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  1. Three nazis shot at protestors after Richard Spencer's speech. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-richard-spencer-speech-20171020-story.html But, ya know, nazis need a voice too amirite.
  2. People get upset about that always. But I'm still not opposed to sending them all to Florida. Global warming isn't real and I hear Kentucky has an Ark they can send down for assistance.
  3. He accurately called out Pence's vile homophobia. Unfortunately he thought it was hilarious rather than horrifying.
  4. The media runs with this story and within ten minutes Trump is on twitter talking about fake news. They will be fake veterans and fake gold start families and fake envelopes with date stamps. All fake. That's what he will say and his base will believe him and it will further his cause on trying to discredit and dismantle the free press. It's a dangerous game to play. We are in a no win situation until Trump's base and all Republicans decide to remove him from office. Even then, I suspect it will be a deadly event that would spark severe civil unrest or war.
  5. But what are they doing about it? Talking about it is meaningless when his base and even his party have proven they won't do a single thing to actually discipline Trump. Trump suffers zero consequences for his actions.
  6. But his base doesn't give a fuck. They do not reside in reality. That's who he is speaking to. The people who will vote for him over and over and over again no matter if he's asking them to escort their neighbors to the gas chambers.
  7. As far as outright lies go, surely this one falls somewhere near the bottom, yes?
  8. The benefits of napping are well documented. Not saying you don't have a vitamin deficiency or trying to wave away any mental health concerns you have. But an hour or less of napping can be a great thing for all day alertness!
  9. There was a communication breakdown. Period. Somewhere along the way, people were not communicating appropriately and it helped murder scores of people and injure hundreds more. Then that breakdown allowed the public to be misinformed for a week. Also, heard on NPR this morning that a spokesperson for the hotel said that this new timeline might not even be accurate. Don't remember the exact phrasing. So possible continued breakdown of communication.
  10. Even if the security guard had been too stunned to report in, there's still a whole lot more people in this chain of broken communication. The security team who sent him to check, the hotel, the police, etc. The story is very different today than the story that had been presented for the past week. Why did it take them so long to correct the timeline? What caused the delay and the correction? Where did communication break down? Did the police order a SWAT team at the first hallway shooting and they failed to update orders when the shooter resumed shooting, this time on a crowd of people? Even if their was no communication breakdown prior to the second shooting event, there was still a significant breakdown for a whole week after. This is highly distressing to the victims, their families, and the public at large. The ball was dropped somewhere in a major way. We either can't trust the police to intervene appropriately or we can't trust law enforcement to investigate appropriately. Or both.
  11. All current reports state that the security guard went to check on the hallway. Was shot. He then was conscious enough to prevent another worker from entering the hallway. Meanwhile, six minutes pass and then 10 minutes of shooting started and allegedly the police couldn't find the floor where the shooter was. Previous reports stated that they had to evacuate the floor, indicating their might have been others there. I can not see how no one would know there was a shot up hallway and injured guard in the hotel. It's a massive breakdown in communication. Did it happen with the hotel? With the police? With both?
  12. How can no one know that a hallway was shot up with 200 rounds?
  13. Anyone demanding for an IQ comparison has already lost. The president claiming they are smarter when we have years of his twitter history means we've already lost.
  14. He did resume shooting. He shot up a hallway with 200 rounds, wounding a guard in the process. Then six minutes later he resumed shooting, this time directed at a crowd. The waiting for SWAT seems reasonable when the story was that they were frantically searching for the room where the shooter was and that by the time they found it the shooting had stopped. It's absolutely unreasonable now that there was this huge gap of time between initial shooting and when he resumed again.
  15. Um, :they" would be the police. The fact that they knew nothing about a shot security guard is a huge problem. The timing could have been very different if they'd been aware someone was shooting up a hallway a full SIX minutes before that same someone shot up a crowd. Previously the police decided to wait for SWAT after they finally found where it was coming from because the shooting had stopped. Now they are saying they decided to wait for SWAT, and continued to wait it out while someone spent 10 minutes murdering people. How the fuck are you confused by this?
