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  1. I really think Euron has no interest in sitting the IT or even in Westeros. Euron's endgame is to rule a New Valyrian Empire with Dany as his bride and be treated like a god. I mean he'll take the throne if the opportunity arises but he wants so much more: ...and he's willing to sacrifice all of Westeros in the process. Euron is going to attempt to make a deal with the Others and then use the horn of winter to knock down the wall.
  2. I have no idea if the Hightowers have glass candles or not but they are absolutely up to their eyeballs in magic. We don't have enough information but it's far more likely to me that woman is the Mad Maid rather than Cersei or Dany.
  3. As "breaking of chains" has been central to Dany's narrative I would really like to have a POV chapter from either Missandei or Grey Worm. Dany has had an enormous effect on both of their lives it would have been interesting to see the Meereen storyline through their eyes. On top of this it would be great to have characters not from Westeros as POV's As others have said LF and Varys simply know to much to be POV characters. This is somewhat true for Melisandre as well but her chapter came late in the story and I think GRRM felt a lot of the fandom had misinterpreted her and wanted to set the records straight by having the character tell us directly what her motivations are.
  4. I really wish we had the ability to "like" posts.
  5. This. That was all Manning's fault
  6. Again, what I would ask is that how does fit thematically in what we have read both in general and in specific in ASOIAF. I mean how does the Nissa Nissa fit in then if someone other than Stannis does the deed? We have been told that myth over and over and over again..why? Stannis ain't someone you betray lightly as Davos has told as again and again. Davos only gets away with it as Stannis knows how unique and valuable a truly loyal man is. If Selyse were ever to murder Stannis's only daughter she knows full well she will die as wives are easy to come by. I would also say that unlike show Selyse book Selyse sucks but she is actually very caring fore her daughter it does fly with me that she would kill her only child. Once again Mel wouldn't kill Stannis's daughter as she is a Lord of Light fanatic and there is little to no chance she would buy the idea of killing Shireen would stop the others. She would 100% buy the fact that Stannis taking the knowing decision to kill the only person he loves will be following in Azor Ahai's footsteps.
  7. He's not interested in worldly riches for sure and that's why he has one loyalty from his subordinates due to his "generosity" he has not problem giving away booty and pieces of the Iron Island as he could care less. He wants to be a god essentially. I think his ultimate goal is giving Westeros to the other and lording over a new Valyrian empire in Essos.
  8. I had not that of this before and I think you may be on to something friend. The Isle of Unicorns and Flesh Eaters being just a bunch of myth making and ignorance tracks well.
  9. I strongly disagree. We know for a fact that he was seriously considering burning Edric Storm as that's the entire reason Davos sends Storm away behind Stannis's back. Stannis Baratheon if nothing else a just man and what does Vary's say about just men in general and Stannis in specific, "There is nothing so terrifying than a truly just man." From Stannis's point of view if someone else's child was worth sacrificing in order to save the rest of the children of Westeros how could he not do the same if the child in question is his? He would see that as failing to do his duty. Assume the wall comes down and the nightmare of nightmares are pouring forth, unstoppable and looking to destroy all light and life. If he believes sacrificing his daughter is the only thing that can save humanity how can he not do it and still be the man he thinks he is? I'm not defending it and I think it will fail as Stannis is not Azor Ahai reborn but I do think it's what the character we have been reading about for five large books would do. On a Doylist level GRRM has been slow walking Stannis to this choice from the prologue of ACOK. Thematically we have not been reading a story arc in which Selyse or Mel doing it would make any narrative sense. In fact I think GRRM included the Mel chapter as push back against the interpretation that she is a faking her faith or some troupe like evil seductress and that's not what she is. She is telling a lot of little lies as she thinks that is the best way to serve her god and defeat the ultimate evil. GRRM is playing off of the sexy witch manipulator troupe and not giving us yet another one. I'm not saying she is a good person but that she has a lot in common with someone like Vary's. The are both staunch utilitarians who believe they are doing terrible things for the greater good. Mel is a true believer in the Lord of Light and the Azor Ahai myth is not about sacrifice for kings blood it is about plunging a sword into the only person you love in order to prove you are willing to do anything to save the day and in return you are rewarded with a super weapon to do just that. I would also say that our revulsion at the idea of Stannis murdering his own child as a sacrifice is based on the fact that in our world we know sacrificing to gods is a worthless gesture but readers, and Stannis, have seen things that at least suggest it works, fire and blood and all, which is further evidence this will be what Stannis chooses to do. I hope I don't sound as if I am justifying this at all as I am not. It's horrific and it will end in failure and the destruction of Stannis's family and probably Stannis himself as that bit about him being like iron and will break before he bends will come into play and this will break him.
  10. Falcons? Honestly I could see that but not the Cowboys and I hate the Cowboys and will always have a soft spot in my heart for Seattle but I don't see their offense being able to keep up with Dallas. I would love for it to happen though. Yes these wildcard games have been terrible and I think Miami is going to get knocked around tomorrow. Our only hope is Giants vs Packers. That game should be great. I know who GRRM is rooting for but I would love to see the packers take it.
  11. It is a lock? Nope...but it's a big damn clue in my opinion and frankly I think GRRM is relishing the reveal that Euron essentially had sex with his brother Vic.
  12. My god that first episode was bananas crazy fantastic. I am hearing great things about the rest of the season as well. I have missed this show terribly. I expect 2017 to be another shitty year and I need It's Always Sunny, Bojack and Archer back in my life.
  13. This. I think the show really dropped the ball as D&D wanted to end Stannis's arc by the end of the season and have Jon Snow be the one who defeats Ramsey. This does make sense for the show but the really needed to find a better reason than the weather or the at least needed a bit more time to get the audience to understand how dire Stannis's situation was at the time although even then it ends up that he torched his daughter for better weather. If nothing else Stephen Dillane is an incredible actor who was able to do right by the character rather consistently even though the writing for Stannis's storyline was often inconsistent. They also cast the cutest little girl to play Shireen I thought she was just great. Anyway, yes I think the "stone dragons" Shireen had nightmares about were not referencing Dragonstone at all but that there are dragon eggs deep below Winterfell. I have always assumed that Winterfell was meant to be command HQ for the greatest force multiplier in Westeros, the Wall. I also think Mance wanted back in Winterfell for some reason as well...maybe he thinks the horn of winter is kept in Winterfell. He is number 2 on my list of possible horn of winter horn blowers fwiw.
  14. Wow the Raiders looked awful today by every conceivable metric so no surprises today both Houston and Seattle win today just to be knocked out next week.
  15. The broken horn that was found at the First of the First men is the Horn of Winter. Sam has this horn and has taken with him to Oldtown. Even after Sam sells off just about all his possessions to secure passage from Bravos to Oldtown we are told specifically that Sam still has the horn and takes it with him to the Citadel. At some point Euron is going to take the horn and use it to knock down the wall. He may climb the Hightower and do it from there but Euron will be responsible for the destruction of the wall.