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  1. LOL. It'll probably either be revealed by end of season or beginning of next.
  2. Well....she's had a mixed record but I do feel she's tried to do what she thought was best for the people. Now in all fairness she hasn't told the Westerosi how she can help them because she hasn't been there long. She just got to Dragonstone after all. Will she able to? That's up for debate but first she has to win the war. I think with support from Jon and other houses she'll have no problems.
  3. I agree Sam will be heartbroken but knows the name of the game (no pun intended). Plus he'll be head of House Tarly and since the Tyrells are done for will be the head of The Reach.
  4. 1. I think Dany would be okay with this as long as she and Jon could produce a new Targaryen heir. 2. Bran is the rightful heir but for the time being isn't able to rule. Will he be? Probably but now, no. Sansa could rule w/Arya keeping things in order. 3. No, Jon can't rule (I suppose). He was a bastard but that didn't seem to matter. Regardless it's a moot point if he sits the IT. 4. Cersei wouldn't let this effect her, she'll fight to the bitter end.
  5. I think this was a good episode, not as much action as last week, but a lot happened. From the get go we see house Tarly evaporated...literally & Sam will need to step up. I'm sure Jon will vouch for him. We saw Gendry again, how awesome was that? I also loved the scene w/Drogon and Jon. I think our show canon is showing us R+L=J and I'm cool with that. The Tyrion/Jamie scene didn't progress the story much IMO but at the same time it didn't detract enough to affect my rating. I liked the scenes at Winterfell and I can't help but wonder what is LF's plan. Arya's pretty smart too so there might be a battle of wits that'll happen. Can someone tell me what the not said too, I missed that? 9/10
  6. How are the graphic novels? I'm thinking of picking them up since I was recommended the most recent issue of the ongoing ACOK comic and wanted the community's opinion.
  7. Oh no I've read all the books from AGOT-ADWD plus the Dunk and Egg stuff. Just wanted opinions.
  8. I agree, at least Sansa could've thanked her if Bran's too messed up to. Geez! Good on EK for her lines though, such good acting.
  9. I like Dorne in THE BOOKS. I liked Oberyn, Doran & the Sand Snakes....the show's done them a disservice and IMO they're done there.
  10. This question came to me too...what was he thinking? Obviously he's wondering how he can use her, but how? All the Starks are pretty smart and battle hardened so I can't say where this is going but it makes sense he's thinking how Arya can best be used in the battles ahead.
  11. I'd like to HAVE seen Jon say this as well. Something akin to don't burn castles but if you can find them out in the open that's where I'd take them. Jon's no rube on fighting battles.
  12. Great theory! We know she had to ambush Jamie's forces before he got to KL so that's as good as any. I had a feeling (and this is obvious) Jamie was in a valley so all his foreknowledge would be what he got, the sound of horses feet. Ah I gotta watch that episode again.
  13. IDK about healing dragons but she definitely needs someone for other areas, like recording her achievements. She does need someone to tend to the wounded as well. Maybe Jorah will recommend Sam once he gets there.
  14. I'm pretty sure Tyrion recognized Jamie right away. I do think Jamie will probably last until the end...stupidly defending Cersei. UNLESS Tyrion convinces him otherwise. So he'll come out soaking wet, give Dany some lip and Tyrion will tell him to shut up.
  15. Yeah, Bronn'll go whichever way the wind blows but I don't see him being much help. HOPEFULLY the remaining forces bend the knee. I mean how many did she kill? Geez. If I were them I'd be on knees before she finished asking.
  16. Easily a 10, BEST EPISODE YET! Oh man, where to start? Arya coming back to Winterfell and her reunion w/Bran & Sansa was heartwarming. On top of that her showing how much of a badass she's become while LF and Sansa watched...man. She can hold her own against Brienne! The scenes on Dragonstone w/Dany and Jon were awesome...can't wait for more. THAT BATTLE!!!!! Ah man, how cool was that??? I knew when the pounding started I thought oh no they don't know what they're in for! And then when the dragons came and started lighting whole lines of men up. As a Dany fan it was an awesome night. I also liked Tyrion's saying of Jamie you idiot.
  17. Jorah's another VERY good one. Hopefully she starts winning.
  18. I agree with both of you. It seem like Dany's completely hapless but at the same time she always had advisors such as Barristan. Barristan would be great now. Tyrion while very smart and knowledgeable about Westeros is at a loss being up against Cersei. He's got 2 strikes against him and I don't know where he goes from here. I think he needs to start thinking way outside the box.
  19. Here Jamie's spineless a far cry from the end of ADWD. That being said, it'll take him a while but he'll eventually turn on her. Probably not this season however.
  20. I had to do some research on this so I'll go point by point: The North: Yuck too cold! The Starks are cool & I'd love a direwolf but just too cold. Iron Islands: Ugh! Who'd live here?! Rodrik seems cool but the rest of the people look like they suck! The Vale: I could see liking it if you like hiking but I don't. Plus this place is dangerous w/all those mountain clans. Riverlands: Now we're getting somewhere closer to being decent! It seems not too hot, not too cold...overall comfortable. Westerlands: For some reason it doesn't appeal to me. Maybe it's the Lannisters' presence. The Reach: This REALLY appeals to me. This is in the perfect location and it seems anything you do you'd benefit from. I love fruit as well so this seems near perfect. Plus you can travel anywhere and Dornish women have it going on so it'd be nice to be close to that . The Citadel's cool too so that's another option I guess lol. I'm going to pass on the Stormlands and Crownlands. Dorne: Dorne's cool but I'd only want to live here if I was a Martell. I'd be hanging out at the Water Gardens all day w/some high grade SPF (lol) and endless fruit. I wouldn't live here as a commoner though, too brutal as far the weather goes. I'm not going to go all over Essos but Braavos seems pretty tight. Getting a job at the IBB might be cool. So, The Reach is my pick.
  21. I didn't even think of this but it is a VERY good question. I don't know the troop #s (where can I find those?) BUT even not knowing you know Cersei has to have many at KL to protect her and it so having tens of thousands of men marching on Highgarden seems unrealistic. The price of being a hardcore fan lol.
  22. I KNOW!!!!! We were given the impression Dany would come and tear it up and now....NOW she's losing. I hope next week it turns a corner but we've got 3 eps left.
  23. AT first I thought Dany had a great small council...now it's either, dead, captured or inept. HOW CAN TYRION MESS UP SO MUCH? I WANT HIM TO MAKE DANY WIN!!!!!!!!
  24. ARRRGH. Hate this because I hate Cersei. I agree with others on all fronts. She's not so much smart as lucky to have Jamie (on that later). She seems to think she's in the in driver's seat as far as the IBB goes....I suspect something will go wrong. I mean you can't base your decision (regarding the IBB) on a saying. Okay going back around now and I know the book and show are different (by far) but Jamie isn't this in the books by the end or even on the show....this seems out of place.
  25. I'm going to be honest, at first I didn't think much of it. Jon and Dany seemed stilted. I did like when Missandei said Dany's whole title and Davos said this in Jon Snow, he's King of the North. It got better though. Afterwards ...WOW a lot happened!! The Unsullied, Cersei, Tycho. Sam, Sansa & Bran.....THE END! Pieces are moving, ones I don't like but still. So I say 9.