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  1. I vote for Visenya Targaryen. All day.
  2. Bran is the successor to the 3 Eyed Raven so I would imagine they would forgive any potential issues they had with the Starks thousands of years ago
  3. Heard that, but yet Val would be savage too..
  4. Arianne Martell or Val
  5. I also do believe that the Rat, Hawk, and Pig who were involved in Aelora's death can just as well be the same that led a rebellion in 251 AC. If they are Dunk's old friends from Flea Bottom, they are of similar ages, giver or take a couple years. If Barristan Selmy can still fight like he does at the age of 64 or 65, then so could those fellas.
  6. 1. Arthur Dayne (the fact that everyone known to man in ASOIAF think he is the best, must be true, killed by foul play) 2. Daemon Blackfyre (said to fight like the warrior himself, slain by arrows) 3. Cregan Stark / Aemon "the Dragonknight" (He's the Dragonknight, and he said he's never went up against a finer swordsman then ol' Cregan) 5. Oberyn Martell (he may used poisoned blades, but you cannot deny the talent. He beat the Mountain!! i dont care what anyone says!) 6. Barristan Selmy (he is a living legend, Ninepenny Kings, Duskendale, Kingswood Bros, Roberts Rebellion, Greyjoy Rebellion, Slaver's Bay) 7. Jaime Lannister (with both hands, i believe a young Barristan is better though) 8. Gwayne Corbray (his duel vs. Daemon is all he needs to make the list) 9. Robert Baratheon (in his younger days, before the eating and drinking and whoring... well not before the whoring) 10. Sandor "the Hound" Clegane (he's a dangerous man) **Honorable Mention: Criston Cole Roddy "the Ruin" Dustin (he killed 2 Hightowers after 1 arm was cut off, gotta count for something) Gregor "the Mountain that Rides" Clegane (i find the only reason he is worth anything is b/c he is westerosi Incredible Hulk, all size and strength) Aegon "the Conqueror" Maegor "the Cruel" Daemon Targaryen Baelor Breakspear Maekar I struggle to justify some of the Targaryens who had dragons, like Aegon I... don't really have any examples of him literally being a warrior. The whole conquest he just burned ppl on Balerion, then sat out the Dornish War essentially. Unless I am mistaken.
  7. I would love to know more about Maekar's reign. He ruled for near a decade and if i remember correctly, the only real thing mentioned about his reign is that it ended with the Peake Uprising... Would love to know more about that Uprising too due to the potential Blackfyre connections. Additionally, I would like to know what happen to Maegor (Aerion's son), only mention is that they passed him over and then not a peep. It would be cool to actually flesh out the Blackfyres as well, more detail on Haegon, what happened to Daemon II ultimately, the names of Daemon I's youngest 2 sons and what they did with themselves, etc.
  8. I like the idea of The Rat, The Hawk, and The Pig being Dunk's buddies from Flea Bottom. Here are a few interesting tidbits that allude to this possibility: - Flea Bottom has a lot of rats, or rather the people of FB are. Throughout the Princess and the Queen and the Rogue Prince the lords and such often mention the "rat holes" amd "rats" referring to the he people there. Also, one of the ingredients to a Bowl of Brown is often rat. Dunk mentions this when he says he was fetching rats, pigeons and what not for a cook there. - Dunk also mentions that Ser Arlan found him "chasing pigs" in FB ** unfortunately I don't see anything that has to do with Hawks, flying, wings/Flea Bottom/, or Dunk himself so tough to make a connection to all three, but.... - Ser Clayton Suggs. This is a man who is a hedge knight and from Flea Bottom. He apparently is also a man who has a thing with torture and young women (according to Justin Massey when he is talking to Asha about him). Now, the Rat Hawk and Pig caused Aelora to commit suicide due to their nefarious deeds the inflicted on to her, she was a young woman. Lastly, Suggs' similar is a Winged Pig. ** in conclusion, Clayton Suggs is a hedge knight (Dunk) from Flea Bottom (Dunk and Rats) with a sigil of a Winged (Hawk) Pig (Pig) who is a cruel man with an appetite for young women (Aelora). Could be ridiculous and that I'm stretching hard on this, but I find the Clayton Suggs parallel intriguing. Thoughts?
