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  1. TPTWP Timett

    Bloodraven, the red priestess, and the black bastsrd

    Mel thinks Bloodraven is her enemy so I seriously doubt he's communicating with her. I don't believe he's her father mainly because it adds nothing I don't remember any evidence either way.
  2. TPTWP Timett

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    He was in no way, shape, form, or fashion a "good king". However he wouldn't have put up with the faith arresting his wife he would have pulled the Sept down probably causing the faith to execute his wife, but they wouldn't have held her or his mother.
  3. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    The title had tinfoil in it almost a decade has passed between books not much left but tinfoil. I only have one real total disagreement with what you said and that's Darkstar earning Dawn I seriously doubt the man who sliced a child's face earns Dawn. The rest is totally possible not that I agree
  4. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    With child mortality rate being what it should be I would still think Benjen would wait until Ned's second child was born. Of course we are never told that lots of children die so maybe it wasn't a issue. Not to go off on a tangent but do you think Benjen is dead or do you think we may see him again?
  5. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    I believe something to do with Lyanna it just seems wrong with with Ned and him as the only grown Starks to allow him to go no matter what he wanted. The need for reliable heirs and all of that. It does seem likely from how broken he is but if he isn't he's much more valuable in the iron islands than he is now. Dawn is undoubtedly well guarded but if Darkstar is going to play any part his situation almost requires him to be badass. I really believe he gets it why have the sword if we aren't going to see it? He's the most likely candidate but I doubt he meets the standard to earn it. Or maybe eventually Aegon if it makes it's way to Westeros. I didn't mean to imply that they already have but wouldn't surprise me. One already built a lair A more likely option but why not twist the knife. I admit Mormont not telling her is a big knock against it. Him living is just too cruel for me not to believe it. I can't see them making it everyone will be after them soon. Might happen Barristan is getting old, but I doubt it Probably not The timing is poor but we don't know the chapter order yet He's up to something a little creepier than that Their queen is going to face a trial soon and Mace is their leader I don't know if I would say they rule.
  6. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    Thank you I was expecting to get ripped apart worse than on my Lyanna has Stockholm syndrome thread. I conveniently ignores Benjen being on good terms with Nee didn't I? That does seem to throw a wrench in my idea I will have to think about that a little more but I still believe we are messing something. I didn't think it was obvious about Darkstar, but I guess it kinda is rogue family on the run family's magic sword nearby yeah pretty obvious. Arya stealing her face and ruling was the way my mind took Ned's foreshadowing who she would marry in GOT and whatever it was that I read that Jon and Tyrion would be at odds over Arya without writing a fanfic that changes the story but if I was a member of a group who could change faces that well and kill that well every country would be ruled by one of us. I love Barristan Wasn't Cat in Winterfell at conception though? Still not impossible but much tougher. Tyrells confuse me honestly
  7. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    I always found the Ramsay Reek exchange on the wedding night to be very awkward. You don't use your penis to for "preparing" of course Ramsay is a weirdo and Reek is broken I don't know how to take that. As to Rhaego I don't want to go to far down the rabbit hole but I don't think he will be important in story, but just imagine if on her way to Westeros they stop to take on water and hear of a Khal who has a silver haired child traveling with him. Would put her in a rough place. I like your ideas though and will add some more tinfoil soon
  8. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    Odd thing about that is it dislike the Starks for the most part. Dany was my favorite for a long time I want a happy ending for her but I just can't see it.
  9. TPTWP Timett

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    I have wanted to start a thread on tinfoil half baked theories I believe for awhile now. I don't have the time to analyze the books to the extent some members have so please feel free to rip these theories to shreds some are just for fun though I'd like to right about all but one I believe Benjen did not join the Night's Watch out of honor. I believe he did something for which he was secretly sent to the wall to avoid a scandal. Either that or he is looking for someone or something beyond the wall that him and Ned desperately like give up your whole life desperately wanted/needed. Theon wasn't castrated. Darkstar will steal Dawn I would if I could and I was him. Stannis will sit the iron throne. The dragon that Dragonbinder binds is a Targaryen but you need their blood. I considered it's own thread for that one but I've got no real textual reasoning behind it. One of the dragons will lay eggs. Rhaego lives Daenerys will never rule the 7 kingdoms Arya will take her face and rule herself marry Jon and that sucks. All three dragons will die Barristan the bold is the greatest fighter in Westeros history. That one's not tinfoil straight fact. Littlefinger intends to marry Sansa himself all the rest of his talk is posturing he wants her to come to him Bolt- on isn't a thing but Roose is up to something and will outlive his son. The Tyrells aren't finished swapping sides I have more and potentially better ones wrote down once I get home I may add them. Would love to hear more tinfoils are even better ideas about these.
  10. TPTWP Timett

    Where are Tyrion’s bastards?

    I don't really agree Tywin chasing Tyrion's prostitutes around Westeros is hilarious I don't think he would have. I believe that as long as the woman wasn't dumb enough to actively claim a Lannister bastard Tywin could care less. Now if a mother brought her child to the rock to make her claim... Well I wouldn't want to be her let's just say that.
  11. I certainly hope we've seen the last of Quentyn I like the rest of his crew wouldn't mind more of them. As far as the coin and Arya goes I thought that the alchemist using the same assignation technique was meant to show the reader how well Arya is already doing and how suited she is for the job. If a novice is doing the same things as a experienced FM that's a good sign or at least a good indicator of her talents. Sorry about the awkward wording can't use some letters and backspace on my phone without excessive trouble have to reword everything
  12. Good question I don't think he has a chance against Euron at sea. So Aurane isn't looking good.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly I was just pointing out that when you have dragons you can marry who you want bastard or not. To that point I don't really see anyone besides Stannis and Euron as a useful marriage. That puts Dany in a awkward position on who to marry because anyone could pick those two apart as potential partners for her. Waters is going to have to increase his political standing to have a chance in my eyes I can't see him pulling it off.
  14. So is everyone's favorite ship, but that isn't stopping it so far. His fleet and his standing aren't enough for Dany. If and God I hope not but if Snow ends up becoming KITN then he are maybe a victorious Stannis and Euron are the best options. I vote Euron she hasn't shone a lot of good judgement when picking her male partners.
  15. TPTWP Timett

    Blackwoods have all males, Brackens have all females

    I hope not Jonos Bracken was a completely unlikable character, and I'm no Stark supporter to just blindly support Blackwood's because of their loyalty. I always wondered if Tytos offered single combat to the break the siege.