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Westeros Blog: CDB Updates

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We want to keep the CDB from becoming entirely static by making regular updates to the status of the NPC population with things such as betrothals, marriages, births and deaths. Our initial plan was to do a regular review of the CDB where we go through it and make various changes. For houses with PC members, the idea was then to give them a heads-up regarding changes that we’d like to see in the next few months, and to then let them play it out.

However, doing these regular reviews has proven to be something we just don’t have the time for, so we would love some player input. If you have any suggestions for CDB changes along the lines previously mentioned, let us know. In particular, betrothals that should probably have resulted in marriages or pregnancies that should have happened or should have come to term are things we’d love to be alerted about.

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