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ULTIMATE SEASON 8 SPOILERS. Want to know how it will really end? [SPOILERS]

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Everyone is going to predict what wiIl happen this season so I wanted everyone to know how it truly will most likely end from a screenwriters perspective. I am very good at predicting things and I put a nearly a year of work into the original thesis from which these ideas came from. These were part of a massive thread I posted with reasoning on how I came to these conclusions but it was too long for discussion. If you wish to read the reasoning behind these predictions the original thread is here. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/153708-brandon-stark-is-john-locke-the-night-king-is-the-smoke-monster-from-lost-jon-snow-is-jack-my-season-8-predictions-spoilers/






I predict that during Season 8,


Jon Snow will defeat the Night King mirroring the way Jack defeated the Smoke Monster at the end of Lost. Samwell Tarly will be named the 1000th commander of the Night's Watch. Danearys will survive to take the Iron Throne 

Throughout the season it will be revealed that Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion being resurrected and also the visions of Melisandre and The Brotherhood were not really the actions of the Lord of Light, but a clever conjob put on by the Night King to trick everyone into giving him a dragon so he could eventually escape from beyond the wall (an Island from his perspective)

The defense of the North from Viserion will go about as well as the defense of Dogen's temple from the Smoke Monster in the Lost episode ironically titled "Sundown". Bran will even warg a dragon for the first time and still fail to defeat him. In desperation, Bran will hatch a plot to stop the Night King and his army by tapping into the power of the weirwood tree that he was created on. This tree is located either where the Night King turns babies into Whitewalkers, back at Three-Eyed Ravens Cave, or buried deep inside the Winterfell Crypts beneath the Godswood. He may require the help of a dragon to reach this destination. But the Night King knows exactly what he's planning and allows it to happen because this incident is the secret to his power. When Bran wargs into the weirwood tree his eyes will remain rolled back and never return, and a complicated time paradox will begin that may not even be fully explained until prequels are released. The plan will appear to have failed with Bran in a sort of coma and the army of the dead will continue on its rampage. The Night King's ultimate goal is to take revenge against House Stark and free himself of his curse by killing every last Northman and resurrecting his slain wife Nissa Nissa with Jon Snow's daughter as a sacrifice. If Jon Snow only has a son, the Night King's motive is simply to pass on his title to the child and free himself of his curse. The Night King may at this point use the comatose body of Bran as a loudspeaker for his own voice and speak for the first time. However, as a result of Bran's final sacrifice The Night King will be temporarily vulnerable and semi-mortal. Similar to how the Smoke Monster was vulnerable after Desmond pulled the cork in the season finale of Lost. The Night King stealing Bran's power is a long-con that he intends to work purely in his favor, but he doesn't contemplate that the 3-Eyed Raven (Jacob) is playing him as part of a LONGER-con. Although the Night King is temporarily vulnerable he can only be killed by one thing, Lightbringer. 


During the final battle against the army of the dead Jon Snow will fly on Rheagal for the first time after learning the truth about his Targaryen heritage, but will drop Longclaw. Bran however foresaw this and has already sent someone, possibly Howland Reed, to recover Dawn, the 10,000 year old ancestral sword of house Dayne, forged from the heart of a meteorite, from Starfall keep. This sword is in fact the original lightbringer and the original "Ice", but was disenchanted upon the defeat of the first army of the dead. Because Jon is born very close to Starfall in the Tower of Joy, and because of his proven swordsmanship, he will be qualified to wield this legendary sword and attain the coveted title "The sword of the Morning". 


