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  1. I just want to know if the OP got sacrificed by one of those marauding bands of gothic satanist teens.
  2. I would support a candidate who is personally opposed to abortion but who will commit themselves to improving education and affordable access to reproductive care. I think that's more than fair and makes a lot more sense to have candidates in more conservative areas of the country saying "hey, I don't like abortion, let's work to prevent those unwanted pregnancies from happening so abortion isn't even an issue we have to concern ourselves with'. I'm not sure what you mean about 'expand abortion rights'. Do you mean oppose anything that might enable women to have an abortion? What if this is in a state where Republicans have practically made abortion impossible due to all of the phony useless laws that shut down clinics or made wait times too lengthy? Which side of the aisle would they be on for these votes? What if they are the deciding factor in a vote to repeal some of these laws and they see repeal of these laws as technically expanding abortion access, should we be ok if they vote with Republicans? It just becomes way too slippery for women's health when the Dem party embraces anti-choice candidates. As for leading to universal healthcare, I think this is where a candidate personally anti-choice could really assist with messaging. "I personally hate abortion for reasons and that's why i want to do everything to prevent women from reaching that step and here are my healthcare proposals and what I'd support to get us there blah blah blah." Beyond that, I think these personally anti-choicers could perhaps help us with messaging on other issues. "I personally despise abortion and so here are some economic plans to make it as desirable as possible for a woman to choose to give birth rather than abort." "I don't want anyone getting an abortion so here is some of my pro-family agenda which includes maternity and paternity leave, subsidized childcare, more head start programs, etc." Basically, let's look for a candidate in those conservative areas who will not attack a woman's right to her own health choices but who will attack some of the societal ills that might lead a woman to make a choice to abort - lack of healthcare, lack of education, lack of economic opportunity, lack of pro family policies in the workforce, etc. Maybe while they are at it they can also attack toxic masculinity and work on preventing incest and rapes, though that might be too much to hope for.
  3. This is all I need to know to hit play as fast as possible on Defenders. Danny getting pwnd by Luke, yum.
  4. "Less likely to have any impact" means there is still way too much room in their impact to occur. It also makes me wonder what the point would be to run on an anti choice platform. I would assume voters will expect the elected official to adhere to her or his campaign promises and if the candidate ran with anti-choice promises, chances are they'd keep to that and vote for anti-choice measures. That has significant impact on thousands of women at local levels, potentially millions at state and federal levels. You don't trade off the health and choice of women for something else. Switch it out with different issues and see how you feel about it. What if this is about a Dem being politically opposed to marriage equality and running on an anti-lgbtq platform? You might say that's a bad example because it's only bee law of the land for two years and some dems are still in the anti camp. But I'll point out that some dems have jumped ship to the other party because it's such a big deal to them. Will anti-choice dems start jumping ship because being opposed to women's reproductive health is so important to them and their constituents. Switch out the issue with anything related to civil rights and desegregation and minority protections in general. This is a very slippery slope. I'm fine with a Democratic candidate admitting to being personally anti choice, but only if they are willing to protect women and their health by improving health care and maybe preventing undesired pregnancies in the first place.
  5. Really? Because in response to this: ...you said this: It seems like you support dems no longer standing for abortion. You want them to be silent on the issue of abortion. You say that it's more important to get elected than it is to have politicians who are willing and able to protect the rights and wellness of all of us.
  6. I keep wanting to start this show because I love Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, but I could never get through more than a few episodes of Iron Fist. Not sure if I need to have watched all of Iron First to see the Defenders. Is there any pertinent info?
  7. Oh really? So what are you expecting these politically anti-choice dems to be doing? If they run with anti-choice platforms, wouldn't their voters expect that they do something about it in office? If middle class white voters start voting with their own economic interests in mind, they'd be likely to vote dem. It would be a nightmare for women, LGBTQ, and minorities is we start letting dem candidates decide they are going to take very socially conservative and regressive stances on policies that affect these groups.
