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Alright, my topic is gone entirely, not moved, and I received no warnings

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Started a topic based around a game I'm running, and it has completely vanished. It was in General Chatter. I understand if it needed moving, or is even against a forum rule, but at this point I'd at least like an explanation about it.


It's an ASOIAF Diplomacy, Statecraft  and War game. It's not an RP, and General Chatter is full of more nonsense than a monty python sketch so it can't be accused of not belonging somewhere on the site that isn't the death gorge that is forum games. The MUSH is about as accessible as the US job market and there is no designated place on the site for non-RP ASOIAF games, as it isnt really a forum game and once again that section of the board has the traffic of an abandoned Westworld park filled with one guy asking to drink to the girl with the white shoes.


Yes this is a rant but I'm at wit's and here trying to find a cultivating home for people who want a real ASOIAF game that isn't an unrelated game like Mafia or a post bump initiative. Shout out to my TTTNE crowd though, I love those folks.


Where has my topic gone ;_;

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This topic is now closed to further replies.