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New featurettes on On Demand

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I just watched three new featurettes on On Demand.

The Landscape: Shows us how they selected places to shoot in Ireland and Malta. It did confirm that the scene where Dany stops the Dothraki procession is in fact the Dothraki Sea. Also showed a quick glimpse of the Lazareen village.

The Dothraki Language: Explains how the Dothraki language was created and the process the actors used to learn their lines. We got to see clips of Rakharo with his whip around Viserys' neck, Dany after she eats the horse heart, and Drogo thanking Jorah Mormont. The actors playing Dany, Drogo, Quatho, Rakharo, and Ser Jorah are interviewed.

The Wall: I got chills when it opens with the tunnel gate under the Wall while we hear the audio of Jon and Sam reciting their Nightwatch words. The producers do refer to the Others as White Walkers. There are also interviews of the actors playing Alliser Thorne, Jon, Sam, Lord Commander Mormont, and Benjen Stark.

There is also another look at an intriguing scene with an apparent confrontation between Jon and Jaime. Some of the other features has shown a smiling Jaime shaking Jon's hand and then pulling Jon towards him in a menacing way. Another clip had Jaime telling Jon what happens to a man when he is stabbed. This time we had Jaime mockingly congratulating Jon for joining the Watch and then reminding him he's joining for the rest of his life. I'm very interested in seeing the entire character building scene.

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