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  1. They risked their liege and his daughters does the title king really make a difference?
  2. Holding Ned and his sister's didn't stop Robb why would holding him stop whoever is next?
  3. I wasn't actually suggesting she challenged him to a duel in the traditional sense. I just wanted to show that young men dying in Braavos wasn't a big deal and she knew that as shown by the Sam quotes. It's not a loophole she killed him she's a killer but she's not evil she's a child.
  4. I believe it was right at dawn I'll try to get my books out tomorrow and check
  5. If Dareon was wearing a sword doesn't that mean you can be challenged in Braavos? I can't remember if he was also who goes looking for the Bravos who died?
  6. Hello. I do not really think Timett is the TPTWP, but he should be it's a fire religions legend who else is burning out their own eye? 

  7. Who wins if the Mountain fights Euron to the death?
  8. Why did the Stark bring a ladder to the bar?
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