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  1. Back door hodor

    Craziest Theories

    You guys all know about the spaceship under Dragonstone right?
  2. Back door hodor

    Ser Barristan Selmy- truly a "True Knight"?

    One of the major recurring themes of the whole universe in my opinion is that anyone who is remembered by history or widely held to be a paragon of chivalry is in fact, a total asshole. To the point that when we get FaB volume 2, I fully expect the drgonnight to be as bad a person if not whose than his brother Aegon the Unworthy. All off the Mad Kings Knights were complicit in his crimes, The KGs of the dance played the game of thrones, only the Conciliator seems to have had True Knights defending him, and the best of them were a former religious fanatic and an upjumped commoner.
  3. I largely agree....and would like to add that with Ned and Cat alive and safely back North, perhaps Lysa and Petyr come into the equation earlier, as Petyr could view Stannis backed by the North as a good horse to bet on so to speak
  4. Back door hodor

    Robb stark education

    While Robb was certainly inexperienced in both military and political matters, some of the circumstances of his downfall are simply out of his control. Renly being killed and Stannis's being almost totally gutted after his defeat at Blackwater, and the Lannister/Tyrell !alliance that rises in the wake of these events are very large contributions to his demise. Pur it this way, say things happen only slightly differently and Renly and Stannis are tied up fighting each other for a few months instead of a few days. Would Robbs original plan to draw Tywin back to the west and trap him there work? Maybe...if it does, do Walder and Roose go through with the Red wedding without the backing of the Iron Throne? Hard to say, but if Robb manages to defeat Tywin in the field and take him captive all bets are off in my opinion. The story was obviously written the way it was for a reason but I dont think Robb written as a total failure, rather as a mostly good and talented person, who nonetheless lost everything.
  5. Back door hodor

    Sarnor Delta

    Going from memory of the world book one(and only one) city of the Tall men remains, the rest are destroyed by the dothraki, I would guess they have not tried to reclaim thier lost territory due both to fear of the dothraki and lack of manpower and resources to do so.
  6. Back door hodor

    Can the Iron Bank be with financial problems?

    Interesting to see others thoughts on this topic... Personally I have always thought the IB and Dani would be become allies due to her anti slavery agenda, dragons or no dragons. As to the IB being overdrawn and in financial trouble I dont see it. In FaB the Rogare bank fails because the Rogares gained control of Lys and used thier bank as thier own private war chest...there is absolutely no evidence that the iron Bank is doing anything of the sort, in fact we see them actively supporting rivals to those that owe and wont pay(Stannis for example). Meereen under dani is in trouble because the remaining slaver cities(Volantis, Quarth and the rest of slavers bay) are basically enacting a trade war against Mereen, on top of besieging the city by land and sea in the later parts of the book.
  7. Back door hodor

    Why I like...

    Agree 100 percent As to the subject of the thread....Young Griff reads as just that to me...YOUNG. Daenerys reads as more mature and wise, again all opinion, but that's my take.
  8. Back door hodor

    Is it likely for Bronn to return later on?

    Or he might just need more friends(or an old one) in high places, a la Tryion Lannister, advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. Picking the winning side in a war can go a long way for a house/family, even one led by a upjumped sellsword. Just ask the Tyrells and the Tullys(they did it twice, first with aegon and than again in Roberts Rebellion). Edit: totally agree about the actor creating a larger role for his character though, love him singing "The Dornishmans Wife".
  9. Back door hodor


    Personally I think the Targs(or who've the original Valyrian settlers were, it's not totally explicit that it was them) named the island. As to evidence its actually a volcano, we have dragonglass/ obsidian.
  10. Back door hodor

    Jon Snow and the blood of the First Men

    This is a good point, Jon could very well be descended at the very least Andals, First Men, Rhoynar, Valyrians and lyseni(through Larra Rogare, wife of Viserys II), assuming R+L=J. And it's not out of the question the the CotF bred with first men, not to mention the possibility if wildlings through Beal the Bard and the others through the Nights king(if he really was a Stark.)
  11. Back door hodor

    George Martin and idea of kingship

    Very good analysis....I agree. Shout out to whoever mentioned Garth 7 as well, dude was a boss. There seems to be a bit of hate for the kings of winter in this thread so I'll put a couple out there who I think we're wise rulers. Theon Stark as the Wartime King...repealed the Andal seaborne Invasion, killed thier leader, and lead a counter insurgency to Andalos just to make sure they though twice about trying it again. Torrehen, the King who knelt, to me, the wisdom not to fight the unwinnable war saved house Stark, and not one Northman died in Aegons conquest. Back to topic..... I don't think (f)Aegon will be a good king or general. He seems overconfident to the point of cockiness, and he just reads as young and inexperienced, I'd even say sheltered and out of touch. Whether this is because of upbringing or simply his personality I can not say, but I honestly do not expect him to love through half of winds, let alone factorinto the endgame of the series
  12. I definitely agree, more evidence is absolutely needed to confirm this, just putting Doran/Oberyn out as a possibility....this is a very murky and interesting subject, there seems to be more going on than we know....as you said, most people on this forum and otherwise do not see Viserys as being capable of this on his own, myself included.
  13. Interesting topic, and not one that comes up too often in my experience. Others above me have made good points but I'll throw out a guess as well. Doran Martell. After actually thinking about it, The Targs seem to have needed some kind of benefactor, House Martell is the only one I can think of that makes any kind of sense and ties into the larger story.
  14. Back door hodor

    The Fourteen Flames and the Smoking Sea

    I see, all the maps I've seen have the fourteen flames where they are in the map you linked. Based on the very name and description of the smoking sea however, I would guess that there is at least one if not more active volcanoes under the smoking sea. Maybe Euron will tell us in Winds
  15. Back door hodor

    ASoIaF and LotR parallels

    Palatirs and glass candles seem a pretty direct comparison, beyond that, I'm not so sure(without stating the obvious, any fantasy that came after the professor, was without a doubt influenced by him, even if only subconsciously,Tolkien is the Beatles of fantasy.) The biggest difference I see, is that in Tolkiens legedarium, gods and "magic" ( in quotes for a reason, Tolkiens magic is not Harry Potter magic.) are unquestionably real, in Asoiaf, such things are very ambiguous and left to reader interpretation. I personally see no Sauron or Morgoth analogue in ASOIAF, and in my opinion none of the major religious deities on Plaetos are a fair comparison to either The Valar or Eru Illuvatar. Looking at the non divine characters, I see a few more parallels, but not that many honestly. I see no Frodo or Sam( the real hero) analogue in Song for example. I think Martin intentionally and purposefully tried to differentiate himself from Tolkien's world.