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  1. Editing: F&B1, and Wild Cards (of course) TV: 5 GOT successor shows, whatever he's doing to get the Wild Cards show(s) off the ground, that "Who Fears Death?" show, and whatever unnamed projects he's involved in that he hasn't named yet. Writing: Whatever is left of F&B1..and I'm sure Winds factors in there somewhere. Ever since he started turning off comments on most posts back in July, he hasn't blogged very much. Only 6 posts in all of Feb. So it's not like it was eating up a lot of his time. I don't think he's really gonna "step back" for very long freakin way he manages to go even a month without making posts about Hugo's and Wild Cards. Especially not with Hugo nominations in full swing right now.
  2. Eh? Even without the semicolon his comment still clearly states Volume 1 of FB will be out before Winds. He was asked if FB would come out before or after Winds, and he responded "Vol 1 before, vol 2 after". How does that not definitively settle the issue of which is coming out first? As to Winds in 2018...unless you are expecting FB1's release window to get moved up sooner than that late 2018 window he gave in July, or for there to be a near simultaneous release of Winds and FB1 (within 1-2 months), then 2018 is out. The former is definitely not happening, and as to the latter...that's about as 'pie in the sky' as it gets, but if such hope gets you through the long night, good luck to you.
  3. Divica summed it up: George was once in 'this year, maybe' mode, and now he's in a 'this year? not happening' stance. How likely do you think it is that George has finally figured this whole "estimating" thing out and is now able to accurately predict that 9-12 months is exactly what he needs to get it out soon after F&B comes out? The man's got almost 20 years of bad estimates under his belt, so I would not hold my breath on him suddenly figuring out how to do it, personally...but I wish good fortune to the optimists who convince themselves of it. Stay gold, you lot, really...stay gold.
  4. George just said Fire and Blood volume 1 will come out before Winds: Link And if you'll recall, he gave the release window for F&B as late 2018 to early that means no Winds in 2018. Quite the clusterfuck this situation has become.
  5. Did you miss the part where I said they definitely didn't film an entire fake day and Jon/Cersei scenes are happening?
  6. It looks like Jon is kneeling to Cersei in some of the pics: Link My bullshit meter is going off with this...what are the odds paps manage to get a shot of such an important scene as that through a tiny window in the wall that all these major characters (and crew) just happened to position themselves right in front of? Did they not notice the paps on the ground below? I'm not saying they did an entire fake day...there probably really is a scene between Jon/Cersei, but it occurs to me they might have taken a moment or two to stage this kneeling in front of that window just to fuck with people. The way they are crammed perfectly in front of that window is very suspicious.
  7. It's probably just Cersei meeting Euron as he docks at KL with the GC in episode 1 or 2. The red tent would be what she stands under with Qyburn and the Mountain as she waits. I don't think destroying WF (again) makes him a nihilist. Destroying WF and killing some Starks or Jon on top of it would be pretty nihilistic if that's what happens imo, but if the endgame is WF being destroyed but the Starks/Jon surviving, I'd say that's just bittersweet.
  8. It's hard for me to imagine D&D having their Saint Tyrion murder either Dany (or Jon) out of jealousy. Even book Tyrion isn't dark enough for that, I think. The director of the episode also said he wasn't trying to showcase a romantically jealous Tyrion with those shots, he was trying to show a politically concerned Tyrion. As in, Tyrion doesn't know what the consequences of this romance will be, and that unknown factor has him very worried. The interview:
  9. 'By night all banners are black' is a line from the books that I think foreshadows the ending of this series. I don't think the Others will be 100% defeated, just halted enough that humanity is able to regroup. So the survivors will be in a Long Night 2.0 situation. I think we will see the Night's Watch becoming like the national army of Westeros. So no more individual armies beholden to dozens and dozens of lords. Taking away the right of lords to raise their own armies marks the beginning of the end of feudalism imo. A major step towards breaking the wheel. Dany and/or Jon are both revolutionaries at heart I think, so they would probably accept limitations on their power for the greater good of society. Compensating the Lord's for their loss of control over armies by letting them form a council seems reasonable, and there is cannon precedent for "councils" in the books already. We might even see a "Magna Carta" type deal where Jon/Dany swear oaths to lead Westeros within certain limits, they might even both take the Night's Watch vow (I would expect the NW vows to be rewritten a bit, allowing for marriages, family, women to join, etc.). Jon/Dany can still be King/Queen with the throne passing to their child and House Targ restored without it being a continuation of the 'wheel that Aegon built'. With society so thoroughly broken down by the end of the story, they could make some rather drastic changes to the way things are run should they choose to. And knowing them, they absolutely would choose to.
  10. The Trident. Makes perfect sense for it to happen there. Though I think the WWs will actually win that battle and then move on to KL, only to have their army of the dead blown up by Cersei with wild fire. Dany's HOTU vision and all. No way the WWs are stopped in the North; we are getting a "Scouring of the North" type deal, no doubt in my mind.
  11. Missandei mentioned it in episode 3, when Dany says she wants to go after Euron herself. Tyrion in episode 6, when discussing the line of succession. Jorah in episode 7, when he says anyone in the North could take it upon themselves to kill her. Although I think Jorah says "crossbow" not arrow, but still. So 3 instances that I can recall. The number of times they brought it up worries me, especially after the way Ygritte died.
  12. Recent news points to them shooting S8 for much longer than usual, until as late as August 2018: Link If that happens, the show's not coming out until 2019. I agree George will release Winds eventually (not 2018 imo), but will he finish the rest of the series? No, I just don't believe he has it in him. Especially not after Winds will have basically taken him 8 years. He's been in a slump for about 20 years now, with each book getting harder and harder to write. I believe it's just naive to think he will finally snap out of it, or that the end will be easier for him to write.
  13. Yes, but as I saw someone on Reddit point out, D&D also had 3 different characters bring up the possibly that Dany could get killed by an arrow in S7 (Missandei, Tyrion and Jorah). That is how Ygritte died... I'm thinking we will get a Dany death, then a resurrection (of her and the baby she is carrying; you're right about all the baby foreshadowing, she has to give birth). That is why Mel is still being kept around imo (and possibly also Beric). Jorah could also factor into it with a kiss of life type deal, 'wake dragons from stone'. Resurrection would be yet another parallel between Jon and Dany. Personally, I am also expecting a new Night King and Corpse Queen at the end of this series (meaning the WWs aren't completely defeated, just halted enough for humanity to regroup and prepare for the Long Night 2.0). So the ending could basically be the dead led by 2 characters resurrected by ice magic (Jaime and Cersei imo), and the living led by two characters resurrected by fire (Jon and Dany). How does the world end? Some say in ice, some say in fire. George has mentioned that poem inspiring the title of the story hasn't he? Thematically, I think it all fits.
  14. Doubtful. Maybe they cast some "leader" of the GC to take Cersei's orders and name him JonCon, but it won't be anymore than a superficial nod to the books. That character woudln't have JonCon's personality or experience the arc George has him on. How could he with no Aegon? Though I do think the Golden Company in the show will be performing the same function as they ultimately will in the books....fight against Dany/Jon while they are trying to deal with the WW threat. In the show, it will be Cersei ordering them to do it, in the books it will be a greyscale maddened JonCon after Aegon is dead. JonCon will eventually be attacking Rhaegar's true son...his entire arc is meant to be a tragedy imo. One of the worst in the series.
  15. The Cleganebowl is real. It's always been real.