  16. Yes, that six minutes between guard shot and shooter opening fire on unsuspecting concert goers is a massive amount of time. Then 10 minutes of shooting spree. It's a devastating amount of time when you know scores died and hundreds more were injured. They also changed the dated he checked into the hotel, a full three days earlier. Of course, now that things become blurrier and no motive is found and police do not know why he stopped shooting, the conspiracy theories grow ever larger and out of control. Lombardo blames the public's zest for information for having such a massively wrong timeline of events.
  17. How is it not a big deal? Is it common for security guards to be shot in a hotel and for 200+ bullets to spray into a hallway? If they had checked out the shot up security guard and hallway immediately, maybe the fucker wouldn't have had ten free minutes to shoot up a crowd of people. The fact that this guard was shot before the mass murder happened instead of during or after is not a minor timeline discrepancy. It's massive.
  18. In a complete What The Fucking Fuck, it was reported the shooting stopped after a security guard was shot outside the shooter's room, but now it's been determined that the security guard was shot BEFORE the shooting started. I mean...what the fuck? Talk about about a complete and utter breakdown in communication. I can't even comprehend this bullshit. So fucking angry. I feel sick. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-vegas-shooting-20171009-story.html
  19. Didn't he kneel right alongside the team last week?
  20. That was one painful hour of television. The actress who plays Bri is not very good. I didn't really notice before but the dialogue here was so terrible that you could just tell she didn't have the skills when paired with Catriona Balfe. Balfe took painfully terrible dialogue and gave it feeling. And that dialogue was so bad. It was the type of cliche where I knew everything they were going to say before they said it. Also, Briana has been so poorly written that there was nothing believable about her pushing Claire to go away for good, nor was there anything believable about Claire agreeing. The show hadn't earned that moment so it just fell flat. Thank goodness for the ending. I wish we were given time to explore more of Claire getting back to Scotland and going through the stones and then traveling to Edinburgh, because that's a pretty good hike. But my heart was pounding when she walked into the printer's shop and heard Jaime's voice for the first time in 20 years.
  21. It was the top news story on every major news site, it trended on twitter and facebook, it was discussed on multiple news radio station I listen to. Every article included a photo and at least half included a short video of the Saturday march. They also mostly included twitter response from richard spencer declaring the march a success because they went in, terrorized, and left all within 10 minutes. It was called a flash mob and they promise to continue doing this. Seems like not being noticed until after they left was exactly their plan. And yet, that doesn't matter, it makes no difference how much coverage they received. We've had this discussion a million times and most of us already know where you stand on things. Nazis are in the highest offices here and are supported and given respect by the president. We should not be supporting further recruitment events or allowing them to continue to terrorize citizens. Being sympathetic to nazis and fervently arguing for them to be given plenty of power to continue terrorizing citizens is not a free speech issue. Just pretend I respond to all of your inevitable nazi defense posts after this.
  22. I stay away from nazis. And when I have to be near them (which is more often than not, I live in super conservative confederate land), I'm too scared to upset them. Because they are snowflakes who threaten violence constantly.
  23. I hope everyone on twitter is doing just that for Pence right now.
  24. So who are supposed to be the sensitive snowflakes?
  25. Not gonna lie, I'm nearing mid 30's and sometimes I still feel like this, as though I've wasted all of this time and that there's no hope of getting that time back. I get stuck thinking about all of my regrets and wishing for do-overs of my teen years or my 20's. If only I had known then what I know now, maybe I wouldn't have wasted so much time being ill. I think a major problem with society is that they make you feel like there's only one way to adult. You're supposed to follow this one path where you come out the other end with a resume and some sort career. It's not for everyone, but there aren't many alternatives for those who aren't interested in typical adulting. You can find a partner who will financially support you, you can try to find a way to apply for disability and be supported by the state, or some other avenue that will feed, house and entertain you. But it's not like there are many options for that. I'm sorry. Hopefully in the near future we'll have universal basic income.