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  1. Unknownfinger

    Will be Littlefinger get busted by Illyrio?

    There are some narrative issues with it playing out like this not the least of which is sidelining Tyrion during the endgame which is not going to happen I don't think. Tyrion the archmanipulator has been set up from the start of the series and the payoff will be as de facto Hand to the dragon queen when they both take their, perhaps temporary, heel turns and what Dany wants at the end ADWD is to embrace violence as her birthright in order to destroy the slavers, its Tyrion that wants revenge not Dany. It's Tyrion that wants to "rape and kill" his sister and that if KL had but one head he would chop it off. Tyrion needs Dany to go west so that is what she is going to do. A lot of pages took it to this point so there is no way that is getting set aside for another trip to Quarth. Another point about Tyrion is that ADWD had a lot of POV chapters and yet he did travel "half a continent" while in slave chains no less so I think he will be able to make the reverse journey at Danys' side in TWOW. Dany isn't going back to Quarth she is going to embrace Fire & Blood in order to free the slaves in Volantis and Pentos and then pond jump over to KL to take what she thinks his hers by rights. By the end of TWOW we will have added Vics fleet, the Dothraki, the windblown and another POV character to Team Dany so its not crazy that she splits her forces and takes Volantis by sea and Pentos by land but again I do think Dany can keep her armies together and take them both before the last page of TWOW Not a big a deal as sidelining Tyrion but the Dany goes west not east theory also has to ignore the Tattered Prince. Dany has previously said she would never destroy Pentos because Illyrio is her friend and was kind to her. When she finds out about fAegon from Tyrion, and while the boys' parentage may be in doubt there is no doubt the boy is real and was backed by Illyrio which will be enough to piss of Dany, she is going to give the TP exactly what he wants. Like Tyrion, the TP is there to help Dany along her road to increased violence. One another issue I have with this theory is that if Dany is so focused on revenge, enough to haul here armies to Quarth for sweet justice, how is Marwyn going to get her "on track" to do anything? We know that Marwyn helped train Mirri Maz Duur and that piece of information was given to us for a reason. My guess is that Tyrion and Marwyn will be the devil and angel on Danys shoulders with Tyrion advising Dany to join the war in southern Westeros while Marwyn argues to go north and fight the Others. Tyrion will use the MMD Marwyn connection to get Dany to mistrust the Mage and get the dragon army to KL. I think GRMM wants to end the sixth book in his ASOIAF with the wall coming down in the north and KL getting dragon nuked in the south. Now that the battle of ice and the battle of fire are going to start TWOW its all very narratively symmetrical.
  2. Unknownfinger

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    My issue with the THR article is that it mentions Dunk and Egg and Robert's Rebellion as possible storylines when we already know neither is happening. I mean there was speculation in both the Deadline and EW pieces as well but this one seems only based on the writers' uninformed thoughts.
  3. Unknownfinger

    Will be Littlefinger get busted by Illyrio?

    He won't be surprised by Dany's advancing army but he will be surprised by the fact that Tyrion will be at her side and the fact that Tyrion has figured out what is up with fAegon. In fact, I think the idea of Tyrion using the art of surprise and his advanced knowledge of all the players on the board in order to manipulate Dany will be central to his heel turn in TWOW. We can most certainly look at Dany's arc in TWOW and how much ground her coalition will cover but I am most interested in how you think Illyrio's arc will play out if you feel like sharing? Anyway, in AGOT Dany travels from Pentos to Lhazar with a stop in Vaes Dothrak so in TWOW Dany traveling to Vaes Dothrak to Pentos is doable with her standard 10 chapters or so even with a probable pit stop in Volantis to set the slaves free and burn in all down. The breaker of chains travelogue in TWOW of winter looks something like Dragonstone Hill--->Vaes Dothrak--->Meereen--->Volantis--->Pentos--->Kings Landing I don't think one can overestimate how much damage Dany and Tyrion will do once she decides dragons plant no trees with Tyrion whispering in her ear so can get his vengeance on his family and Kings Landing. As for Illyrio he's going to stay just where he is in an attempt to get Dany back in the fold. It ain't gonna work.
  4. Unknownfinger

    Will be Littlefinger get busted by Illyrio?

