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  1. So your conclusion is that maybe they didn't go off script, but maybe their reputation for going off script is why Drummer sends them. Yes, they have a gun ship, but so does she. She has access to dozens. We were with her in real time while she used those ships and void cities during a war with Laconia. Sorry, but things were going to change after Holden's stunt. Drummer was aware of it. Unless you think she was also wrong. Again, the only reason we don't see the fall out from it is because Laconia showed up.
  2. I have that weird feeling where I'm concerned that I'm not sad or depressed and because I'm not I think something must be wrong. My triad relationship ended really abruptly. The mess and the filth became too much, it was making me physically and mentally ill. I decided to move out. I take things literally and can be nothing other than honest and have a hard time figuring out when people aren't being literal or don't want honesty, so when they asked me to be honest about the reasons why, I told them simply that they were too mess and filthy for me but still felt our relationship could continue if we lived in separate housing. It really was horrible, if I explained how filthy then you'd all understand. But they didn't like that and took offense and we exchanged mean words and I thought fine, whatever I was starting to hate that location anyway. Plus it was getting really cold and I honestly hate the cold. So I started driving and driving and driving and ended up back to where I started years and years ago and I feel really ok with it. More than ok, I feel like I never left and a certain sense of peace that I'm where I want to be. Haven't felt any missing of my friends/girlfriends. Haven't answered them or felt a desire to reach out in return. I feel content with this decision. But also wondering if maybe I'm numb because I had several big moves last year. I get really uncomfortable when I feel content. It doesn't feel normal.
  3. The stability argument comes into it when you consider that the characters were static. When there was a bunch of instability, it was understable why the Roci crew was used despite their unpredictable nature. Many times they were the only option, or the only best option. But if they've been static for 30 years when the three major powers have enjoyed a steady alliance, then their continued service seems ludicrous. The TU is building massive cities and war ships. They have a full component of diplomats and other governmental type workers. They don't need the Roci crew, they don't need that unpredictability. The use of her at the start of the series is what makes the static nature of the crew stupid and lazy. Literally nothing has changed with them. It's like they were frozen in time, with a few minutes of Alex getting married and having a kid, which didn't seem to affect him in any way. Bobbie mentions the kid more than Alex does and only to highlight how much she and Alex are besties. Any stories they mention tend to be ones that happened 30+ years ago. They were a crew stuck in times gone past and somehow the major players are still hiring them. No way. Kills the plausibility of the book. I hope this series is almost done. I'm thankfully not giving any money to it, but I'm stuck in that space where I've devoted enough time that I just want to see how it ends.
  4. Sorry, I guess I missed those three decade long periods of stability in those other books. You'll have to point them out to me. Maybe also try to point out how during those periods of instability the Roci crew weren't uniquely situated to be offered the job (in those situations where they didn't force their way in). Keep in mind that they had a very specialized ship and the use of such ship was something that helped the belt be on more even keel during those periods of instability. This isn't the case after 30+ years of no wars and exponential growth. The Roci is now an aging ship, the crew an aging one that doesn't follow orders. It's stupid as fuck that Drummer is calling on this gun ship with a known problematic crew when there were obviously other options for such a serious job.
  5. Oh, come on, let's not be dishonest here. "They did everything just fine except for all those times they didn't." That's true about anything and allows you to handwave all the stupid shit away. The fact is that almost all of these characters ended up together precisely because they frequently broke the rules and didn't follow orders. I think Alex might be the only exception in the group. The reasons that Holden and co were able to get away with it in the previous books is because things were in serious and constant flux and they were often the only ones with all of the info, the skills, or the willingness. The were contracted largely because there was no other choice and nearly everyone who worked with them complained about how they did things. These books start at the tail end of 30 years of stability. A crew whose basic characterisation includes breaking the rules isn't going going to stay employed long with the major powers unless they undergo major changes and the book goes through some (albeit lazy) effort to claim they didn't. They either underwent major changes or they didn't.
  6. Yeah, good point. There are plenty of people who would need to hire Holden. It's more that I'm baffled heads of governments or the TU would do it. Only the authors made the point of telling us that nothing had changed with our group, other than a stray marriage and kid and some creaking bones. Even while in Freehold is pointed out that Bobbie is used to adjusting to going off script. She can read Holden so well, they've been doing it so long, blah blah blah. It's why alternative POVs would have improved things in the book. I assume the authors were too lazy to bother.
