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  1. kephv added a post in a topic [TV/Book Spoilers] PTV Unsullied Thread Part 9   

    I'm loving it so far. Definitely hope more of the Unsullied climb the Wall to see what they missed.
  2. kephv added a post in a topic Ranking the seasons   

    1 >>> every other season.

    Besides the first, the rest have been such a mixed bag in terms of quality and adaptation choices that I can only say I prefer some scenes over others, but not the whole package.
  3. kephv added a post in a topic [TV/Book Spoilers] PTV Unsullied Thread Part 9   

    It seems they're actually going to start a book thread over there! Can't wait to read that.

    I remember a few years back, on this board, where a new reader (Isgrimnur) decided to start a thread chronicling his first read-through of the books, posting his theories and such (he figured R+L=J readily enough). Very entertaining thread to say the least.

    While the unsullied aren't exactly as unsullied as Isgrimnur was, I don't doubt it will nevertheless be just as good or better -- these are some of the most insightful posters I've ever come across after all, and it will be glorious watching them learn just how poor the show writers have translated the material, in certain instances.
  4. kephv added a post in a topic [TV/Book Spoilers] PTV Unsullied Thread Part 9   

    One of the long time TWoP/PTV unsullied, and one of my favorite posters :

  5. kephv added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa XIX - The season with no reason   

    For Sansa and Theon. What a pointless season.
  6. kephv added a post in a topic Rant and Rave without Repercussion [Book Spoilers]   

    I'm still in shock that they did it. I mean, we had Theon being tortured for 3 seasons straight, and I'm sitting here thinking they're obviously doing this to further set up amazing arc in season five, but no, they fucked that opportunity up. I mean really, they couldn't even give us the heart tree scene? Maybe next season, but I don't hold out hope.
  7. kephv added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion   

    I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up again.

    So, a few episodes ago Littlefinger mentioned to Olenna he had a certain boy that would appease her and her family.

    A lot of people thought that he meant he was giving her the guy that ratted on Loras, but given that this wasn't brought up again, I'm going to guess LF's boy is almost certainly Aegon (to be introduced next season), and that should Tommen die Margaery will again be a Widow and married off.
  8. kephv added a post in a topic [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?   

    Jaime should've brought twenty good men with him to Dorne. Given the level of security at the gates of Sunspear -- on par with that of Stannis' camp, apparently -- they could have snatched Marcella, killed the Sand Snakes and Trystane, and been half way to Riverrun and a much better plot.