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  1. On the show, Euron had the great introductory scene, "I am the first storm and the last" and oh boy it's been all downhill from there. It's a real shame as I think the actor portraying Euron, Pilou Asbaek, could have handled going the full Dark Lord instead of just being a violent sleaze reduced to existing only to prop Cersei up. The end of Cersei's arc was also a disappointment but that's another topic
  2. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    He will be the final human villain offering Dany a chance to rule a New Valyria with him. Euron will almost certainly knock down the wall with the horn of winter.
  3. Unknownfinger

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    I feel rather certain we will see the following plot points: 1. Arya will never join the Faceless Men 2. Justin Massey will get Arya back to Westeros 3. Arya will be reunited with Nymeria at least for a short time 4. Arya will put LSH out of her misery
  4. Unknownfinger

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    I mean considering how they came to power it makes sense they would stay as far away from Kings Landing as possible and do all they can to create some legitimacy in the Reach. There had to be a lot of resentment that a family of stewards were now lord paramount because the Gardeners got cooked during the Field of Fire. I have to assume the Tyrells spend a generation or two consolidating power at home.
  5. Unknownfinger

    The Long Night Casts Two Leads

    The only thing we know about "The Long Night" is that GRRM will have more oversight over it than he did GoT, the name of the actual showrunner, two casting decisions and that it's set in the Age of Heroes and we know even less about the four other prequel series that are still in the mix so the idea that we can surmise anything about the eventual quality of these shows is a bit of a stretch to put it lightly.
  6. Unknownfinger

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    I have to agree that Game of Thrones has the best final chapter and it's not even close. Now if we are asking which book has the better epilogue that's a much harder question. I guess my answer would be ADWD with that Varys monologue but man that ASOS LSH reveal makes it a tough choice.
  7. Unknownfinger

    Favourite Targaryen King?

    I agree with this and I am most interested in reading about the post regency years in Volume II. The dynamic between Aegon and his brother kind pulled at my heartstrings. I am pro Full Bellies and Dancing Bears policy as well.
  8. Unknownfinger

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Aerea Targaryen's journey to Valyria was really interesting for a few reasons including that, as someone really only familiar with GRRM's ASOIAF work, what chilling bit of body horror writing that story was.
  9. Unknownfinger

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    That's a way better recurring dream than my Not Ready for a Test And/Or Class dream. I mean I graduated college over a decade ago one would think my unconscious anxieties would find another way to manifest themselves by now. Anywho...I forgot how popular that there Game of Thrones show is and when I stopped by my trusty neighborhood booze merchant this afternoon they were all out of GoT themed Ommegang beer. I went with Delirium Tremens so far from a total loss.
  10. Unknownfinger

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Drunk on a bus is one of the best drunks there is. DO EET!
  11. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I really think Euron has no interest in sitting the IT or even in Westeros. Euron's endgame is to rule a New Valyrian Empire with Dany as his bride and be treated like a god. I mean he'll take the throne if the opportunity arises but he wants so much more: ...and he's willing to sacrifice all of Westeros in the process. Euron is going to attempt to make a deal with the Others and then use the horn of winter to knock down the wall.
  12. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    He's not interested in worldly riches for sure and that's why he has one loyalty from his subordinates due to his "generosity" he has not problem giving away booty and pieces of the Iron Island as he could care less. He wants to be a god essentially. I think his ultimate goal is giving Westeros to the other and lording over a new Valyrian empire in Essos.
  13. My god that first episode was bananas crazy fantastic. I am hearing great things about the rest of the season as well. I have missed this show terribly. I expect 2017 to be another shitty year and I need It's Always Sunny, Bojack and Archer back in my life.
  14. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Euron has been set up as Evil Bran so I would say that's one hell of a hint that he can skinchange. It's strongly hinted that Euron was Bloodraven's first choice to fight the Others so I would say that is another big hint that he can skinchange. Euron most likely took all the knowledge he could from Bloodraven before declining to do the whole "save the world thing" and told Bloodraven to piss off. I don't think it's the nightshade that's putting Euron into high gear but I do think it was the warlocks confirming, without a doubt, that dragons had returned to the world that got Euron to put his plan in motion.
  15. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    This, but not as much as Act II's (The FeastDance) annoyed those who wanted more focus on "plot" and established favorite characters than on GRRM's musings about origin stories (fAegon), quests (Brienne, Quentyn) setting up Act III by showing the political, social and moral deterioration caused by the War of the Five Kings on Westeros etc. As TWOW is going to put and end to most of the political and military storylines I do think a section of the fan base will be a bit miffed. I, for one, don't have too much interest in the more science fiction aspects like hiveminds etc but can't wait for the horror story to begin in ernest. Cannot wait!