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  1. But is it just that? I was wondering if he's just giving up one job in hopes of taking on another and he needed to make trades with people to get that.
  2. Here's one that has really been eating me lately. Police search for a 40 year old white woman allegedly armed with a knife and arrest and 11 year old black child instead. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cops-handcuff-11-year-old-girl-gunpoint_us_5a2ff13ee4b078950283d6bc There are some videos online of the body cam footage and the child is obviously in terror. She grows up in a world where there's video footage of cops gunning down a 12 year old boy while he was playing at the park.
  3. So what is Corker angling for? When he says he's retiring, he's not actually retiring is he?
  4. There's a very interesting side discussion about climate change happening in the US politics thread. Thought it would be a good idea to bring it to it's own space since it's such a huge topic. Most recent posts
  5. I sort of wonder if I'm going through some type of life crisis. I feel so...unsettled? I don't know if that's the exact word I want to use, but I guess close enough. I find I tend to be a bit nomadic by nature. I love being in new places, but I also love being home. I think I'm sort of looking for a place to dig in roots, but also scared of the idea of being settled in one place. I'm in a location where the idea is to find a place to settle, but nothing appeals to me at all. Maybe the idea of it, but definitely not the reality. I start wondering how I could have possibly wanted to do this. Then when I sit to think about where I might want to be instead of here, I'm just as baffled and uninterested. It's strange, unsettling. I'm only in my mid-30's but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm having some sort of super early mid life crisis. Is this what it feels like?
  6. Having no sympathy or compassion for someone like McCain isn't the same as wishing cancer on him. I mean, I don't sit here and actively wish that a meteor falls directly on our dear leader's head, but I won't stop myself from cheering if it does happen.
  7. Yeah, this is pretty much how I feel. I don't have much sympathy for him at all. Maybe some of his family for the grief they are probably feeling, but definitely not for him. He has played such a big part in harming millions.
  8. Having a ghost baby sounds quite appealing, tbh. It would be so easy to take it on vacations.
  9. So now you have to be employed in order to vote?
  10. If we're going to be relying on black voters, we need to also consider issues that affect them.
  11. Yeah, this is the very definition of fake news.
  12. Yes, they will weaponize it, just like they do everything. I hope Dems aren't wretched enough to use this as a reason to begin turning against the #metoo movement. Throwing women under the bus is not the answer to their problems.
  13. Ah, so Moore will be claiming that god wanted him to win, only not enough people came to 'pray' at the polls. But all those people who 'prayed' for Jones at the polls definitely weren't granted wishes by god. Got it.
  14. Yes! I'm actually really looking forward to @Kalbear's reaction. I think he predicted +10 Moore win.
  15. Who's still alive in the comics? I've been meaning to catch up, but keep forgetting. I think the last I read they'd just started go off in boats.
  16. I just don't get it. Moore says god is in control but then doesn't seem to believe it when he loses. So is the fairy in control or not???!!!???
  17. Good luck and we better get some videos! Today in between monitoring news coverage I've been seriously researching adding a new pup to my fam. I totally shouldn't, really really should. Definitely shouldn't. My dog is my most favorite child and I can't imagine life without him, but sometimes I still get really annoyed at having him because I can't just go off and do whatever I want. So I definitely shouldn't get another, right??
  18. Oh yeah, totally doomed. I was saying it was doomed from before it even became doomed. The day Moore announced his candidacy I said it was doomed.
  19. They almost consistently vote for their own interests, which also happen to be the interests of a huge majority of the country. They save our asses even when it's saving their own. Furthermore, they do it in the face of systemic voter suppression. I'm definitely grateful for every single black voter who was able to make it to the polls.
  20. So will you be posting a video?
  21. The US better all be thanking black voters, especially black women. It's looking like they've bailed us out. Again.
  22. Could this be the start of the downfall of Bannon? Can we hope for that or is it too soon?
  23. And with 1030 votes in that moment is gone. Damn I miss it. Please come back. ------- Ugh. Don't know how to quote from previous threads. But that feeling is back! Hell yeah it is!!! I almost wish I could still drink because I want to down a beer right now.
  24. It looks like AP has called it for Jones.
  25. I simply can't do it. Can you post a sampling here?