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Westeros Blog: Prayers of the Old Palace

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Three weeks now has King Baelor been at Sunspear. Three weeks in which he has prayed more than he has discussed peace between the realms, and three weeks in which Prince Marence seemed increasingly exasperated, and indeed the court. Yet the young king has given all signs he means to acquiesce to almost all the demands placed on him to make amends with Dorne. Some say Prince Marence should ask for more, far more, but it seems honor compells him to greater modesty. There is, however, one firm point, one bargain to seal the peace, that King Baelor has proposed ... and that has been controversial.

It took time for the facts to trickle out of the court, but once they did, many had an opinion on them. After all, when the Iron Throne proposes a marriage, it is no small thing. Nor is it an acceptable thing for many, yet they hold their tongues, for fear that the Prince of Dorne will show a rare streak of contrariness more in keeping with his brother Prince Rhodry. Rumors have begun to spread, whispers really, about some of the prince’s dealings across the narrow sea, yet he seems to have paid them no attention, and most of the court hangs on word of Marence’s negotations with Baelor. A marriage? Truly? Some wonder at it, and suppose that Baelor has offered one of his sisters to the prince to take as his bride.

Would Prince Marence dare it? There is a great anger towards the Iron Throne, and however pious he may be, Baelor has not escaped that wrath. In the Boneway, trouble brews, trouble laid at the feet of Red Rhys of the Scourge and his bandits as they trouble the Marches . . . but others hint it’s Lady Yronwood’s men, or even Lord Wyl’s, who are most to blame. A marriage is not like to improve matters with them, and already Prince Marence is hard-pressed to keep the mountain lords in check after their many grievances.

And so the court waits…

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