  7. That would explain how they might have high profile and important jobs in the years immediately after we last saw them. Might even carry them for a decade. But 30 years? No way. They can only ignore the parameters of the job or completely alter relationships between governing bodies so much before that celebrity status no longer holds weight. Which is why alternative POVs would have been helpful. They could have clarified reasons why the Roci crew's star keeps shining so bright even though they can't seem to do what they're hired to do. Holden's decision causes more than just a headache. It fundamentally alters the nature of the Transport Union and in turn changes the TU's relationship with governing bodies they interact with. Signatory planets didn't agree to terms with a government, they agreed to terms with a trade union. If the TU is now a government, they are basically Laconia and they'll have to do certain things to annex a bunch of worlds who maybe don't want to be annexed. If it remains a union, then Holden's actions show that first violation of the union contract incurs pretty minor consequence. What if ten worlds do what Freehold did? Twenty? One hundred? What number need flout the rules before the minor consequence then becomes too burdensome to the TU? I think it's pretty valid to point out that Holden ignoring the parameters of the job he was given could have easily resulted in a lot of disruption in the system. The only reason we don't see any of the fall out from Holden's decision is because Laconia showed up.
  8. Agree with everything @Kalbear wrote, but in addition, the bolded just makes it all the more absurd. Why on earth are people still hiring the Rocinante? They are unreliable and they don't follow orders. They are so much the same that their actions are still resulting in potential systemic change. Their actions with Freehold could have set off a system wide war, trade wars at the least, if Laconia hadn't shown up. Everything about the crew is the same as when we left them 30 years ago, even their going all cowboy on missions. This is why we really needed other POVs to tell us what the rest of the known universe thought of the Roci crew. The time jump just doesn't work when it comes to the Roci POV.
  9. This was such a slog to get through. The time jump was a good idea but completely unbelievable. It probably would have worked better if there had been other POV's who had lived in the same world where Holden and co were minor celebs but who were regular people. Someone else's POV might have given the sense that there was a passage of time. Even the planet we saw was a fledgeling one. Our favorite characters were all the same as they were when we last left them, just with some creaky bones. How can 30 years go by without a single thing changing about a person? It was as though the authors understood they needed a time jump to give Laconia the chance to build the resources needed to actually take control of the known universe with just a handful of ships but they were too busy or lazy to actually think through what that time jump would mean for the rest of the cast. Probably the only thing I mildly enjoyed about this book is how for a moment we were all a bit like Bobbie where Duarte's plan seems like an elegant one, a plan we dream about. One nation under peace, where can I sign up. But then, as Mormont points out, a bit of thought on it and you can't ignore that Duarte is a horrific person. Even if we ignore all that he did in the past to murder bullions, this book kicks off with notes about how he uses his population for human experimentation.
  10. True story. It's sort of an intellectual turn on.
  11. Perhaps. But she didn't go after any random person. She went after the one who had murdered an innocent man and then tortured his digital copy. She had proof of all of it. That same man made a business out of displaying all of his tech torture. There's a chance she could go down a path of murdering other techies who have actively harmed people, but the show does nothing to imply that this will be the case. She went after Rollo for pure vengeance and to release her father. The ending seemed somewhat dark as it was seeing how Rollo's tech obviously survives him and can thus be further used for harm. Or perhaps good. I personally find San Junipero to be horrifying, but it was widely thought to be a really heartwarming episode. Ran pointed out how Saint Juniper was mentioned, could be an easter egg that this is the tech that leads to eternal digital heaven. Maybe Nish is the one to create it and finally sets Teddy Bear Lady free.
  12. The problem with not killing Rollo is that he would have just continued on. That's a lot of what his story was about. He had setbacks or failures and he went on to the next horrific thing. He could have retired as a manager at that convenience store where Nish stops to power up but instead he creates this museum to display his wares and further torture his victims. Rollo will never be brought to justice because he's not seen legally as a liar, a murderer, a torturer, etc but simply as a failed businessman or scientist. Death is the only way to really stop Rollo because he won't stop on his own - he's always seeking the next endeavor - and the legal system is unlikely to stop him. If she simply burns the museum, the epilogue of Black Museum would be Rollo doing something like creating a child sex doll with a real child consciousness. He's like the addict who needs to do worse and worse and worse things to get high. Nish gets a free pass on killing Rollo and no one does a sane person think this makes her worse than him.
  13. It's too bad they can't just start over now that Fuller is back. I'd really like to see a take on it from someone who isn't the blood-flying-loving-Fuller.
  14. It would definitely be interesting to go that route. I don’t know if they’ve really seeded a good reason for her to do so. Would it be vengeance against Steel Balls for killing someone or accidental? Or just something made up out of thin air?
  15. Dr. Pepper


    I'm so so very sorry for your loss, @drawkcabi
  16. So in effect the agents are sent to the future to get the inhuman to break the earth because the earth needed to be broken to go to the future? I'm genuinely enjoying this season but sometimes time travel can annoy me.
