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  1. I never thought he did but one thing I always considered on rereads was Jamie's commands for Jeyne. I could see him ordering her death on those grounds any children she has anytime soon are threats. The fact that they aren't really Targs wouldn't matter.. Also this is still a warzone there's no guarantee the opportunity to rape her will even be a option.
  2. Probably sees he's going to lose a battle and slips away with his mutes.
  3. Mainly I don't think a guy who is at war with your people just killed men you knew your whole life turns most women on. Robb was wounded and her captor she should hate him not bed him.
  4. The Spicer's are definitely the movers in the Westerling family. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a potion I just think it's Jeyne acting bewitched
  5. Simple answer no Robb was a 16 year old boy raised to be a over honorable Lord. He was doomed if allowed near basically any scheming females. What I think is worse is the whole population never thinks it's a possibility a 16 year old boy will do something stupid. I know he's Ned Stark's son but he's still Brandon Stark's nephew. Lot's of faith in the boy
  6. But Jamie was never going to just say "hey the king's kids they're mine lol." He intended to marry Cersei and use Lannister force to make everyone accept it proving the lion equal to the dragon. If he could pull it off is irrelevant he wasn't just openly endangering his children. He's dishonorable in all kinds of ways but that doesn't mean he never did anything right.
  7. Hello. I do not really think Timett is the TPTWP, but he should be it's a fire religions legend who else is burning out their own eye? 

  8. Who wins if the Mountain fights Euron to the death?
  9. Why did the Stark bring a ladder to the bar?
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