  8. Sure, if they want to be personally anti-choice then I have no issue with it. Politically anti-choice? Nope. It's a non-starter. If a democratic candidate wants to focus on education and easy, affordable access to birth control and higher quality reproductive care rather than their personal feelings on abortion, fine. This would be an actual pro-life stance as it serves to improve the lives of people actually living and perhaps prevent unplanned pregnancies so as to decrease the number of abortions sought. This is a position that makes logical sense and actually serves women. Any stance that is anti-choice is simply a non-starter. Nope. And we should be ashamed for asking women to simply accept "just a few" anti-choice dems in the hopes that they will take over state houses and....then what? Protect our rights? Nope. Y'all are so fond of slippery slopes and this is a massive slippery slope right here.
  9. No, let's not leave women's healthcare behind just because it's inconvenient to discuss. Whether or not Roe v Wade has been the law of the land has not changed the fact that it's been constantly and successfully attacked multiple times over - to the point that in some places it's practically illegal or impossible to receive an abortion. When Dems are quiet about abortion, states roll out anti-women bills that require clinics that offer abortions to have ridiculous standards making all those clinics have to close down. The only ways those laws have been challenged, or in some cases overturned, have been Dems who have stood up. Keeping abortion legal and available is what helps strengthen healthcare. Refusing to talk about reproductive care while Republicans steamroll over our rights weakens healthcare. We must never support a party that refuses to speak about 50% of the population.
  10. I guess I'm an unofficial bullet journaler. I'm obsessive with note taking and outlining. I have notebooks big and small all over the place. I bullet point my days. I make outlines all the time. My typical grocery list might look a little like this: Fruits Apples Veggies Carrots Carbs Bread Pasta Everyday I make bullet point notes all over the place. But I don't do it with any sort of official rules (I looked them up and it's a bit much) so I'm not exactly a bullet journaler but I kind of am. I've tried note taking on my phone or tablet and even computer, but just can't do it. It's weird because I blog like crazy with no problem. But I still need to bullet and outline my thousand lists a day.
  11. Simply glorious. I hope it's something my kids remember for years to come.
  12. At the end of the day, if there are still elections in 2020, I'm going to vote for the colostomy bag. I'd just prefer the Dem candidate to not be a colostomy bag. I want someone who will be capable of leading the Democratic party to success for the sake of all of us. I just have a hard time imagining that person will be a colostomy bag.
  13. I have to imagine that afterwards those shitheads will still be arguing that the genocide or whatever it is that happens was just free speech and they feel all moral and shit for not defending anyone since it would have required a bit of violence.
  14. 1. You completely ignored the very real threat and fear that poster (and millions of other people) fear. 2. Sometimes the numbers in opposition matters very little. ISIS is despised in great numbers but they still control large territories. Power comes in many different forms. The nazis might have been a fringe group once before, but they now have a pseudo leader occupying the white house. They have declared Trump their leader and Trump has done almost nothing to disavow that. In fact, he's gone far out of his way to not disavow. If simply having malevolent politics was enough to stop bad people, there would never be misery and war. That's a naive and foolish idea.
  15. Or Friday, or Saturday. Likely the influx of visitors arriving would be spread out over the entire days. I would expect any sort of rush hour for people coming into town over the weekend. A better measure for the influx of visitors would probably be checking to see how full hotels are. A couple weeks ago a friend was trying to schedule a trip to come visit. I'm right at the edge of totality but plane tickets here were hundreds of dollars higher than usual and hotels were completely booked. The weekend before and after had ample availability and were more reasonably priced.
  16. One might think you'd see the predicted traffic tomorrow rather than, um, not tomorrow....
  17. Attempt to militarize? Seriously? These nazis are walking through the streets heiling Trump as their leader and Trump has repeatedly failed to firmly and completely disavow them. He calls them 'fine people'. He surrounds himself with other white supremacists and appoints them to the powerful offices. We'd all like to pretend that Trump is just cosplaying, but he's actually the POTUS. He's in charge of the most powerful military in the world, has his finger on nuclear weapons, has ramped up ICE and border patrol and pushed for increased detention among immigrants regardless of status, has ordered police forces to be more aggressive towards citizens, has encouraged his followers to attack non-violent protesters, has likened the Heather Heyers of the country to nazis. On top of this, the nazis marched openly and armed in a city. I think we've already seen a pretty good start at the attempt to militarize. Meanwhile, you're still stuck at the idea that some of us maybe don't want armed nazis marching in the street while their Dear Leader occupies the highest office in the land.
