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Pierre Jolivet

The Bridge of Skulls

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Hi everybody, something really boggles my mind and I need your help here. In "Dance with Dragons", chapter "Jon" page 292 pocket edition,(the "Jon" between "Reek" and "Tyrion"), there's a line on page 294 that goes "Bowen was a good man in his way, but the wound he had taken at the Bridge of Skulls had hardened his attitudes..."

So I stop reading there and ask myself ... Have I ever read about this "Bridge of Skulls" in a previous chapter, in a previous book? Since yesterday I search in the previous book and I cannot find where George RR Martin has ever wrote about the incident on the Bridge of Skulls... So someone can help me here ?




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Check out Storm of Swords chapter 48. When Jon gets back to Castle Black ahead of the wildling attack, he learns that Bowen was chasing wildlings who were feinting attacks ahead of Mance's huge assault on Castle Black. The wiki also has a good summary of what happened:  http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Fight_at_the_Bridge_of_Skulls .

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