  9. After reading through the WoIaF again recently, I was going through the section that covers the Great Empire of the Dawn and it got me thinking. If this has been discussed in the passed, my bad but I would love to hear what people think. Anyways, here it goes: The Great Empire of the Dawn was said to end when the Bloodstone Emperor committed the Blood Betrayal/practiced some dark arts and necromancy, etc. Now every culture has their own story of the Long Night, but when I read through this one the name "Great Empire of the Dawn" and the mention of the Long Night immediately made me think of House Dayne/The Sword of the Morning/Dawn. The Daynes claim that their ancestry dates back to the Dawn Age, which was before the Long Night, and are potentially some form of proto-Valyrian origin (which I've seen in the forums that some believe the people of the GEotD could be pre-Valyrians). Given all these references and mentions of the word Dawn, I started to believe that the Daynes were from the GEotD, and a member of this family was the wielder of Lightbringer. So, lets go back to the Long Night. A warrior from the GEotD sets out to defeat the evil of this time and forges a sword and names it Lightbringer (bringing some light into the darkness that is the Long Night), he defeats the enemy in the Battle for the Dawn. What comes after night? dawn/morning. To me this sounds like the sword Dawn, is Lightbringer. After the Battle for the Dawn and the original wielder of Lightbringer eventually dies, the sword is renamed Dawn and kept in the family. Why was it renamed you ask? Because the light was brought back into the world during the Battle for the Dawn, it no longer needs to "bring light", the world has entered the "dawn" of a new age finally. But this is no ordinary sword, and a legendary warrior bore it, so it is too good to just be passed down lord to lord. It must be wielded only by someone with the warrior ability to carry on the legacy of its original owner... therefore the person who wields Dawn/Lightbringer will be called the Sword of the Morning since this is the sword that brought the world out of the Long Night and into the dawn/morning of a new age. What are your thoughts? It may be more plausible that Dawn is Lightbringer rather than the Daynes are from the GEotD, but that empire is "mythical" and the Daynes bloodline has something similar to Valyrian in it going back to the Dawn Age.. Not to mention that unique sword of theirs.
  10. I like this theory. For me, I do not think Maege is on the younger end of the possible years of birth given (239-257 or whatever). Her brother is Jeor and he was born in 230, i doubt his parents didnt have another child for more than 20 years, Maege being born in the late 230s-early 240s seems much more realistic, so her age is more like around 60 right now, making her around 50 if she is Lyanna's mom. But lets take a look at the age's of the whole family: Jeor Mormont: 230, died at about the age of 69 Jorah Mormont: roughly 254, so currently about 46 years old, 36 when Lyanna was born Maege Mormont: 239-257, now way in my opinion she was born in the 250s, so she has to currently be around 60, give or take Dacey Mormont: 252-277, given info for her sister Alysanne, lets just go with early 270s, so shes pushing 30 years old now Alysane Mormont: 273-277, she is of an age with Asha Greyjoy, so lets just call it 275, currenly about 25 years old Alysanne's 9 year old daughter born about 291 Alysanne's 2 year old son born abour 297/298 Lyra Mormont: 277-288, is with Maege currently in story, so old enough to be around war, lets say late 270s, so early 20s Jorelle Mormont: 278-289, also with Maege so old enough, so early 280s, late teens maybe 20 right now **So if we go on these ages Maege had Jorelle when she was roughly 40, give or take. Also, @Danelle you don't think Jorah really cared too much about an heir as he was caught up trying to make Lynesse happy or what not, but don't forget that Jorah was married before Lynesse to a Glover woman for 10 years and she died after her 3rd miscarriage. So we know he wanted an heir at some point. Also, to those who ask why he wouldn't mention this to Dany, did he mention his first wife and all her miscarriages? (i dont have a book in front of me so not sure when exactly this was talked about in the books). I could believe this theory, but obviously it is still possible that Maege is Lyanna's real mom. I guess the Old Bear's parents could have had her 20 or more years after Jeor.
