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  1. WhiteWalkerTexasRanger

    Did The Wildlings wake The Others?

    I figured that the white walkers came back because the dragons came back, but then I remembered the prologue of AGoT which was before The Mother of Dragons. Then I figured they came back because they knew the dragons were coming back or something. After reading the last Jon chapter, where Ygritte was crying while climbing The Wall because they couldnt find the Horn or Joramun(however it's spelled), she mentioned digging up graves and "releasing shades". I have no idea what shades are, but I assume theyre dark spirits or something? and the only dark spirits in the north that i know of are the others--at least i think theyre dark spirits(maybe theyre natures balance for humanity or something, who knows). Anyways, i migth of missed something really stupid obvious that points to their come back, or maybe this means nothing idk. Did the wildlings wake the others while searching for the horn in the frost mountains, or did they start trying to get south because they already were awake to begin with? and if thats not the case, then what are "shades"?
  2. WhiteWalkerTexasRanger

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    Actually, it will be R+L Jon when he comes back, assuming they were wed. Right now I guess it's Stannis, but GR probably spoiled his death via got Season5
  3. WhiteWalkerTexasRanger

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    420BlazeitShireen4Queen. 2gud2betru