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  1. Stealthy Furniture Procurement Squad sounds like some of the old-school shenanigans we used to pull. Count me in.
  2. I never travel without earplugs. And I've roomed with Pod enough to know how to behave around Irish bad-asses. I'll avert my eyes at all times, and I won't try and steal your pot of gold. I'll let you know if/when I go from "maybe" to "attending" and see if you still have an open bed.
  3. No room yet, but still mostly planning on making it. Anyone maybe need a roomie?
  4. You think if you don't talk to me, I'll go away, but I can't go away, because I'm not here. I'm a ghost of a phantom of a shadow in the heart of your children!

  5. Do we still whack newbies on the nose with a newspaper and tell them that they're not important enough for their own thread?
  6. Standard delousing procedure.
  7. It can't be a Con primer thread without the number rules that we try and keep in place. I forget what they are, exactly, but I think I remember the following formula: 17/1/3/1 Translated: Try and get at least 17 minutes of sleep per night, keep a Blood-Alcohol level of 1.0% or below, take 3 handfuls of snacks from Con Suite/parties, and shower at least once a day. (Twice if you shake hands with The Tickler)
  8. Just thought I'd pop in to say hi to the newbies and new oldbies, and hello again to the old oldbies. -Ser Frisco the Hungry, Lover of Furries