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  1. Yeah, this is what I was referring to. so basically she is trying to serve her own god, and to help herself in this process she is making use of Stannis Baratheon. She shows him the futures of dead kings and claims that he is Azhor Ahai only to remain in Stannis's good books. Am I right? she dosent care if Stannis wins or dies
  2. Jon,Catelyn,Arya and Daenerys chapters are really amazing. Tyrion chapters are the best of all. i hate Sansa chapters, all she can think is pretty dresses,guys(Loras Tyrell in book 3) and how pretty she is
  3. When Daenerys is in the hall of the undying
  4. She convinced Stannis not to align with Robb Stark. Had this happened it would have turned the tables for the Lannisters. How can Stannis trust her and her fires after what happened in the black water bay. (Her fires showed victory)
  5. Their words are "high as honor" maybe they want to prove how honourable they are,and to prove this they prop themselves up high in the Eyrie
  6. She has done horrible things,but she claimed to be faithful to Stannis,I just cant decide what's up in her mind. Is she loyal? Then why do her ideas result in a mess?
  7. I don't think it matters now, atleast after what happened in season 6 1. The Targaryens lost the right to the Iron Throne by rights of conquest 2. The Baratheons are dead (in the show,at least) 3. Joffrey and Tommen never had a right to the throne,now that they are dead, Robert is dead and his brothers as well,don't you think that the throne should pass on to the queen,Robert's wife ,Cersei. cersei has been crowned the queen of the seven kingdoms,but does it matter because dany is coming with a huge host behind her back,obviously larger than the Lannister armies. in my opinion the new king in the north will bend the knee to Dany,just like toá¹›rhen stark and a Targaryen will sit the Iron Throne again, peaceful times will return PS~ this is highly unlikely
  8. I agree! they could have sent a party of stark men in disguise to Kings Landing,who could have brought Sansa safely and secretly to riverrun. Then robb could have executed Jaime! catelyn spoils it all
  9. That someone is littlefinger!
  10. The other Starks were never present in the book. The Starks that matter are Eddard stark, Robb stark, and Jon snow and all of them have a sense of honor. It's true that it sucks at survival, especially in King's landing
  11. I think that for Viserys to sit on the iron throne,he must change his mindset. He must realise that he and his sister are the last,the very last Targaryens. Viserys should not have sold Daenerys like that to khal Drogo, but it's no use as viserys is dead and the mother of dragons is coming to westeros
  12. Ned stark was would never sit on the Iron Throne,because he was a stark and Starks are honourable. They would suffer endless misery rather than find the easy way out just as you suggested
  13. But Stannis was the proud one! In the beginning of clash of kings, maester cressen advises stannis to join forces with Robb Stark, but Melisandre and Selyse persuade him not to. Stannis Baratheon's ships and Robb's forces would have changed the war.