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Behold! The first-ever ASOIAF story in print. Published months before AGOT

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Voila! The first-ever ASOIAF story in print. Months before AGOT came out, GRRM packaged all the Daenerys chapters from AGOT into a novella and published it in Asimov’s. Very rare and costly.

I haven't opened it yet but from what I read online Daenerys "remembers" she went to Tyrosh not Braavos as AGOT states when she was growing up. Something tells me she knows nothing too.

I did a very big favor for GRRM in the past so I am calling in a favor from him and mailing this and a bunch of books to sign with birthday presents for his upcoming 71st birthday, Sept 20th.

It is rare for it to be available for sale. There are only two other copies for sale in the world. One on eBay for $560US and one on Amazon for $750.

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