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  1. Hello. I do not really think Timett is the TPTWP, but he should be it's a fire religions legend who else is burning out their own eye? 

  2. TPTWP Timett

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    No. Fried Frog maybe we will see more of his companions Archibald and Drinkwater I like Archibald.
  3. TPTWP Timett

    Looking North: What did Bran see?

    We are given so little info that any idea is just a blind guess. My blind guess is either something crazy running the others south or a vast other civilization/army.
  4. TPTWP Timett

    Looking North: What did Bran see?

    I don't think he saw himself. Wouldn't he had thought about that since then? Then again we never see him thinking about it again so maybe. I believe he saw whatever is driving the others south.
  5. TPTWP Timett

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    Yes but she is still who we are told someone was keeping them in Dorne for awhile. No proof but I think hiding in Dorne makes sense I wonder if the door to High Hermitage is red?
  6. TPTWP Timett

    How will Meryn Trant die?

    You're right should have said only the Stark girls will remember. I can still see him being remembered favorable.
  7. TPTWP Timett

    How will Meryn Trant die?

    Just because he's so dislikable he will probably die "doing his duty". Only Sansa will remember what a creep he was
  8. TPTWP Timett

    Wyman Manderly warships

    What about Braavos where they can build a ship a day? Could they be persuaded to build for the North in exchange for lumber the North has plenty and they have none? I'm not sure if it's possible because I'm not sure the Braavos would arm another country regardless the price.
  9. Renly he had the support to make a interesting war with Rob, and the Lannisters
  10. TPTWP Timett

    Aegon's story is fake news and propaganda

    Ned didn't even know the crown was in debt. How is he responsible? Bobby B started the mess with Arryn watching but it took the Lannisters to really wreck things.
  11. Calling exaggerating strength treason is a rough judgement on Done.
  12. TPTWP Timett

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Amongst flames with a ton of blood being spilt. As for the magic Winterfell is pretty magical
  13. TPTWP Timett

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    Yep a dragon hatched right along with Danys
  14. TPTWP Timett

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Who wins if the Mountain fights Euron to the death?
  15. TPTWP Timett

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Why did the Stark bring a ladder to the bar?