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  1. Pic here: Pics/Story here:
  2. Based on the way the whole Kit Harrington thing went down, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Stannis shows up alive in S7. The whole "do your duty" line before the cut away seemed to imply her real duty was to protect Sansa, not seek revenge...and we got no payoff. On the other hand, it could have just been poorly written and should be taken at face value since she later claims she executed him to Davos and Melissandre?
  3. Littlefinger's great-grandfather was a Braavosi sellsword...
  4. House Snow - Winter is our bitch
  5. So...I have a theory 40 Thousand Skeletons = PJ
  6. Wasn't her purpose to meet the floppy lady bits quota? I'm not complainin'
  7. Far too many hints that she'll be back....and no way D&D could ignore the backlash every time she wasn't when fans expected her to appear in previous seasons. After seeing that, they'd be crazy not to include her...even if for only a single episode/season. Supposedly she has a purpose in the story and even if they whizz by it all in one episode, do you think they could resist adding her...even if only for shock value?
  8. I'm not really a LSH fan but I never could dismiss the fact that Michelle Fairley (oh so many seasons ago) wouldn't confirm she wasn't coming back. She didn't appear in the following seasons and everyone wrote off the character...but now there is the riverlands setup, description, and Thoros in this season...I think she will make an appearance after all.
  9. I think this mutiny in Dorne is simply a replacement for Aegon/Griff...that bitch definitely will start a war with the Lannisters. Sad, because even if Aegon/Griff are to eventually fail, it seems way more interesting than what we're getting....and would provide the filler need for a complete 8 seasons. If LSH isn't in this season, I think even George will start calling it sanctioned fan fiction.
  10. ....or black?
  11. I just don't see it....but Davos definitely did a double-take on the blood...or was it the traitor sign?
  12. Definitely Barristan....WTF was that? Salary too high to keep on for another season or??
  13. But...but...poison!! We didn't even get to see him take off an extra's head with that bedazzled axe!!! Worst waste of potential beheading evaR!!
  14. Maybe a not so dead, but really messed up, Stannis is sacrificed for Jon?
  15. Dead prince's whore and bastard daughter rule Dorne? Maybe the "My son" that Doran mentioned wasn't Trystane?