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  1. Nitisha

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    I don't think it matters now, atleast after what happened in season 6 1. The Targaryens lost the right to the Iron Throne by rights of conquest 2. The Baratheons are dead (in the show,at least) 3. Joffrey and Tommen never had a right to the throne,now that they are dead, Robert is dead and his brothers as well,don't you think that the throne should pass on to the queen,Robert's wife ,Cersei. cersei has been crowned the queen of the seven kingdoms,but does it matter because dany is coming with a huge host behind her back,obviously larger than the Lannister armies. in my opinion the new king in the north will bend the knee to Dany,just like toá¹›rhen stark and a Targaryen will sit the Iron Throne again, peaceful times will return PS~ this is highly unlikely
  2. Nitisha

    Renly Gay?

    Yes he is....it was also reported to Tyrion that Loras was filled with rage when he saw the Kings body,and slew three guards....they must be lovers.