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  1. Honestly though, the other kingdoms (especially the Iron Islands and Dorne) not declaring independence makes no sense.
  2. Drogon sees Jon standing over Dany's dead body and doesn't kill him. Instead he decides to melt the Iron Throne. They really made the dragon act OOC. Bronn as Lord of Highgarden/Lord Paramount of the Reach/Master of Coin is the biggest joke in this show. There's nothing sweet about this ending.
  3. Visenya Stark

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    D&D really did not hold back with the character assassination of Daenerys and Jaime. How does Dany go crazy just by hearing bells?? It makes no sense whatsoever. As for Jaime, all his character development from before has gone to waste. He slept with Brienne only to go back to Cersei. His arc in the books has been about him distancing himself from Cersei and forging his own identity, yet D&D couldn't be bothered to adapt this properly.
  4. I still can't believe D&D had Sansa justify all the abuse she suffered by saying it changed her for the better.
  5. Gendry Rivers??? First of all, he was born in the Crownlands, so he would be a Waters. But also, he was never recognized by King Robert, so he wouldn't even have a surname to begin with. Arya in the books gets along with a variety of people. Arya in the show is an exclusionist. This change is not even the worst thing the show writers have done to my favourite character, but it really shows how little they care about the characterization in the books. Jaime leaving Brienne for Cersei... I don't even know where to begin. I thought we were past this and Jaime's characterization would actually be salvaged from previous seasons. Guess I was wrong. Cersei could have just told her people to aim the scorpions at Dany and Tyrion and be done with it. Bronn is really annoying. Why is he still around? Jon leaving behind Ghost. Enough said.
  6. The part with Melisandre at the end of the episode made no sense. What exactly was Bran doing the whole time?? Couldn't he have just told Theon to wait a bit instead of charging at the Night King? This episode just left me with many questions.
  7. Visenya Stark

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    As much as I like the scene with Jaime knighting Brienne, the lead up to it was not good. It would have been so much more powerful if the reason Jaime knighted Brienne was in recognition of her being the embodiment of a true knight. Instead we have Jaime knighting Brienne to prove a point. The way the show has handled the whole R+L=J reveal is very disappointing.
  8. Visenya Stark

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Jon riding a dragon early in the episode doesn't make much sense. If they were going to make Jon ride a dragon, it should have happened after he finds out about his birth parents. That way, the dragon riding has more impact on his character. Tyrion and Varys have been completely reduced from politically savvy characters to comic relief. Ironically enough, their comedic moments aren't even funny. Lyanna Mormont is as insufferable as ever. The whole Sansa vs Dany drama is such a waste of time. It's almost like Sansa vs Arya all over gain. Winterfell should really be called Winterhell. Sansa is supposedly the smartest person and yet she's openly antagonizing someone who has two dragons and a large army. Doesn't sound like a very smart strategy to me. Book!Sansa knows how to use courtesy as her armor when she's making underhanded remarks towards someone. Last season, Dany agreed to help the North and then Jon pledged himself to her. So how come this season Jon is claiming that it happened the other way around? Did the show writers just forget this detail? Cersei wants to kill Jaime and Tyrion so why on earth would she send Bronn (who happens to be close to both her brothers)?? D&D continue to butcher Bran's character and use him as just a plot device. Where is Ghost?
  9. Visenya Stark

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    On the wiki page for Septa Moelle, in the AFFC section, it includes information for Septa Unella instead.
  10. Visenya Stark

    Official Testing Thread

    Nevermind, got it.
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    Official Testing Thread

    For some reason, I can't do the double quote thing. :unsure:
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    Official Testing Thread

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    Official Testing Thread

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    Official Testing Thread