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  1. Season 4 is the shows best IMO. Dany's S2 arc is pretty much a crapfest like Dorne S5. As is Theon's S3 torture porn arc. Dorne is pretty awful in AFFC/ADWD. The show somehow made it worse. But it still sucked.
  2. Emmy's definitely reward shows past their prime for their past glories. But in Game of Thrones case, I think it's just that the competition has gotten easier. Season 4 is arguably the shows quality peak but it was up against the final season of Breaking Bad. I think it should have lost to Mad Men in Season 5, but the general non-book fan audience doesn't consider S5 or S6 to be a drastic step down from S1-4. Season 5 only suffers when you compare it to the books. It's still a pretty damn good season of television. I didn't read the books until after S5 and I regarded it better than S2 and roughly on par with S3. Dorne stuff was terrible even for a non-book reader, but it was only one plot line among ~8 main storylines. I though Stannis's stuff was a slightly rushed (1 or 2 more episodes stuck in the snow would have aided the story I think), but overall a very good storyline. After reading, I'm not sure my views changed much. Book Dorne is pretty awful, but D&D changed it and didn't make it better, that is on them. I don't see why they even included it in the first place. Stannis's downfall isn't part of the books that have been finished. I don't have any huge problem with combining Sansa and fAyra. I liked having Tyrion meet Dany. I don't get why Barristan was killed off. Seems like a waste, but Book Barristan is boring. I think the show should have kept Barristan around to give Tyrion a foil in S6. The biggest problem S5 is that the first half is dreadfully boring. But S2 and S3 have the same problems.
  3. And they originally weren't even going to do Dorne in S5. I have no idea how they can very important based on the show execution. Just adding 20k troops to Dany's army doesn't matter. In the books it doesn't even seem like they are going to side with Dany.
  4. It's easy for huge fans to underestimate how complicated and obscure some of these characters are even to normal book readers. My wife read the books before I did. But she isn't obsessed with the series. She read them, enjoyed them, and moved on. She doesn't remember small characters like Garlan and Willis. She even forgot that Asha was captured by Stannis (despite it being a pretty major storyline). And she's not some idiot, she's well educated and well read. Another thing book readers have a hard time understanding is that show watchers don't know these characters at all. When a book reader sees a character, they already know their characterization from the books. The show has to develop that stuff slowly. A show watcher gets zero value out of 5 minutes of Victarion screen time. You'd need at least 20 minutes spread over several eps to develop him. The show should have cut out dorne entirely. It's not relevant if they are skipping Aegon and the show did a horrific job of adapting it because they rushed it and oversimplified it.
  5. I think a lot of people are drinking the Stannis koolaid that Davos is selling. Davos has a huge mancrush on Stannis and idolizes him. I think there is a huge heaping of vanity and ambition mixed in with his Duty. He's starting a second civil war after losing the first just to gain the crown. That's not duty. But that is why I love the character. I also don't agree that the mannis is mostly a book thing. The show made him more audience friendly by having him fight with his men and showing him loving his daughter. Do stannis and Shireen even talk in the books? The show just turned the table in S5 and have him go down in inevitable bad path.
  6. Even Ayra's and Jon's storylines were bi-polar. Arya's plotline started total shit (randomly getting beaten while blind and the worlds least subtle "tests"), but the middle part with the theatre troop was great. Then the leaving was terrible. Jon's storyline wasn't so bad, but the actual resurrection was boring. But the lead up to it at CB was really good. The next few episodes were great for Jon. But then Ep6-8 were sorta boring for him. Snowbowl was great for him again. I think S6 is just very differently paced than all the rest. Every other season slowly builds to a climax. I'd argue S2,3, and 5 took way to long to climax. But nearly every season pretty much rocks the back half of the season. S6 had the best start to a season, but had a really bad midseason lul. Eps 6-8 were way worse than 2-5 and 9-10. I think it's nearly on par with S2 and 3. S1 and S4 are definitely better. Better than 5. I also don't get the Jamie character assassination stuff. The only difference I can tell between book and shoe Jamie is that Jamie doesn't hate Cersei for cheating on him. Either because he doesn't believe the allegations or because he doesn't care.
  7. The Americans was better. Mr. Robot was on GoT level. BCS should be in the debate. Homeland, HoC, and Downton Abbey shouldn't have even gotten nominations. Fargo, Leftovers, and Outlander deserve consideration too.
