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The Harrenhal "Twilight Zone" - another timeloop play production

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Shadrich is repeating a time loop that Howland and Arya have already completed. Some Pig No Doubt aka Pretty Pig on Westeros.org posted a comparison of how Howland at the Harrenhal tourney was similar to Arya's Weasel Soup plan that helped the northern captives escape imprisonment from Harrenhal. I have simply added Shadrich to her comparison, tweaked a couple things, and added additional cycles. I admit Ser Shadrich's connection to Harrenhal is slight. Har, get it? "Slight", "mouse"...OK enuf o'dat. His mad, red-eyed mouse hints to Bloodraven, and as Black Crow stated on Heresy, a flying mouse is a bat. A well-known bat sigil belongs to the old house House Lothston of Harrenhal, and Brienne carried an old Lothston shield...these are the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, er Shadrich of the Shady Glen. Carry on then.

Pretty Pig’s link: asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/150334-gods-are-not-mocked-deals-with-the-devil-at-harrenhal/

KEY:  H = Howland , A = Arya, S = Shadrich
H:  The castle of Harrenhal is filled with people who have arrived for the tournement.
A:  The castle of Harrenhal is mostly empty; the people have departed for battle.
S:  Shadrich has become a symbol representing Harrenhal, because of the reference to a flying mouse, which could be a bat (Lothston, Harrenhal, etc)
H:  A guest from a noble northern house, Howland is persuaded to sit at the table with the other guests of high birth. He mingles with the members of other northern houses.
A:  A captive from a noble northern house, Arya is forced to serve the people at the table, and sleep and dine in the cellar. Arya cannot mingle with members of other northern houses, because they are imprisoned in the dungeons.
S:  Shadrich is with Brienne when they stopped for the knight at the Old Stone Bridge Inn. His meal and stay are paid for by his employer, a merchant, while Brienne pays for herself and the two penniless hedge knights Creighton and Illifer. I guess you could say they are all staying the night with a symbol of Harrenhal.
H:   At Harrenhal there is singing, dancing, and merriment, sounds of people having fun.
A:   At Harrenhal there is eerie silence and ghostly noises broken by sounds of general work.
S:   There were only six locals sitting at a table at the inn when Shadrich and Brienne’s party arrived. They hear the sounds of a roast spitting and crackling over a fire.
H:   Howland does not actively seek aid in getting revenge upon the three squires; instead, his friends the wolf maid and the pup offer to help him (their “father’s man”) challenge the squires by providing materials/assistance.
A:   Arya actively seeks help in fulfilling her plan (setting free her “father’s men”) by going to Hot Pie and Gendry for materials/assistance; they refuse her.
S:   Ser Creighton, Ser Illifer the Penniless, and Brienne came upon a merchant who was protected by Ser Shadrich. The merchant produced a crossbow and called, “You will forgive me if I am suspicious, but the times are troubled, and I have only good Ser Shadrich to defend me." In other words, Shadrich is the help.
H:  A young crannogman, small of stature and naïve to the ways of the big outside world.
A:  A young girl, small of stature and suspicious of the ways of the big outside world.
S:  A wiry, fox-faced man, cocksure though no more than five foot two.
H:   With pledges of support of his new friends, Howland goes to the lake’s edge after the night’s festivities are over, casts his gaze to the Isle of Faces with its grove of weirwoods, and “said a prayer to the old gods of north and Neck .  .  .”
A:   Without pledges of support of her old friends, Arya goes to the godswood of Harrenhal in the dark of night and says a silent prayer in front of the wicked & twisted heart tree.
S:   No mention of a prayer for our Ser Shadrich. You could turn this around and state that Shadrich didn't pray. He was the help.
H:  Howland asks the gods for a way to win upon those who wronged him, but he won’t shame himself and his people. He desires to be brave.
A:  Arya desires vengeance on those who wronged her, and to restore pride to herself and her shamed (captured) people. She desires to be brave.
S:  Shadrich is unafraid of the three knights (Creighton, Illifer, and Brienne) who he refers to as “old”, “fat”, and “a woman”. He mocks Brienne by noting, “You’re a strapping healthy wench, I’d say.” After Brienne says, “A giant, compared to some.” He laughed. “I am big enough where it counts, wench.” He also explains that while a common mouse will run from blood and battle, a mad mouse seeks blood and battle.
H:  King Aerys offers ransom for capture of the Knight of the Laughing Tree
A:  Arya holds Jaqen’s life ransom until he helps her release the northern captives
S:  Shadrich tells Brienne he’s looking for Sansa in order to claim a ransom - Vary’s “plump bag of gold”.
H:  Lyanna ends up missing - Rhaegar blamed for her abduction, and the realm goes to war.
A:  Arya escaped from Kings Landing. No one blamed. She is replaced by a fake.
S:  Sansa escaped. Ser Dontos blamed for her absence. Later, Brienne is the that’s gone missing, nobody cared. Hibald's man in the stable made no move to stop her. She wanted to slip away from Shadrich, but Shadrich only wants Sansa.

H:  The maiden that went missing was Howland's friend, and Lyanna died when she was found.
A:  Arya herself is the maiden that went missing, and symbolically she's dead, but technically she's not missing, because the Lannisters came up with a fake.
S:  Sansa went missing from Kings Landing, and so far Petyr's actions have remained hidden. If Shadrich plans to kidnap her again, will he accidentally kill her, Petyr, or will he be the one killed?

The descriptions of Harrenhal seem to correspond to each character, thus:
H:  The singing, dancing, and merriment also describe the sigil of the Knight of the Laughing Tree.
A:  The eerie silence and ghostly noises broken by the sounds of general work seem to describe Arya at the House of Black and White.
S:  The sounds of a roast spitting and crackling over a fire now seems to bolster the idea that someone may die in or escape death from a fiery furnace. Frey Family Reunion pointed out Shadrich's name as being similar to Shadrach who was brother to Meeshack, and Abendago. The three brothers are Biblical characters that survive a fiery furnace.

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