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The Man formerly known as "Bittersteel" Aegor Rivers (technically Targaryen)...maybe not so bad


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20 hours ago, Gilbert Green said:

I take the simple view that the Blackfyres are villains.   I'm not saying GRRM does not humanize them to some extent, which is simply good writing.  Villains are people too.  But they are Villains nonetheless.

The Blackfyres are, I think, antagonists. But I'm not sure they are villains. Daemon II seems like an entirely decent fellow, if anything perhaps a bit too nice for his own good. Aenys is hard to criticise. Maelys is obviously a villain.

I would say that both Daemon II and Aenys, from what we know of them, are rather more obviously sympathetic than Bloodraven. The most obviously villainous character of the Blackfyre era, with the possible exception of Maelys, is Aerion, a legitimate Targ. And I think Daemon is more generous in spirit than either Valarr or Maekar too, not that I think either of them is a bad guy per se.

But other than Daemon II we also don't really see any of them or even know that much about their characters so it's hard to make too much of a judgement call.

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