-arms that the Hand had sent racing toward Duskendale in search of the princess

What is known for certain is that while the princess had escaped the castle by the strategem of a Tyroshi wash to darken her hair, and that a freerider took her outside of the city through the Iron Gate when its captain, Ser Alex Reyne, was called away to a meeting with the Lord Commander of the City Watch and his junior officers failed to attend as closely to their duties as they were tasked to do. But that freerider, a feckless man named Pate who claims he once soldiered for Lord Rollingford before winning himself a horse and armor during Conquest, was found at Rosby village sans princess and, indeed, sans horse. Instead, he seemed to have acquired a great deal of friends, for he was carousing in a tavern while paying for all the beer and ale his new-found acquaintances could assume. Questioned closely, he claimed ignorance that his companion had been Princess Daena, claiming she gave her name as Violet and begged most sweetly to see the world outside the city walls. He obliged her, and then when she offered to buy his horse he expressed incredulity—he thought her mad—until she pulled a great, black pearl earring from her bodice and offered it to him. He agreed straightaway, and proceeded to spend all the coin to celebrate the sale with the expectation that a local merchant would purchase the pearl for many dragons.

Those who questioned him were dubious that he had no inkling whom she was, especially when she revealed her wealth, but he persisted in his claim. A small escort was sent to bring him back to King’s Landing and its dungeons so that he might be questioned more closely. With such proof that his companion was indeed the missing princess, however, the hunters continued the search after asking Lord Rosby to inform the Red Keep of what they had discovered. And now with the princess at Duskendale, it seems clear they were on the right track when seeking her out.

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