  17. So I guess now we have the inhuman that will put Earth back together? Will he do it in the present or the past? Do they take him back to stop Daisy?
  18. I think Crocodile was ok. It didn't seem all that Black Mirror-ish. The tech just seemed to be the convenient stand in thing that gave a reason for Mia's behavior, but it really could have been anything. She was always the sort that wasn't going to stand for her perfect life and image to be disrupted without her permission. So it was good, but could have been an episode on any show. Hang the DJ was sweet. I was fully prepared for it to end up being one of my nightmare scenarios where they were living out their afterlife or their cloned consciousnesses were inside some sort of tech and glad it didn't turn out to be another repeat of that. I was really intrigued by the idea of this technology deciding relationships and you just have to go with it until it's over and the next one is dictated for you. Sounds interesting. I want a dating app that works that well. I didn't care for Metalhead. It seems run-of-the-mill post apocalyptic robots-kill-us-all. And the twist that our group died because they were stupid and sentimental wasn't that much of a twist. I figured it would be something worthless in that box, was more disappointed that it was nothing but teddy bears. Black Museum was very meh. I felt each story stood well on their own, but it was almost as though the showrunners had these ideas and couldn't choose just one and didn't have enough money to make more episodes so just decided to toss them all in together. Maybe they thought there wasn't enough anti-tech theme throughout the season and just wanted to really rub it in and make sure we got it. I wanted to like it, but never quite did. If I had to rank the season, I'd rank in order of episodes USS Calister, ArkAngel, Crocodile, Hang the DJ, Metalhead, and Black Museum.
  19. Just finished that episode. Shoot me. Started ep 3 but the first five minutes made it clear that I need to take a break.
  20. USS Callister was so good. Glad Black Mirror is back!
  21. Hmm, I'm not so sure on this. In my situation I was no longer seeing the original therapist who had diagnosed me as I'd moved so I was able to start fresh with a new therapist. I think it's probably best to be direct and have your list of reasons handy. Maybe she'll reevaluate or maybe adjust treatment. I'm also a big fan of the second opinion if it's possible. I think maybe you're right in that I haven't found my place. I've taken some time away to really clear my head and think and it's occurring to me that I constantly fall in love with the idea of something or some place without really thinking about the long term realities of it. So I'm always going from one thing to the next when what I really need to do is figure out how to fall in love with the reality rather than just the idea. Not sure if that makes sense, it works in my head lol.
  22. Yup. Years ago I received a diagnosis and it felt right in the moment and the treatment for it helped get me through a crisis. After that and as time went on, I became less certain the diagnosis was correct. At the time I was doing well but started to feel myself struggle and long term treatment and maintenance for the diagnosis just seemed useless for my situation. I sought out a different doctor and she got a more thorough history and really took her time and arrived at a different diagnosis. It feels right. More importantly, there are more effective ways to manage my health with this particular diagnosis because treatment is slightly different. I say it probably doesn't hurt to have it further examined, especially if you feel that you've been inadequately treated.
  23. I sort of wonder if I'm going through some type of life crisis. I feel so...unsettled? I don't know if that's the exact word I want to use, but I guess close enough. I find I tend to be a bit nomadic by nature. I love being in new places, but I also love being home. I think I'm sort of looking for a place to dig in roots, but also scared of the idea of being settled in one place. I'm in a location where the idea is to find a place to settle, but nothing appeals to me at all. Maybe the idea of it, but definitely not the reality. I start wondering how I could have possibly wanted to do this. Then when I sit to think about where I might want to be instead of here, I'm just as baffled and uninterested. It's strange, unsettling. I'm only in my mid-30's but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm having some sort of super early mid life crisis. Is this what it feels like?
  24. I really enjoyed the newest episode though it was terribly hard to watch and in some places quite maddening. A plot that incorporates the slave trade is always going to be nauseating and emotional. I think they did an ok job of showing the horrors of the enslaved without fetishizing it too much. I was frustrated that Jamie and Claire didn't give Temeraire something to assist him in his life in hiding. Not even so much as a weapon, ugh. Would be great if they actually had more story and commentary about the slave trade other than using it as a convenient pot device to further Claire's and Jamie's needs. Then using Yi Tien Cho as a distraction, gods that was terrible. Geillis! I mean it was beyond creepy and disgusting and horrifying. I could barely watch as she seduced a child, but it's hard to deny that some of the camera work and directing was excellent. That part where she slithers off Ian was so crazy. The reunion of John Grey and Jamie was the highlight. I'm glad that (spoiler is minor change from books) It just made the reunion that much better. Looking forward to more Governor Grey.
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