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  1. Name the one ASIAF character you'd hook up with

    Patchface, Biter and Ramsay Bolton.
  2. This book is quite boring....

    When compared to the previous 3 books in the series Feast is definitely lacking in action and there are some repetitive chapters. But we have to consider that the War of the Five Kings is winding down and we read more about what's going on in the Red Keep and the Iron Islands. In Feast we get to read about the political intrigue in KL and we learn more about the Ironborn as a people.   There are a few chapters set in Braavos ( through Sam and Arya POV chapters). So in Feast there is more world building and court intrigue to read of. Not a lot of action or war in this book but we sure do get to read about the repercussions and political fallout of it.
  3. Is it possible that Jeor Mormont is Coldhands?

    Forgot about that. Then who is Coldhands? I know there are multiple theories on him.
  4. Is it possible that Jeor Mormont is Coldhands?

    Ahh yes that's a good point. But technically his watch has ended? Right?
  5. Jeor Mormont dies at Craster's Keep and Coldhands is described as wearing old night's watch clothing, plus he commands a flock of ravens. Jeor Mormont always had that raven on his shoulder (which foretold alot by its speech). So maybe it's crackpot or maybe not? What do you think?   Jeor Mormont would've had quite a bit of knowledge about the other NW castles, and possibly the Black Gate.
  6. About Arya and Jon

    Oh okay. I must've confused what happened in the books to what was meant to happen in the books. I still think draft/orginal Tyrion was split into current Theon and Tyrion though.
  7. About Arya and Jon

    The draft didn't mention anything about Tyrion being a dwarf. I'm assuming that GRRM meant for Tyrion to be normal looking and not a dwarf. Especially since the original draft had him ending up married to Sansa (I'm guessing that Tyrion and Sansa were meant to be attracted to each other even though the marriage was for political reasons).   EDIT: I agree with CerseiFanboy. But his post brought up another thought. Was Tyrion's original character split into Tyrion and Theon? Theon burns Winterfell we all know, but Theon also has issues with his father, ones that are very similiar to current Tyrion's father issues.   Also, Theon's father dies (from assassination or falling) in aSoS leading me to think that draft/original Theon was meant to murder his father BUT the split/current Tyrion took that place (resulting in Tyrion killing Tywin on the shitter). Theon does have a thing for whores just like Tyrion does. This now leads me to believe Tyrion was split.
  8. About Arya and Jon

    I'm more interested in the original manuscript GRRM had and where it would've taken his characters. I never knew that GRRM had different plans for the characters and story until now. That was the first time I ever read that article. It's kind of weird seeing which character arcs were switched and how the series' plot was altered some to fit GRRM's overall storyline.   Of course what GRRM ended up doing with his characters and plot is not uncommon at all, many authors do the same.
  9. Characters you dont trust

    Littlefinger I don't trust at all. He's a master manipulator, political puppeteer and a cunning sociopath. Walder is another one I don't trust because he is vindictive, stubborn and implacable. He will do anything to see his house survive, no matter how abominable.   Daario Naharis I'm suspicious of. Another character I'm skeptical of is Varys, though I do think he holds stability, structure, unity and peace in high regard. But it doesn't change the fact that he is a master manipulator and he will never be able to be fully trusted.   Ramsay Bolton is a morbid sadist who just needs to die.
  10. How can Jaime justify his kingslaying?

    I remember this now that you mention it. She blames him for it while Jaime is back in King's Landing. This occurs after Jaime dons his white cloak again and becomes the Lord Commander of the the kingsguard.   I was scanning Jamie's wiki page (I read the wikis when I need to recall specific/minor conversations, events and/or details in this vast and epic series) and this occurs in KL somewhere near the middle of AFFC.
  11. How can Jaime justify his kingslaying?

    Are you saying that Aerys' murder was premeditated?
  12. How can Jaime justify his kingslaying?

    Are you saying it was premeditated?
  13. How can Jaime justify his kingslaying?

    I agree with you on this matter. Jaime was commanded to murder his own father by Aerys II and he told Rossart to burn the entire city! He act to act quickly, he had no time to sit and think. He basically went with his gut feeling and just got it done.   Aerys' former Hand was sacking the city with a force of 12,000 because he put to much trust into Pycelle and took his shitty advice to open the gates of King's Landing. Jaime didn't want to kill his father and he didn't want to see King's Landing and all it's citizens go up in flames. Of course many innocent people were slain and the entire city was sacked and pillaged but the great King's Landing wasn't completely annihilated by flames.   Imagine what would've happened if Rossart wasn't neutralized and he did ignite the wildfire caches. It would've been a fiery holocaust and King's Landing would be no more, wiped off the map. Basically Jaime chose the lesser of two evils and saved King's Landing.   Jaime's swift decisions resulted in a better outcome. Which shows he's not so ruthless as many people think he is.   I know people will say "but he threw a young boy from a tower because he was caught fucking his sister." He is known to act before he thinks rather than think before he acts. Furthermore, Jaime becomes a better person later on in the series. He is humbled after he loses his hand and not so arrogant, he also starts to realize how vain and narcissistic Cersei is when he returns to King's Landing.
  14. Are you emotionally attached to these characters?

    When reading ASOIAF I certainly do become attached and emotionally invested in certain characters, especially because of how the book is written (third-person narration). Certain major POV characters I am emotionally attached to more while other minor POV's and non-POV's not so much. It depends on how they are as a person and how they treat others.   But this is a fictional series of books. Of course ASOIAF mirrors our own world in many aspects but I limit the amount of emotion I put into fictional characters because I already live in a world where non-fictional people exist. They include family and friends and are more important and to me than characters in a book.   So in my mind I split these two universes apart. One is real, while the other is not real.
  15. Davos is an obvious yes, as many people on here agree. But there are definitely more characters to consider. I for one think Ser Barristan Selmy is an overall morally good person too.