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THEORY: Winterfell Blue Flower “Stark Descendants”

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We all know the story of Winterthe Rose. If the story was true, Stark descendants continued by the girl.
So as GRRM told this story, we thought the same thing would happen again and that this girl would be Arya or Sansa. After all, they're both daughters of Winterfell. But if this girl someone else?
When Jon goes beyond the wall, he attacks the company of Ygritte and takes the girl prisoner. Jon asks her name, and then she asks Jon for his name.
Then she says “You are bastard of Winterfell” and she asks who was Jon’s mother and ask if he knows story of Winterfell Blue Flower. In same chapter we learn (before Jon attack) this flower’s other name is Snow(Jon?) Blue Flower.
Line: Bastard of Winterfell(Jon)... Mother and Blue Flower story. (Lyanna)
Later she tells the story. No need repeat the story, all of you know. So... Don’t you think this story also Lyanna’s story?
A bard and a king/ enemy of Lord Stark: Targaryen future King and Bard Rhaegar(southern conspiracies against the targ).
Bard sang the song, so did Rhaegar.
The Bard and Lady fell in love each other... So did Lyanna and Rhaegar.
Bard kidnapped the girl and so did Rhaegar.
Lady gave birth a son, so did Lyanna.
Bard’s son was bastard of Winterfell and later became Lord of Winterfell and Stark descendants continued by him.
Jon is bastard of Winterfell (could be true born but doesn’t matter still everyone calls him as bastard) and Robb chose him as his heir. It means Jon is next King/Lord of Stark.
The story already repeated and this Blue Flower is Lyanna herself and her son Jon. Also we know Only Jon and his mother are symbolized as blue flowers on asoiaf.
What do you think? (Sorry my poor English, not my native language:) )

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