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Death is a good thing parte the second

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Ummmm look at dis https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/File:Faceless_Men.svg

anyway we gotta keep the balance and make sure people die in a natural way. Valar Morgulis to the Freehold:laugh:

secondly, its hilarious that they're called the freehold and kill so many slaves for bloodmagic

and also, dragons are pretty cool, so I kinda hope they don't go away. They're kinda cool in the way that Euron is cool tho, so idk, maybe the faceless men should kill them all again

anyway its like a yin yang symbol and I have a hypothesis that the theme of the series is balance, and death is part of balance and that both fire and ice spoil that cycle, ice by preserving that which is dead and fire by destroying it completely. This is the thread if y'all are interested: 

So maybe the faceless men are in the business of maintaining balance, what with the doom and all. Hope y'all enjoy this thread:) 

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