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ID'ing Smalljon Umber's Distinct Accent

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I love Smalljon's character.  Cult following he's got for such a short amount of camera time.

But I've had trouble pinpointing his accent.  Is it Black Country?  Brummie?  Yorkshire perhaps?  Or something else entirely?

If anyone knows for sure, would love to hear your thoughts!


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On the show he seems to be trying to do a sort of generically northern accent. I'm not sure why.

His real accent is definitely Yorkshire. Although I have heard at least one interview where he does that sort of slightly-but-not-too-refined Estuary (like David Tennant on Doctor Who) that everyone learns instead of RP in acting school nowadays, if you go back and listen to his sports interviews, you can hear his native voice.

Also, his website is currently down, but at one point the site title was "Big Yorkshire Lad".

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