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Seeing who is currently reading a thread

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I recall that in the past it was possible, when logging into a particular topic, to see at the bottom of the page which other users were reading that thread at the same time. That used to be very helpful in judging whether a particular conversation or debating interaction was being followed live by other parties, and thus whether those parties were likely to respond soon, encouraging one to wait around for a likely response.

At some point in the last few years, that functionality seemed to vanish, and I have not been able to figure out if it is something to do with my browser, my profile, or just a change in the site functionality in general.

I recall that back then it was also possible to see on the home page which other users were currently logged into the site as a whole. Something which is readily available on many other forums.

So, my question is whether this functionality still exists or whether such visibility has been restricted for some reason.


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Ah, I see Linda actually answered this question when I previously posted it, a few pages down in this sub section. sorry, I thought that previous post had vanished.

Any updates on whether this feature will be able to make a comeback?

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