Jon Snow's personality would obviously never allow him to kill Danearys, to the point the Night King doesn't ever see defeat as a possibly. This is where my own personal theory that has nothing to do with Lost unlocks the secret of why Lightbringer will be created. During season 5 Uncle Benjen tells Bran that he was stabbed by a spear of ice and almost turned into a Whitewalker but that the Children were able to "Stop the walkers measure from taking hold" by shoving a shard of dragonglass into his heart. During the battle against the Night King, Danearys will most likely be sniped by one of his Ice Spears. Bran will have already revealed Benjen's story to Jon prior to the battle, and he will attempt to save Danearys in the same way. However, in the absence of any dragonglass Jon will be forced to use Dawn. With no other alternative Jon will plunge Dawn into the heart of Danearys, not to create Lightbringer, but to save her life. When Jon removes the sword from Danearys's chest, it will ignite in bright blue flames and her wound will be healed by the Lord of Light. With his enchanted weapon in hand Jon Snow will slay the Night King after an epic one-on-one battle. Jon will appear to be alright but he has come out of the fight mortally wounded, probably stabbed by the Night King's ice sword. He will be walking through the snow with a trail of blood dripping behind him, and finally fall to the ground. Perhaps Ghost will just happen to be there for no reason and comfort him in his final minutes. The camera will pan in on Jon's eyes as a dragon flies overhead, and the last shot of the entire series will be Jon's eyes opening and turning starry bright blue. He is the new Night King.




Wait, what happened to Bran?


To explain what happens to Bran we must first establish some often disputed historical facts


8000 Years ago 

-Bran is not the Night King 

-The Whitewalkers were created by the Children of the Forest years before the Night King and started the first Long Night without him

-The Night King as we know him did not exist until the end of the first Long Night

-The first Azor Ahai, a mythical figure known as the "Last Hero", and a mythical figure known as "The Night's King" all disappeared suddenly into the Lands of Always Winter around the same time the first Long Night ended

-The Night King, The Night's King, The Last Hero, and the first Azor Ahai are all the same person. The guy who the Children of the Forest tie to the weirwood tree in "The Door"

-The Children of the Forest intended to turn this man into a normal Whitewalker before he suddenly and unexpectedly gained all of his powers and became what we know as the Night King 


1000 Years ago to Present

-The Three-Eyed Raven was once a relatively normal man before he disappeared suddenly in the Lands of Always Winter and didn't always have the power of greensight

-Bran was a relatively normal boy before the Three-Eyed Raven called out to him in his coma and didn't always have the power of greensight


When Bran tries to warg into the Night King, he will become overwhelmed by his power, and experience a situation similar to Hodor. Unable to escape his greensight, Bran's powers will be channeled through the weirwood resulting in a chain-reaction which gifts the Night King his original power thousands of years ago, but this is after the Wall has already been constructed so he can't do anything until he finds a way to kill Viserion. Bran will become trapped in limbo and begin to physically die, but find a way to save his soul from death by transferring his essence into the Weirwood. In his final cry of life Bran will call out through the weirwoods and be heard by a man named Brynden Rivers, a Night's Watch commander ranging north one day. The voice will lead him to a weirwood tree in the Haunted Forest, where the soul of Bran will reach out to him and eventually be channeled into him, creating the first "Three-Eyed Raven". It has already been well established in both the books and the show that wargs like Orell can escape death by inhabiting the minds of other creatures. Through this causal loop, the powers of the Three-Eyed Raven and the Night King have no origin at all, like John Locke's compass in Lost. Think of the Three-Eyed Raven's power as a torch, passed first from Brynden Rivers to Bran, then from Bran to the Night's King and Brynden Rivers, then from Brynden Rivers back to Bran. The Three-Eyed Raven we see in the cave is both Brynden Rivers, and future Brandon Stark, giving meaning to the title "Three-Eyed Raven". He sits for hundreds of years in a cave waiting for himself, and doesn't change anything because his power and the entire world and everyone he cares about are predicated on his time loop. When we see the Three-Eyed Raven killed by the Night King in "The Door", we are watching the final death of Brynden Rivers and Brandon Stark. 




Who is the Night King? What does he want? (Most of this content will be revealed through flashbacks or withheld until prequels are released)


