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  1. Unknownfinger

    The Drunk Thread Got A Contact High

    That's a way better recurring dream than my Not Ready for a Test And/Or Class dream. I mean I graduated college over a decade ago one would think my unconscious anxieties would find another way to manifest themselves by now. Anywho...I forgot how popular that there Game of Thrones show is and when I stopped by my trusty neighborhood booze merchant this afternoon they were all out of GoT themed Ommegang beer. I went with Delirium Tremens so far from a total loss.
  2. Unknownfinger

    The Drunk Thread Got A Contact High

    Drunk on a bus is one of the best drunks there is. DO EET!
  3. Unknownfinger

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    Correct! The prologue is not going to be light on death no matter how it goes down. Insert anxiouskermitthefrog.gif here
  4. Unknownfinger

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    Thanks! The confusion was my doing I should have specified Jeyne and Edmure rather then "RW prisoners" in general....oh and Wylla Manderly rocks!
  5. Unknownfinger

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    Forley Prester was charged by Jaime to bring Roslyn, Edmure and Jeyne west. Not sure about the rest of the RW prisoners tbh but Jeyne and Edmure should be in the same caravan...Jaime also tells him to kill the prisoners if they try to escape.
  6. Unknownfinger

    Maggy the Frog and Melara

    Who isn't these days?
  7. Unknownfinger

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    I feel as though we have met here at this very plot point recently but yes I think TWOW starts with a raid to rescue the RW hostages that, at least in part, goes terrible wrong in one way or another. Specifically, I fear for Jeyne Westerling and Edmure Tully. Jeyne because she was innocent of her horrific mother's scheming and Edmure because even though his job was to be a lord of a great house and he was going to be pretty bad at that he was willing to shelter and feed smallfolk at Riverrun during the war and that was not without cost to him in the event of a long siege. Edmure is bad at being a lord but good at being human imo. I see at least one, if not both, dying during this rescue attempt.
  8. Unknownfinger

    Maggy the Frog and Melara

    There are those who think it was because she heard the prophecy but I think it was because of Jaime. Melara asks if she will marry Jaime and I think that was the end for her. Both because of Cersei's jealousy and snobbishness. That is, Melara died for presuming she was worthy of marriage with a Lannister. House Heatherspoon were just some nobody landed knights to Cersei so who in the seven hells did Melara think she was?
  9. Unknownfinger

    The Fate of Shireen TWoW

    It's pretty clear at this point that Stannis is going to sacrifice Shireen to the flames. Mel truly ( but incorrectly) believes Stannis is the key to destroying The Others and has convinced Stannis that he is Azor Ahai reborn. The text has made reference to the myth of Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa over and over again. The myth leaves little wiggle room, Azor Ahai had to destroy the one thing in the world he loved to forge Lightbringer. Who is the only person in the world Stannis loves? Shireen. Now instead of Lightbringer I think Mel is attempting to raise a stone dragon after the wall falls and The Others and their wight army start streaming into the north. On top of that the question has to be asked, would Stannis have burned Edric Storm to death for the greater good? Davos certainly thought so which is why he risked his position and his life to get Edric off of Dragonstone without Stannis's leave. Stannis's reasoning for killing Edric was what is the life of one child when compared to the lives of every last child of Westeros? Davos disagrees of course but put that aside for a moment and consider this: If Stannis thinks that sacrificing someone else's child for the greater good what would he think about himself if he shirked his duty because the child in question was his own? See the quote above for what I think the answer is.
  10. Unknownfinger

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    You pick your characters the way my sister picks her boyfriends. Needless to say I stopped listen to her whine about the way her relationships end years ago lol.
  11. Unknownfinger

    Maggy the Frog and Melara

    In defense of the the Tin Foil Hat Brigade on this I think the reason the idea persists of a pregnant Jeyne as it fits with what we know of who is going to be in the prologue to TWOW and who the likely POV is going to be. That is, TWOW is most likely going open with a BwoB/LSH raid on the caravan heading to Casterly Rock. My guess is that Jeyne is killed because LSH (rightly) suspects House Westerling had a hand in the Red Wedding. It would make thematic and narrative sense if in doing so LSH, not knowing or not believing that Jeyne is pregnant with Robb's child, ensures that Jon inherits Winterfell and the title of KitN which Cat was understandably anxious about while she was alive. "Revenge is bad kids" All that being said the chances of Jeyne being pregnant are between slim and none.
  12. Jon is not going to tell many people at all so I doubt Stannis will ever find out. Jon finding out he is a Targ is something he will wrestle with mostly alone. Dany will most likely find out and maybe he tells some of his siblings but that's about it. Bran and the Three Eyed Crow most certainly want to have a chat with Stannis but I think that is more about the fight against The Others and using Theon as a chess piece against Euron rather than killing him.
  13. Unknownfinger

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I really think Euron has no interest in sitting the IT or even in Westeros. Euron's endgame is to rule a New Valyrian Empire with Dany as his bride and be treated like a god. I mean he'll take the throne if the opportunity arises but he wants so much more: ...and he's willing to sacrifice all of Westeros in the process. Euron is going to attempt to make a deal with the Others and then use the horn of winter to knock down the wall.
  14. Unknownfinger

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I really wish we had the ability to "like" posts.
  15. Unknownfinger

    The Fate of Shireen TWoW

    Again, what I would ask is that how does fit thematically in what we have read both in general and in specific in ASOIAF. I mean how does the Nissa Nissa fit in then if someone other than Stannis does the deed? We have been told that myth over and over and over again..why? Stannis ain't someone you betray lightly as Davos has told as again and again. Davos only gets away with it as Stannis knows how unique and valuable a truly loyal man is. If Selyse were ever to murder Stannis's only daughter she knows full well she will die as wives are easy to come by. I would also say that unlike show Selyse book Selyse sucks but she is actually very caring fore her daughter it does fly with me that she would kill her only child. Once again Mel wouldn't kill Stannis's daughter as she is a Lord of Light fanatic and there is little to no chance she would buy the idea of killing Shireen would stop the others. She would 100% buy the fact that Stannis taking the knowing decision to kill the only person he loves will be following in Azor Ahai's footsteps.