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State of the main characters at the end of ASOS

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Hello everyone,

I am a French guy who fell in love with the asoiaf series several years ago, and who also watched GOT while reading it. A couple years ago I decided to read the series again (because I had forgotten a lot of things and to wait for WOW...) but this time in English. Roughly a year ago I finished ASOS. Now I want to start (again) AFFC but I happen (again) to have forgotten a few things about what I read (again).

In a word, if someone could remind me the status of all the main characters at the end of ASOS, it would be really great !

Have a great day everyone

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Robb is dead, Catelyn is dead, Arya is sailing to Braavos, Sansa is in the Vale in Littlefinger, Joffrey ( that little piece of ****) is dead (dancing with joy), Jaime is back in KL, Brienne is going to look for Sansa. 

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