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Unanswered questions at the end of SOS (spoilers probable, do not read unless you've finished the book or do not mind spoilers)


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Here are few things I can't wait to see after reading first 3 books:

1.Who is Coldhands

2.If Benjen Stark is not Coldhands then what happened to him? Because if he was killed by the wildlings Mance would probably told Jon.

3.Lady Stonehearth coming back to life? What is her purpose?

4.Arya in Bravos.

5. Littlefinger ruling in Vale and Sansa reacting to everything.

6.What is Stannis going to do next?

7. What did his fool saw under water?

8.What will happen with Blackfish?

9.What will Roose do in this new situation.

And many more,I can't wait to start reading AFFC

Here is what I think at the moment about all of this. Coldhands is probably Benjen Stark, it is logical, I always thought he is good character, it would be a waste if he just disapeared and thats it. There is more behind him, could be something else but him being Coldhands sounds good to me.

Lady Stonehearth will probably seek revenge on Freys and Boltons. She was brought back same way as Lord Beric did, at least in my opinion.

Arya will probably look for only thing she knows about in Bravos and that is looking for Faceless assassins.

It will be fun to see Littlefinger now when he actually has men at his comand, as Varys pointed out,only thing Littlefinger lacked was army,now he has it and he has key to the North.

I'm not sure about this...Will Stannis wait for White Walker attack first or attack Boltons before? Please don't answer if you read 4th and 5th book.

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