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[Eureka] The Night King and the White Walkers are the personification of the ICE AGE

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Cheers to George R.R. Martin for his genius. I've finally realized what the Night King and White Walkers really represent. 

The Long Night is basically the Ice Age of Westeros. It comes every few thousand years similar to our Earth's. It's an unstoppable cycle. GGRM personifies the horror of the Ice Age with White Walkers. If you take the White Walkers out of the context, majority will still die nonetheless. GGRM and his genius adds sugar to that idea. It would be boring to watch Westeros enveloped with Ice and Snow. Why not an Army of the Dead to personify the death of millions from the Long Winter? Similar to the Ice Age, it wouldn't care if you're a highborn or a peasant, a lord or a soldiers. It doesn't care if you're good or bad. It punishes everyone equally regardless of their sins and status. Nature mediates and keeps the balance of the world. 

GRRM is truly a genius.

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