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  1. Karhold, I like to live in a cold and remote place.
  2. I honestly feel this post is meant to troll us. From the first book to the ADWD, the stark kids, even in their worst time and extreme situation, think of reuniting with their family members. and the nature of wolf(which represents STARK) is different from that of reptile dragons. Wolves are very social, and they work together for the safety and well-being of the pack. GRRM chose wolf to represent STARK exactly for that reason: to show that the STARKs remain strong so long as they work in tandem and stay united as a pack. The idea that the wolves must/might mirror the dragons is absurd. Not only that, let's not forget that (1).the title of the last book was 'A Time for the Wolves' before GRRM changed it to 'A dream of Spring'. (2). There is not so many pages available as to include the dance of direwolves in the last two books. A number of sub-plots needs to be tied and many mysteries need to be explained. the Stark kids have already went through a great deal of trauma. Having them fight against one another is just plain cruel,so A dance of direwolves serve no purpose. just because you want it does not mean you can cherry-pick events and sentences from the book to satisfy your fantasy.
  3. Why would anyone hate Bran? He is one of the sweetest characters in the series. He is going grey, but he is still much better than other over-hyped characters.
  4. Can I give you many many likes? I have been so irritated by that person's extreme bias and hatred against the North. Your reply is just pure gold. If one claims that the freys are more powerful than the Manderlys, I can't help but wonder whether he is reading a different book. This should not even be a debate. I say this not because us northern fans are biased. We would never say manderly is more powerful than hightower. it goes against common sense and makes us look stupid.
  5. Jaime is not one of the main characters since the time Martin started conceiving ideas and characters for asoiaf series. Notwithstanding his fans' constant clamour about his "greatness" and "honour", he remains a secondary character which martin decided to give more book-time to fill in chapters in AFFC and some in ASOS. It is thus unthinkable to see jaime wielding such a significant sword in the realm of Westeros.
  6. True. I never claim to say the North is so peaceful. There will always be political rivalries regardless of the cultural difference. The North politics might get as convoluted as the south. What I am defending is the ridiculous claims put forward by anti-north fans. They write as if the constant rebellions in the North is an indication that the starks are weak and little loved, while much evidence in the book shows the Starks are pretty much admired by their bannerman. The rebellions from the Karhold and White harbour by the stark branches has more to do with internal conflicts between the main stark and stark branches. Were I a Stark by name living in white harbour, I too might have harbour thoughts of claiming winterfell or becoming a main house, not just a cadet house. Yeah, that exactly is the story, isn't it. the fight between Stark and lannister is what drove the story in the first book. After what Tywin did in king's landing, Ned was right to be extra cautious when dealing with lannister, especially one under the helm of a very ambitious and cunning man like tywin.
  7. His military achievements are not so great to begin with. He only won the war because Tyrell joined him, and that itself was brokered by littlefinger. when people think of tywin, they think of his devious red wedding plan. The North was never going to be stable after what lannisters and the freys did. You may think it is stable, but the process by which so-called 'peace' is attained is so questionable that rebellions will soon rise again once the opportunities arise. Varys was going to kill Tywin anyway. By killing him, house lannisters would be greatly undermined and make the way for installing the King of his choice relatively safer and easier. and he already have a young lannister under his care, Tywin is no longer needed. He didn't kill Tywin because the realm is oh-so-peaceful-thanks-to-god-tywin. I agree with Kevin though since Varys himself has said before getting Kevan killed that Kevin's good governance is getting in his way. anyway, I have been lurking in this forum for so long; and I know how much you like to continue the discussion on topics of Starks and Lannisters in particular. but I have no desire to have a lengthy discussion, nor do i want to change your interpretation of the story. you can reply. but i wont bother.
  8. This constant citation of rebellions to assert that the North was more chaotic bugs me. We simply know more about The North than other regions. I don't think we can say for sure, with the book canon we have now, that the arryns and lannisters were as much loved as the Starks. The North was bigger and this undoubtedly made it difficult for the starks to have more control over their bannerman. and since the North is economically poorer,houses didnt probably think much of ill consequences the rebellion may have on their economies. The west is a rich region and there must be much trade going on among westerland houses. Tighter economic integration definitely must have been a factor. We are then led to conclude that the Starks did a pretty impressive job at maintaining their hold in the north despite many unfavourable conditions stacked against them. and honestly speaking, apart from Bolton and a minor Skagos, there were not serious rebellions that required the northern lords to act in the way Tywin did.
  9. sad to see that some in the fandom thinks being vile and cunning to the extent of resorting to underhanded tactics to win a war equates to being a capable battle commander. Tywin's fanboys can scream all they want, but what wont change is the fact that he left behind an unstable realm and sowed boiling hatred towards filthy lannister(especially in the North). and it was because of luck(or should i say plot armour), Tyrion and Tyrells that they were able to hold on to the Iron Throne. Tywin is anything but a decent battle commander.
  10. Most overrated - Tywin and Jaime Most underrated - Stannis
  11. I would be really glad if anti-north members can really make rational arguments, rather than behaving so stubbornly to present ridiculous ideas like there is no trade in the north, years-long winter makes the starks so poor, etc. making repetitive claims despite what others have pointed out must be so tiring.
  12. I would be really glad if that person(I am not gonna name) can really make rational arguments, rather than behaving so stubbornly to present ridiculous ideas like there is no trade in the north, years-long winter makes the starks so poor, etc. I don't remember reading from the book that the North is so poor. It is repeatedly mentioned that the North is a harsh land, but bear in mind that it is general reference about the North and it does not mean the entire North's land must be so infertile as to cause extreme poverty to the inhabitants. Were the North as destitute as some would like us to believe, lots of people would have migrated to the South. Yet, we know of no other houses or common people from the North migrating to the south. I would wager that land immediately to the North of neck up to Cerwyn land surely must be fertile enough.
  13. That is definitely Jaime. He always act before think and then justify his atrocious actions with such reasons as "to save more innocent lives" and "to save my family". Gullible readers might be fooled into it, but I don't buy his bullshit excuses. He is not only annoying but also too arrogant.
  14. A: oh hey look , there you see! another desperate attempt to defend tywin with all sorts of shit available. B : I can't be bothered..
  15. But I fail to see how Boltons could be very powerful? I guess this has more to do with plot armour. We can assume that Mandely lands and Bolton lands are equal in size and equally fertile. But Bolton has no significant port and no silver mine. The small number they sent to Robb is not wholly indicative of their power in comparison to Bolton's. perhaps, they are also more business-minded and didnt have much fighting men to start with. so, the only area where bolton could beat Manderly is in military strength. in other aspects, manderly shits on the boltons.