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  1. This is an excellent analysis....i find my self agreeing with your, and I don't particularly care for Theon
  2. I feel the same wat about Varys..... I'd also be fine if we never found out his true background and motivation
  3. My personal feeling is that there will be no king per say, I see Jon dieing in battle as most likely, and I have always imagined that Dani would die in childbirth( i have various reasons for both of these, but to be honest I do not want to derail your thread with a wall of text of my own personal headcanon, am willing to discuss in slightly more detail if any one is interested.) Leaving some sort of Lord protectorate situation.... Most likely involving Tryrion and Sansa, whos previous legal marriage will become very politically convenient i suspect. Edit....i do not mean to imply that Jon is definitely the father of said baby, its possible but not definite, I simply think that Danerys will have a real child eventually, but it will cost her everything she fought for, her kingdom and her life.
  4. I do not think a dothraki invasion of Westeros would go very well, the logistics just are not there for them to do it their own, though if 200k dothraki actually united into one force and did manage to get to Westeros it might be different. Conversely, I don't really think a Westerosi invasion of the Dothraki Sea would go all that well either, and for similar reasons( logistics and factional infighting). Used as part of a combined force under Danys command is a totally different story though. Just their numbers alone could provide a large advantage. Especially if(when) she actually starts using her dragons in combat. Just the Unsullied are 4 times the number of soldiers Aegon the Conquerer had when he landed and built the aegonfort. Edit: So I kinda realized you were going for a for realistic discussion so I'll expand on some of my first paragraph and ignore the dragons as a force multiplier part for now..... Unless dothraki bows are vastly superior than we believe,(like we know from Drogo has a drgonbone bow,, but we have no indication of how effective they are or how common)they don't have much of a shot in a pitched battle no matter where its fought. Someone earlier in the threadmentioned that they don't use arrowheads? I don't remember that, I don't think they make metal ones but they surely trade(they have to get something for all those slaves) for them, the arahks too for that matter, think about it, they are nomads, they don't work metal to our knowledge, where do all those arahks come from? Regarding the composition of Westerosi forces, I agree that in the main novels they do on average seem better equipped and more competent than we give them credit for, however, remember the restrictions on the novels, we see specific soldiers through a specific characters point of view(of greatly varying degrees of tactical experience), so just because Tryrion doesn't come across or mention a group of unwashed peasants wielding pitchforks, doesn't mean there are not any there for example. The only real advantages the dothraki could have are numbers and mobility, both of those kinda get negated in Westeros vs The Dothraki Sea.
  5. I agree with @frenin, I think Bobby B, Jon Arynn, and Ned avoided the problem of what would come after and simply focused on their( in their own mind and actuality) justified rebellion a d the task of removing Aerys. In my opinion, Tywin took the calculated risk of removing the rest of the Targs, thus prevent and Bob/Dany marriage and, paving the way wY for Cersei(and his grandchildren on the IT).
  6. As others have said, it really depends on who you think the "hero" is. Varys has an agenda, definitely, we dont know for sure what exactly that agenda is though, so its really hard to say. He could be working explicitly for the people and the realm as he says, he also could be a secret Blackfyre pushing a nepotist agenda, which makes him the same as all the other players in the game. We just don't know. I think there is more to him than we know personally but im not sure exactly what that mean yet. Edit....i don't think Euron is the "Nights King" because I don't think there will be one...Euron's best cast scenario is a good death in my opinion
  7. The Rhoyne is Large enough that a ship in the middle can not see either bank at points, there is no real world equivalent to this river as far as I know. That being said I would suspect these turltes(if they are real) are definitely big enough for at least one person, and probably several, to ride on. I'd honestly speculate at least the size of a very small car...think a mini Cooper or something similar
  8. I think Marge herself is actually innocent. Her and Olenna are too smart to have Margaery actually sleeping around, or even have a single lover. Probably at least one of the cousins did actually sleep with someone, maybe more than one cousins and just maybe more than one someone but I think the charges, as they are, mostly trumped up to be honest.
  9. In my opinion dragonsteel and Valyrian steel are the same thing. The discrepancy in the names is most likely a translation error(as we have seen elsewhere in the books regarding a certain prophecy and the Valyrian language) or a simple case of historical appropriation, the Valyrians took a preexisting tech and named it after themselves.
  10. Yea in the War of the five kings it seems that the core of most of the major armies we see are either professionals or semi pros...... mentions of household guards, city watches, and sworn swords/shields come to mind, we don't even really see forced conspriction of peasants even in very desperate times.....the biggest example I can think of is the battle of kings landing, almost no arming of peasants using them to bolster the cities defesnes.(Tryrion does increase the size of the standing city watch, but that's it). The army sizes themselves speak to this also, exampl, Manderly, who controls the only real city in the North and a very wide swath of land besides, brings what like 3k men to Robbs host? He could probably realistically bring twice that number just from the small folk of White Harbor alone. Edit....i guess we do start to see a little more of itas the war goes on and things become more desperate, but even than its not all that explicit. I would guess I was more common in the past, say the era of the Dance, and maybe some of Aegon Vs unspecified laws/reforms now largely prevent this practice.
  11. Where would this army be stationed and what would they do during peacetime? And more importantly, can the crown really justify the expense? The only land border of the 7k is already fortified and manned by a Quasi independent military organization sworn to protect the realm, the only actual city directly under the crowns control has a standing city watch. Most importantly, what and who would stop the generals of this army from becoming political forces/defacto feudal lords in thier own right? So in short, I dont think the need justifies the expense and/or the risk
  12. Yea I also think there are periods of of unseasonable warmth/cold within seasons, Neds mention of Summer snows and the year of the false spring both point to this. I also speculate that Dorne and the reach get little to no Snow, even in winter(excluding the mountains between the two regions.) The text tells us that wars are definitely fought during Winter, both the Novels and the "history books" and the fact the the population of Westeros does not reduce exponentially every winter points to food being grown still somewhere. Side note, WTF do wildlings eat? There seem to be too many of them to sustain themselves on simple hunting and gathering, we know they have livestock(at least some of them, craster does anyway.) But the land North of the Wall seems less than ideal for actual farming to day the least
  13. Great artwork Personally I do not see the others so ethereal in my mind, but I totally dig this interpretation
  14. Honestly.....probably not.....however I can not hold 17 year old Jamie in contempt for this....especially considering what we know of the wildfire plot. Yes, in hindsight, he could have physically overpowered Awrys and taken him prisoner, but what's the actual difference? He's breaking his vows either way. And let's play devil's advocate and assume he does just that, what happens next? In my opinion, Jamie killing Aerys is maybe the only instance of true justice in the entire ASOIAF universe, think about it, Jon Arryn would have prolly sentenced him to the Nights watch and forgot all about him until he caused more problems.
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