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Jamie Lannister

Reek: The Thread (massive spoilers aplenty)

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So, yeah, this comes up all the time... but at this late hour, it deserves its own thread.

To quote Leobald Tallhart: "Have you lost your mind, Greyjoy?"

No Reek? How on earth not? Why on earth not? HBO has a golden opportunity to cash in on a villain even more abhorrent than Joffrey. You see all this viral hating on Joff, from you tube videos, to memes, to nigh-on every single scene he's appeared in shopped to mock him? It would pale before Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay is one of the most ferocious and downright unsettling villains in ASOIAF, not to mention integral to so much down the line. I can appreciate the "butterfly effect" when it comes to minor characters like some random Dothraki bloke whose throat Drogo rips out because that's cool, but this isn't so much a case of that as it is... altering the wider picture. With a mallet.

What do you think? Filming is wrapped up, so unless they've been extra-careful, there goes Reek the Second.

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