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  1. How about this: The host gives a very vague, generalized topic. Each player writes King Stannis an inquiry asking his advice on the subject. A list of letters is provided and each player must answer someone else's inquiry using those letters. Points would be awarded for the person whose inquiry got the most answers, and we could vote for the favorite Stannis response as well.
  2. I have an idea that falls somewhere between philia and phobia. Perhaps we could call it "Acrophoria". It is based one one of my favorite old threads which I can no longer find on here: Ask Stannis. You ask King Stannis a question, (think Dear Abby) and he gives you priceless life advice as only he can. We could have everyone pose one or more questions, and each round players would get a list of letters to form his answer. The topic selection could be based on player picks or host picks. I suppose the host could even come up with the Ask Stannis questions, but that is half the fun. The old thread had a fun mix of real-life modern dilemmas and asoiaf plot clarifications. If anyone thinks they can turn this into a philia game, more power to them. Just a thought.
  3. You all have excellent taste. Thanks Fragile Bird for hosting. Now what?
  4. I was trying to speak for everyone who knows the let-down of a sand job.
  5. Not as good as Tyrion having to sit through a recitation of his supposed crimes by Galyeon of Cuy. A fate worse than death to be sure. I literally lol every time that mental picture forms in my head. I had a similar but far inferior idea that could have been pillow talk between Cersei and Moonboy.
  6. Fwiw, I love Dear John but alternate endings sounds amazing. Right in my wheelhouse. Plus, if you host I don’t have to worry about you schooling me every week. Well done to you and Gabe. Whatever you decide, I’m in.
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