  8. Plenty of people don't get pregnant within 7-8 months. And the physical trauma might make it harder (but def not impossible or anything). Stress plays an important role on conception. I also think 7-8 months is a bit long. We don't know how far along Walda was when there was an announcement. In modern times people usually wait until second trimester to talk about it. Dunno how it works in westeros. Also the announcement happens before the wedding. There could be weeks or months in between the announcement and the wedding. And the baby could come a couple weeks early. And the baby isn't born until after Sansa leaves and against it's not really clear how much time has passed since she left. It doesn't seem like a lot of time, but enough time for them to assume she's out of their reach and likely head for CB. If you make the right reasonable assumptions you can get the timeframe down to 2-3 months, but even just most likely assumptions is more like 4-5. But really the shows timeline is just nebulous and non-linear. You can't really go by it. Otherwise things like Bran traveling to the cave take like 2 years.
  9. They should get a lot of credit. But they also could never do a show this good without the source material. They didn't create the characters or the overarching story and that is a huge part of their success. However, most showrunners wouldn't be able to do a show this good. Partially because they were pretty content with mostly doing a pretty straight adaption for 4 seasons. Typically only hacks are willing to do that. Most writers and producers want to put their own spin on it. And with books like ASIOAF it was almost absurd to even try. There is a reason why people kept pitching GRRM movies about just Jon or just Dany. If you have the show to the top tier showrunners, you'd get a vastly different outcome. Allan Ball's True Blood was only loosely related to the source material. Vince Gilligan, David Simon, Matt Weiner, etc. wouldn't do it. Damon Lindelof would create something amazing but simply not ASIOAF (him and Tom Perrotta really changed the Leftovers (for the better IMO) for TV, characters were totally re-imagined and sometimes even inverted). I just wish they hadn't started until GRRM could have finished the books. They need the book plots and characterization to really really nail it. I think they've done a fine job in S5 and S6, but I feel like they aren't going to be as creative down the stretch. I also don't think GRRM could have done a TV himself. I really wish GRRM could have gotten TWOW out right around S5, so he could be heavily involved in storylining S6-8. I understand he wants to focus on the books, but I don't think he'll ever actually finish them.
  10. Aegon being cut could mean anything really. It probably means he won't be the last king. But it doesn't really tell you much else. He could be important but easy to cut out. He could have a very interesting story line that doesn't really impact the ending. Even someone like Robb and Cat could have been cut out without huge structural plot changes. But you'd lose important and great pieces of the story. By pure speculation, I think the issue is that Aegon doesn't make it to the end and D&D don't have much written material to make a storyline. So it's easy to cut. They'd have to write from scratch 80% of the Aegon story no matter what. Whatever they come up with won't match GRRM's anyway. He's not a great character. Whatever big plot points he does in the outline of the ending can be transferred to other characters or skipped and smoothed over. If he takes KL and defends it against Dany, have Cersei do it instead. If he just bloodies Dany before the war of the dawn, skip it and have her lose a bunch to the WW. If he's just there to sour the people on Jon's secret Targ story, just have nobody believe it because there is no proof. Unless HBO adds another season (which D&D want to avoid cause they are burned out), I don't think Aegon would even be possible. You'd have to cut out story and time from other characters. Which characters do you want to skip instead?
  11. The bigger question is who the hell is opposing her? The Lannisters have what? 25k, maybe? Riverlands armies got totally destroyed. Maybe 10k? If they are loyal to the Lannisters? The death of the King and the installation of Cersei might cause them to rebel against the Freys again. Vale and the North can't and wouldn't send troops. I actually think it would be much more interesting if the War for Dawn happened BEFORE the battle for the iron throne. S7 opens with a white walker attack on the wall en masse. Dany's fleet reaches Sun Spear just to get word of the attack and she has to pull a Stannis. In the S7 finale, humanity defeats them and then S8 is the fight for the 7 kingdoms.
  12. I really think Davos has to take some blame here too. Jon never ordered a charge, Davos did. I get there is a huge risk letting your battle commander get killed, but that was the choice Jon made. This doesn't absolve Jon, since he should have ridden back to his men after Rickon. But still, Davos pretty much lost the battle with the charge. Also Davos running in with his archers was stupid since it allowed the Bolton men to surround Jon completely. Him and Jon got lucky as shit.
  13. Go back and watch S2 and S3. There are an awful lot of boring episodes that barely move the plot forward. Both featured a lot of story lines that sorta stagnated all season until shit went down in Ep9. And then Eps 10 of S2 and S3 were just setting up the next season. S6 changed the formula a bit so that a lot of stuff happened early in the season, then there was a midseason lull before Eps 9-10 were crazy. Even S4 had a couple of slow stinker episodes in the middle of season. S1 is probably the only one that is engaging the entire time and has a good climax. Though S4 is pretty damn close.
  14. The show definitely isn't into prophecies, but clearly some of the writers are. They focused on Dawn for a reason. I think easter egg is the correct description.
  15. He earned their trust by facing the boltons when they were too afraid. By facing near certain death to try to save Rickon their rightful king.