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  1. He will be the final human villain offering Dany a chance to rule a New Valyria with him. Euron will almost certainly knock down the wall with the horn of winter.
  2. I really think Euron has no interest in sitting the IT or even in Westeros. Euron's endgame is to rule a New Valyrian Empire with Dany as his bride and be treated like a god. I mean he'll take the throne if the opportunity arises but he wants so much more: ...and he's willing to sacrifice all of Westeros in the process. Euron is going to attempt to make a deal with the Others and then use the horn of winter to knock down the wall.
  3. He's not interested in worldly riches for sure and that's why he has one loyalty from his subordinates due to his "generosity" he has not problem giving away booty and pieces of the Iron Island as he could care less. He wants to be a god essentially. I think his ultimate goal is giving Westeros to the other and lording over a new Valyrian empire in Essos.
  4. Euron has been set up as Evil Bran so I would say that's one hell of a hint that he can skinchange. It's strongly hinted that Euron was Bloodraven's first choice to fight the Others so I would say that is another big hint that he can skinchange. Euron most likely took all the knowledge he could from Bloodraven before declining to do the whole "save the world thing" and told Bloodraven to piss off. I don't think it's the nightshade that's putting Euron into high gear but I do think it was the warlocks confirming, without a doubt, that dragons had returned to the world that got Euron to put his plan in motion.
  5. This, but not as much as Act II's (The FeastDance) annoyed those who wanted more focus on "plot" and established favorite characters than on GRRM's musings about origin stories (fAegon), quests (Brienne, Quentyn) setting up Act III by showing the political, social and moral deterioration caused by the War of the Five Kings on Westeros etc. As TWOW is going to put and end to most of the political and military storylines I do think a section of the fan base will be a bit miffed. I, for one, don't have too much interest in the more science fiction aspects like hiveminds etc but can't wait for the horror story to begin in ernest. Cannot wait!
  6. I would disagree that we would have seen it by now. Euron is not a POV and therefore it's something we can't dismiss just because we would have seen it by now. @Lord Varys Where ever you are in regards to exactly what role Euron will play in Act III I think this discussion shows how well GRRM set up the mystery of Dragonbinder both it how the damn thing actually works and exactly what effect it will have on Rhaegal. I think it's pretty clear the dragon bounces to Euron but can't be sure as Moqorro has been so nicely set up as a wild card. There is even a chance, a remote sliver of a chance, that poor dumb Vic gets his dragon but I doubt it. Vic is on his way to his doom.
  7. This is not true at all. There is simply no way Euron would let Victarion sail away with Dragonbinder before making sure it was already bound to him as well as making sure he could keep his crow's eye focused on his brother. The Dusky Woman is either Euron's or Euron is warging into her. We know Vic is a fool and he is getting increasing contemptuous of his possible horn blowers so he probably going to blow the horn himself like the patsy he is and burn his insides up. The last thing Vic will see is as his organs blacken is "his" dragon in flight to Euron.
  8. Are you a hot sauce guy? Let me know your favorite brand now and I will have some sent to you when you have to eat those words after TWOW comes out. Yikes "The Forsaken" chapter has really made the Euron is a nothing character people really grumpy ...as far as the show is concerned a Euron/Cersei pairing makes sense but it's the show so the Lannisters may just pull a giant army out of nowhere just because so it's 6 to 5 and pick 'em on that score.
  9. You could be right about the Hightowers as that family has been so mysterious up to this point in our story one can't really say for certain what they have been up to. I would argue that Euron was a former protegee of the Three Eyed Crow/Bloodraven that went bad and there have been more than a few clues in the text that Euron can control the weather. I suspect, although cannot prove, Euron can warg into people like Bran is going to be able to do.
  10. This!...although LF does seem to really believe that Harrenhal is cursed or at least he claimed as much to Sansa I think the Hightowers are in over their head. They are a family of armchair wizards that will try to do the right thing and defeat Euron but will either fail or make the coming destruction in and around Oldtown even worse. I am assuming we will find out more about that mysterious oily black stone they build their tower on top off.
  11. The idea of Euron marrying Cersei is a long shot to say the least. Euron is here to let us know the sci fi/horror fueled ACT III has arrived with style. Cersei, like LF and Varys, is a purely political figure and as such she is about to shunted of the main stage as she goes full Mad Queen and firebombs KL. Euron's arc is absolutely linked to Dany's and he will temp her, they may even have sex but in the end she rejects him and melts his eyeballs, so she may or may not be the woman in Damphair's vision. I think it's highly likely Euron had the Faceless Men kill Balon and it makes more than a little sense that a death cult would partner with a guy who thinks he can either make a deal with the Others or find a way to rule over them as Emperor of New Valaryia. As for Oldtown Euron is going to destroy that city. If I had to guess I would say he climbs to the top of the Hightower and blows the horn of Joramun there as well.
  12. You beat me to posting this! I really enjoyed the deep dive in regards to the religious symbolism in "The Forsaken" chapter. Along with it being extremely interesting I thought it was a nice break from the debate about whether or not Euron is the "Dark Lord" of ASOIAF, what the repercussions of that may or may not be, is having a totally evil character boring or not, etc and really just focused on the comparison between Euron and Satan and Aeron's spiritual POV. Thought is was a great read.
  13. Of course he doesn't want force Iron Born culture on Westeros. He wants to erase the Iron Born from existence along with most of Westeros...and Essos for that matter.
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