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Westeros Blog: More Casting, Present and Future

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In his latest “Not a Blog” post, GRRM reveals two new members of the cast of HBO’s Game of Thrones: young actors Eros Vlahos in the role of Lommy Greenhands and Ben Hawkey, a newcomer to acting (at least on screen). As George is the first to point out, these characters don’t appear until the second book, but it seems the production has decided to bring them in a bit earlier. We previously reported on the news that Lommy was going to be cast, including the intriguing suggestion he’d be rehearsing scenes in Malta. From Eros’s tweet on September 30th, it sounds like he’ll actually be filming in Belfast (his reference to Dublin must be a slip) somewhere later in October, though it’s always possible he’ll be moving on from there to join filming in Malta where principal filming should be under way at the moment.

George shares some other interesting information about forthcoming casting: the roles of Stiv (a wildling) ad Ser Meryn Trant (one of the Kingsguard) are cast and will soon be announced, and (most notably) Ser Kevan Lannister (Lord Tywin’s brother and advisor) will very shortly be cast. It’s great to see that more of the Kingsguard will be played by actors rather than extras, and it’s certainly good news to know that Kevan—one of the more notable secondary characters who had previously gone unmentioned when it came to casting—is set to appear. Perhaps the most notable role as yet unannounced as being cast is Lord Walder Frey, but we suspect it’s not long before we’ll have word on him.

Finally, it looks like there’ll be filming happening on Malta in the first week of November, because GRRM indicates he’ll be flying there after his trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland for Octocon in Dublin and to visit the production in Belfast (as well as hang out with fans).

Eros Vlahos, who’s a talented young comedian, is briefly featured in this Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang trailer at the 1:40 mark:


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