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    Favorite POV Character

    Ned, it was so easy to enjoy his chapters. They are very dinamic and always on the edge in my opinion. He had politics, military, history, intrigue so it was very interesting. To be honest, he was the one that showed us how King's Landing works, revelaed a lot about different people. His story is real tragedy, he was just so positive and fun to read. I think he was very inteligent, just not good in politics.
  2. I did't want to say he is honorable or best man in Westeros,I dont even want to say he is not evil,my point is his action resulted in peace, I wanted to say that sometimes honor doesent matter, sometimes honor is much worse.Look I don't want to say Roose Bolton is man I would like to have as my lord or close to me in any other way but I'm saying I can understand why he did it. Also, I think he didn't kill all of Robbs men? In my opinion war was already lost, you can notice in chapters with Arya how much deaths this war causes even if you ignore armies and soldiers. He did end the war, he did brought the peace and fought Iron Islanders,he probably didnt care about civilians we all understand that. But peace was aftermath of Red Weeding. We also don't know if Robb would retake The North, we knew the plan but we can't know if it will work. Honestly he had 12.000 men, maybe few thousands more with Freys, lets give him a good round number of 20.000 (just for example), he would need to fight Iron Islanders for nice amount of time because as we know North is big and fighting on the neck takes time and sacrifice. Then he would still need to fight The Reach and The Westerlands and maybe Dorne even The Vale depending on what Littlefinger decides. It was a lost war the moment Cat came with Robb. :)
  3. Sam and Sansa are becoming really interesting (I'm close to finishing ASoS) ,Sam faster ,when I read that chapter where he meets that mysterious guy,I just wanted more . Sansa is slowly getting better, but very slowly, after her marrige it gets better. And for the end, Roose Bolton, I like him even more after Red Weeding, that may be insane ...He is a very smart guy, great politician and good military commander. If you want to talk about honor, would it be honor for him to sacrafice 12.000 lives (that is amount of men Robb has?) only because Robb thinks he can win this war? You can also look at this, he is the one who brought peace and made Iron Islanders run...After watching tv series I just hated him but after reading the books and thinking more about him, I like him more and more...By the way,if someone wants to keep this formal ,banner man can chose to support Iron Throne or his Lord...He created best situation for him,from horrible position he freed The North, became Lord of same and ended the war...