The Night King as we know him was once a normal man and a warrior of the First Men. He was either one of the first Starks or one of the first Knights of House Dayne, and one of the first in history to wield Dawn. His life was defined by a horrible chapter in history called the Long Night, which began when the Children of the Forest created the first Whitewalkers. During this time the Night's Watch formed and the construction of The Wall began amidst a war between the living and the dead. When it seemed all hope was lost in the battle this first man left his beloved wife Nissa Nissa and set out with thirteen companions to find the Children of the Forest who they believed could put a stop to the war with magic. One by one the man's comrades fell and perished until he was the Last Hero left and the 13th commander of the Night's Watch. Eventually he did find the Children, who taught him that dragonglass can kill Whitewalkers, where to find it, and also how to save people with it. Finally they teach him that dragonglass can be tempered with steel, and create the legendary substance now known as Valaryan Steel. Armed with this knowledge he sets out for what's left of what will someday be called Castle Black and eventually makes it back to his wife. He tells everyone how to use dragonglass against the others and the tides of the battle begin to turn. Then during the battle something terrible happens. The Last Hero's shield maiden wife Nissa Nissa is stabbed through the chest by a Whitewalker and begins to turn. However, before the process is complete the Last Hero uses the Children's magic to stab her in the heart with Dawn, but she has already almost completely turned. His sword ignites in blue flame and becomes the first Lightbringer, a sight which strikes fear into even the dead. His wife Nissa Nissa looks almost completely like a Whitewalker, but retains some of her humanity and still loves the Last Hero who is now the first Azor Ahai. Because she is a Whitewalker, and the army of the dead has begun to fear Lightbringer, she is able to communicate with most of the Others and make them move north to the Lands of Always Winter. Through the effort of Azor Ahai and his wife Nissa Nissa, the Long Night has ended, and all effort turns to building the Wall. 


Azor Ahai is now the most beloved champion of the First Men, and all through the North songs are sung about his exploits. At the height of his fame he is hailed as the first "King of Winter". But then something unusual happens that changes his reputation forever and causes almost every trace of his existence to be burned and forgotten. Azor Ahai, still the acting 13th commander of the Night's Watch looks out every night from atop the fledgling wall and still sees his wife Nissa Nissa's blue eyes glowing out in the woods. She is seen by his people as a monster no different than the rest of the others, but he can never forget the love they shared. Being the acting commander of the Night's Watch and a well renowned hero, Azor Ahai embraces his love once more and takes her to Castle Black. Because they together have saved the world from darkness, Azor Ahai declares himself King, and Nissa Nissa his queen. They love one another once again and have several children together, who they offer as sacrifices to the Whitewalkers. Upon discovery of this fact the first  mutiny in Night's Watch history is started by Brandon the Breaker and several other members of the early House Stark. A majority of the Knight's Watch however are still loyal to Azor Ahai because it was he who nearly single handedly saved the world from darkness. Only after joining forces with Joramun, the first "King beyond the Wall" and forming a coalition of other armies, outnumbering him 100 to 1, is the Azor Ahai defeated after a brief but ridiculously savage war. For every 1 of Azor Ahai's men, 50 Brandon the Breaker's men are killed. When Azor Ahai is finally defeated he and his wife Nissa Nissa are locked up in Castle Black and all of the leaders of the coalition including Brandon the Breaker, Joramun, and Brandon the Builder setup a trial to decide his fate. When the sentencing begins the leaders all decide that he must die, but not a man among the hundreds of men gathered has the courage to slay the man who saved the world from darkness. In their cowardice, the coalition of First Men decide to turn him over to the Children of the Forest and force them to turn him into one of the Others that he loves so much, as an ironic punishment. Before they send him off, they execute his wife Nissa Nissa in front of his eyes. Azor Ahai is now handed off to the Children and they begin strapping him to the weirwood tree near Arrowhead mountain. The Children begin the ceremony and plunge the dragonglass dagger into his heart. At the very second the ceremony should have been completed something unbelievable happens. Through the magic of the weirwoods a time gate is created because of Brandon Starks warging of the same Tree 8000 Years in the future. Through this link in time the magical powers of the Three-Eyed Raven are channelled into him, preserving the memory of his former life unlike any other Whitewalker, and enabling him to warg the dead and use the magic of the Tree Gods to plan his revenge over thousands of years. He is unable to cross the magic of The Wall, which is now nearly complete, so throughout his time in exile the Night King will warg into many people throughout history to create a future where he can use a dragon to destroy the wall and escape, allowing him to exact his revenge on house Stark by killing every last northman and resurrecting his wife Nissa Nissa with Jon Snows daughter. The nightmare of the Night King begins. After the Night King disappears into the Lands of Always winter, the leaders of the Night's Watch burn every record of the man who called himself the Night's King and once saved the world. To ensure that no other Lord Commander ever follows in this man's footsteps, the following words are permanently added to the Night's Watch vows "I shall take no wife, wear no crowns, father no children" 

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