    Littlefinger is going to get brought down by Sansa and Illyrio is going to have his face melted by Dany after watching the Tattered Prince sack Pentos. Why will this happen? Because Tyrion is going to out Illyrio's fAegon gambit to his dragon queen that's why. Illyrio will never see the Seven Kingdoms again.
  5. Unknownfinger

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    Here is my understanding of the prequels saga up to this point. It was announced HBO commissioned not one, not two, not three but four prequel pilot scripts from several writers. EXCEPT...GRRM, that lovable lug spilled the beans and stated that HBO had actually commissioned five prequel scripts and yes that fifth script became BLOODMOON or whatever they are going to call the show with Naomi Watts about the Age of Heroes that recently finished filming its pilot episode. At the time not much was known about those other four shows but it seemed obvious to me that they would mostly be centered around events in the greater WOIAF that include dragons because ...well because dragons! Now at the time, I knew that GRRM has specifically stated that Dunk & Egg were not an option as he didn't want to have a tv show based on a book series he had not finished for reasons I think we all understand and he also stated that Robert's Rebellion was off the table because the GoT already knew most of what went down. Therefore my thoughts on the four possible shows went like this : 1. Aegon's Conquest 2. Dance of the Dragons: Targ civil war 3. The Doom of Valyria 4. This was the one I was never sure of so when we finally find out what this was I will be most interested. Maybe something set in Essos? I would be interested to hear thoughts on what this should could have been. Anyway, it turns out I was correct about Dance of the Dragons because Bryan Cogman had stated he was writing the script for this show but that HBO rejected it and then he went off to do Lord of the Rings for Amazon. This being the case I don't think they turned him down just the dance with someone else. My guess would be that HBO will move ahead both with BLOODMOON and a show focused on Fire & Blood but that have combined options 1 and 2 into a single show. I read both the EW and the Deadline stories about this Targ centered show and they are a bit muddled with DL stating that it is focused on the Conquest and then fall of the dragons while EW stated that the show will eventually focus on the dance. My guess is that the show will be an anthology like American Horror Story but focusing on major Targ events throughout Fire & Blood. If you will pardon me for being crass my guess is HBO in having to decide between hot bisexual incestuous three ways of Aegon's Conquest and nonstop dragons fighting dragons of the civil war decided why not have both!! We are getting Westorosi Targaryan Story is what I am saying but I don't think this means BLOODMOON is bit going to make it. I think HBO wants both and I think HBO always wanted two post-GoT shows. I also suspect that they wanted the conquest and dance from the start but both wanted to keep GRRM happy with BLOODMOON along with liking the concept and decided to spend a small amount of money on a couple of other script ideas just to see what might develop.
  6. On the show, Euron had the great introductory scene, "I am the first storm and the last" and oh boy it's been all downhill from there. It's a real shame as I think the actor portraying Euron, Pilou Asbaek, could have handled going the full Dark Lord instead of just being a violent sleaze reduced to existing only to prop Cersei up. The end of Cersei's arc was also a disappointment but that's another topic
  7. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    He will be the final human villain offering Dany a chance to rule a New Valyria with him. Euron will almost certainly knock down the wall with the horn of winter.
  8. Unknownfinger

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    I feel rather certain we will see the following plot points: 1. Arya will never join the Faceless Men 2. Justin Massey will get Arya back to Westeros 3. Arya will be reunited with Nymeria at least for a short time 4. Arya will put LSH out of her misery
  9. Unknownfinger

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    I mean considering how they came to power it makes sense they would stay as far away from Kings Landing as possible and do all they can to create some legitimacy in the Reach. There had to be a lot of resentment that a family of stewards were now lord paramount because the Gardeners got cooked during the Field of Fire. I have to assume the Tyrells spend a generation or two consolidating power at home.
  10. Unknownfinger

    The Long Night Casts Two Leads

    The only thing we know about "The Long Night" is that GRRM will have more oversight over it than he did GoT, the name of the actual showrunner, two casting decisions and that it's set in the Age of Heroes and we know even less about the four other prequel series that are still in the mix so the idea that we can surmise anything about the eventual quality of these shows is a bit of a stretch to put it lightly.
  11. Unknownfinger

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    I have to agree that Game of Thrones has the best final chapter and it's not even close. Now if we are asking which book has the better epilogue that's a much harder question. I guess my answer would be ADWD with that Varys monologue but man that ASOS LSH reveal makes it a tough choice.
  12. Unknownfinger

    Favourite Targaryen King?

    I agree with this and I am most interested in reading about the post regency years in Volume II. The dynamic between Aegon and his brother kind pulled at my heartstrings. I am pro Full Bellies and Dancing Bears policy as well.
  13. Unknownfinger

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Aerea Targaryen's journey to Valyria was really interesting for a few reasons including that, as someone really only familiar with GRRM's ASOIAF work, what chilling bit of body horror writing that story was.
  14. Unknownfinger

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    That's a way better recurring dream than my Not Ready for a Test And/Or Class dream. I mean I graduated college over a decade ago one would think my unconscious anxieties would find another way to manifest themselves by now. Anywho...I forgot how popular that there Game of Thrones show is and when I stopped by my trusty neighborhood booze merchant this afternoon they were all out of GoT themed Ommegang beer. I went with Delirium Tremens so far from a total loss.
  15. Unknownfinger

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Drunk on a bus is one of the best drunks there is. DO EET!