  11. Some houses just have badass titles the lord is known by, you can't have a sick title and not be explored. Aside from that I generally want to know more about these houses though. House Dayne - same reasons as everyone else, Sword of the Morning, etc. House Drumm - the Bone Hand; they have the sword Red Rain and for some reason I have just always wanted more House Yronwood - the Bloodroyal; also the number 2 house in Dorne (with Yronwood and Dayne on the list, more of the Red Mountain houses would be nice in general, so Fowler and Manwoody as well) House Celtigar - strictly because they are of valyrian decent The Skagos houses - They're probably savage as hell, more like wildlings, but yet I feel like they are slightly misunderstood despite being dicks through history and rebelling against the Starks. Would love to see Davos show up with an army of Skagossons at his back House Whent - I think Lady Shella is still alive, also always wondered how Cat's side of the family relates to the main branch with Walter and Ser Oswell, as well as clarification on where Shella comes from (was she a Whent who married a cousin? etc.).
  12. Why does Rhaegar + Eddard = Gared if you think that Gared is a Northern name? Are you saying that Rhaegar is a Northern name? Just a bit confused as to how the name Rhaegar fits into the name Gared reminding you of the North.
  13. I don't believe that valyrian heritage/dragonblood is necessarily needed for someone to ride a dragon. The whole dragonseed business to me was GRRM laying the ground work for this. Yea the right of the first night was practiced in Dragonstone for a while so there were plenty of ppl who could have the blood of Valyria in them, but remember how Nettles won over the dragon Sheepstealer. Nettles would bring Sheepstealer a freshly slaughtered sheep every day and eventually, Sheepstealer was accustomed to her and accepted her to the point of allowing her to ride him. Sure, I guess Nettles could have dragonblood in her veins from somewhere, but at the same time she has a wildly different appearance and background compared to the other dragonseed. For instance: Hugh Hammer - blacksmiths bastard on Dragonstone (coming from a family with a purpose on the island, easy target for some First Night action by a Targ) Ulf the White - he had the white targ hair coloring Addam and Alyn of Hull - Velaryon blood, therefore they could even potentially have Targ blood somewhere (yea only Addam actually rode a dragon) Silver Denys - they said no one questioned his blood, though may doubt that he was actually Maegors bastard specifically . Given the name he had silver hair I would imagine. Nettles is just assumed to have dragonblood because she rides one, and yea you could say just because she doesn't have targ features doesn't rule her out since Aegon IV's bastards with Bellegere Otherys don't necessarily have the traits of Targs either, and they are black just like Nettles. But again, there is speculation as to whether Otherys children were actually Aegons as it was known she had a "husband" in every port she visited. In conclusion, I don't think you have to have dragonblood to be a dragon rider, the targs and people assume this because only Valyrians and more recently, Targs, owned and rode dragons. GRRM seems to me to have set this up in his works on the Dance. I also don't necessarily believe that each dragon will have a rider. The Dragon has Three Heads business is strictly because of Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya, it's not some age old prophecy, Rhaegar was caught up in legends and prophecies and thought his son Aegon was TPTWP... so he names his daughter Rhaenys and wants to basically recreate the conquerors family for his son TPTWP., but when Elia is too weak to bear another child he goes and gets Lyanna to have the third child, probably hoping for a daughter he can name Visenya but ends up with Jon. I mean for gods sake the three headed dragon was conceived by Aegon the conquerors early banner men during the conquest because they said he needed a sigil/banner and it made sense as it represented himself and his sister/wives. 3 dragons literally and figuratively, yet 1 dragon as they are siblings and spouses. I went on a small rant there lol.