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   So we know some about Ser Lyn Corbray; he picked up Lady Forlorn at the Trident when his father fell, and led a charge that broke the Dornish line. Personally slaying an injured Lewyn Martell, Lyn proved his merit in his fathers eyes and was deemed worth of keeping the family sword instead of his elder brother, Lyonel. Now Lyn has earned some repute in the Vale as a dangerous swordsman, winning duels and what not but for all we know this is hearsay. Is he truly as badass as he’s made out to be? I think not so much. Lewyn Martell was Kingsguard, but appointed most likely as a political maneuver, and he was injured. Perhaps mortally, so that accomplishment, or lack thereof, isn’t saying much to me. And for all the duels he’s won, we know little about his opponents and most likely Lady Forlorn has been the difference maker. Who knows though, maybe Lyn is the best living swordsman in Westeros at the current point of events, but I have a feeling we will find out soon if Winds ever comes out.....

Lord Lyonel Corbray? He’s been mentioned a few times but where his loyalty lies I don’t know. 

Ser Lucas?

This is all for speculative purposes and I’m interested in what others think of the Corbray brothers. Thoughts, theories, and predictions are all welcome here.



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