  18. I don't know how anyone can have any sort of discussion with someone that isn't informed by politics. Even if all you talk about is aesthetic gardening, the conversation is shaped by the political spectrum whether or not you consciously think about it. The seeds you buy, the amount of leisure time you have, how much water you can afford to use, etc has all been shaped and governed for you by the political sphere and the way you discuss these things reveals a little bit of your ideology to one another. Furthermore, I don't get where some decide that drawing the line at who you allow within your group of friends somehow means you are unwilling to be close to those with whom you disagree. For most decent people, some things are simply non-starters. Racism is a non-starter for me, as an example. You aren't eating at my dinner table or stopping by for xmas if you are overtly or casually racist. Nope. It's not about being unwilling to disagree but being unwilling to put up with people who dehumanize others based on the way they were born. I don't understand. Do you think members of minority groups get a free pass or are unable to know the difference between right and wrong? Like I couldn't imagine wondering these things if, say, it's a gay person who thinks gay people should be sent to conversion camps or women who think women should be chained to the kitchen.
  19. I thought you said you prefer to keep politics out of friendships. Or maybe you just meant you only want friends who align with your own personal belief systems. Sort of like how everyone else works.
  20. I hear ya. It's exhausting have to meet some of this moronic shit head on. It's not much better on the other side of the fence. In several aspects of my life, including professional and one part of personal, I'm required to make nice with people from certain groups. I have to smile at the sons of confederate veterans who stand along roads in this area manically waving the stars and bars, be polite to known kkk members, patiently listen to the Trump supporter who has become emboldened to be overtly racist where a year ago he kept it contained and private. Even in small aspects of my life, like getting my hair done by someone who suddenly starts talking about her love of Trump who is 'putting those black lives matter folks in their rightful place' and keeping quiet not due to work but because I have no idea whether or not I'd be safe to simply refute the idea that black people need to be 'put in their place'. It's exhausting. Then I feel sick to my stomach because often kids, including those that live with me, see me not standing up for what's right. I teach them about how bad the confederate flag is and then I smile at it's flag holder. Makes me want to vomit sometimes. Lots of protests and counter protests this weekend. Stay safe decent folks.
  21. I called you the same thing, too, buddy. It's so strange that you're upset over people being identified as nazi sympathizers but completely defending nazis rallying. I wasn't requesting a permit to exercise my freedom of speech. Only accurately describing the behaviors of a couple individuals on some random forum for a defunct book series. The things people defend. smh. Then they wail and wonder why they get labels.
  22. Wow, MSNBC beat out Fox News on Wednesday for number of viewers http://www.nola.com/tv/index.ssf/2017/08/msnbc_becomes_most-watched_cab.html I had no idea that MSNBC was doing so well. I'm not a fan of the network, but it is a bit heartwarming to know that perhaps the liberal electorate is watching more news these days.
  23. Sorry, you're translator isn't working. It's more "I'm not technologically adept so I don't know how to post a picture here without it connecting to another stupid photo sharing website like you constantly do so I just click the first one I saw on google images without spend an hour reading the website where it was located because it was the image I was trying to show, not the content of the site." The Paradox of Tolerance is pretty basic shit. The cartoon has been splashed across the interwebs for at least the past week.
  24. On a similar though mildly different note, anyone else following the spate of resignations? I'm not that knowledgeable about all the various councils and advisers and such that exist and some have surprised me, though it's likely I'm surprised more because I didn't even know some of these committees existed in the first place. I don't actually know how these groups are formed, if the groups of members are appointed. On one hand its concerning who would take over after and what sorts of bugs they'd put into people's ears. On the other hand, I see groups like the digital economy advisers resigning, a group made up largely of big business folks, and I see other large businesses work quickly to reject nazis from their product (OK Cupid banned crying nazi, as have a whole bunch of other social media platforms) and I'm feeling a bit optimistic. Not much, but a tiny bit. Maybe big business has a conscience after all, or at least profit margins can still be harmed by association with nazis. More, I am curious if this will sway Trump in any way. He always seems to want to impress other rich people and right now the rich people are basically calling him and his acolytes vile scumbag losers. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/08/18/trump-commerce-department-advisory-board-resignations-241791
  25. I recall you like simple pictures to understand things. It just so happens that someone has created a very simple cartoon to enlighten you on this very topic. (I havne't vetted the reddit forum, no idea what it's about, just googled to find the first image of this cartoon)