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  1. Currently reading

    Thats bad,I know lot of people who only watched the TV show but then were going to read books too. Try to push them a bit(I wouldnt do that cuz its their pity,but if you want someone to read with...) wish you all the luck!
  2. Is Brienne lying to Jaime?

    I thought it would be the case (the thing in spoiler tag), but I dont get the situation with Hound. I believed that by the end of ADWD 'Hound' is not the Hound, or is there something I missed?:)
  3. Is Brienne lying to Jaime?

    Probably its so, but the storyline (Jaime) could be couple of days in front dont you think? Im not suggesting she is not lying, she is IMO, but what I meant is that Alayne doesnt need to be still at Gates
  4. Currently reading

    Dont listen to that rude guy above...I think that lot of people are reading AFFC (even tho more are re-reading imo) Or just try to find someone in your neighborhood, e.g. in a college Im attending I see a lot of people with Martin's books
  5. Stannis against Tywin

    Wow what a tough question! I think that he would have won but the city would be totally demolished and his army also! We exactly dont know how much forces Stannis had on a land but deployed knights and soldiers under the walls would have done brutal damage
  6. Joff makes a mistake and Stannis doesn't

    1.I dont think so, the more I know Stannis more I think this wouldnt never happen. He considers these people traitors because they dont support his 'right' claim to the throne. 2.Would be an utter nonsense almost on a killing-Ned-Stark-level IMO.Dont forget that House Redwyne has the biggest fleet in whole Westeros (with Iron fleet), that would be a catastrophe to make them an enemy.
  7. The Hound.... Love him or hate him?

    Take those links to spoiler tags, we are not after ADWD here
  8. A Dance with Dragons finished,

  9. The Hound.... Love him or hate him?

    You will get some answers on Kingsguard and even Faceless men, I think you will enjoy! on the topic: I dont have as a clear opinion as you.
  10. The Hound.... Love him or hate him?

    Interesting comparison e,g with Jaime-Aerys or Selmy-Aerys because this King and his guard. They obeyed commands but still had really terrible feeling about that. Its difficult to judge this kind of things really...
  11. Book ending

    You havent finished at least 5 chapter maybe even 10, they are also best so enjoy it!:) note: There is also a epilogue featuring a POV chapter of Merret Frey, in case you wouldnt know
  12. So Robb sent Theon to allign with the Iron Islands

    Intersting point, I never thought about that. Its true that the coast would be immediately in danger.I guess its because nobody except Bolton, Greatjon and Blackfish had an important voice at his council?
  13. So Robb sent Theon to allign with the Iron Islands

    If I am not mistaken, there will be point where expectations about this action of the Young Wolf will be explained, certainly Catelyn chapter. He sends him with an offer but he knows he may not come back. Try to read on and it should be there.
  14. Tyrion and his clansmen

    I dont think he ever believed that, at least these are my feelings from what I have read.
  15. The dead of Starks

    You take it to lieterally. I think they are just stones and bones beneath them, but sou will have enough magic in coming books dont worry