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The Others


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They're the bad guys. If you want to get all literary with it, they're the antagonists. :ack:

Hmmm, maybe. Maybe not.

As of the end of Book 5, DwD, we still know no more about the Others than we did in Book 1. It seems that the next book, Winds of Winter, will be where Westeros really faces the threat of the Others. We only know at this point that they're not human, they appear to have intelligence, may even laugh (:wideeyed: ) and can zombify dead bodies to carry out their will. But what is their will? What is their goal, their purpose? Who/what are they, exactly? We don't know that yet.

So, to 'get all literary with it,' we don't know if they're simply the 'antagonists,' or if there is some larger, 'other' purpose, understanding, that GRRM means to reveal to us in the next book.

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