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  1. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    I never thought of Cersei as smart or dumb. She appears to have an average intellect. But like I said earlier, she is pretentious and obviously conceited. When she looks at Jaime she is attracted to him (because he looks like her) and envious of him too simply because she wants to be man. She understands that she lives in a patriarchal society and detests being married off. She hates men yet at the same time she wants to be one.
  2. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    Cersei eventually lets her paranoia get the best of her. Her POV chapters in Feast are my favorite. Her paranoia and emotional instability worsen the further in to Feast you go. Cersei is already pretentious enough when she's introduced in the first book. When she expels Mace Tyrell from the small council she just makes things even worse for herself.
  3. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    I have a feeling that Sansa is going to find out about many of Littlefinger's schemes and conspiracies. She was utterly played by him in so many ways.
  4. The character that I had the strongest convictions and judgments of ended up changing drastically once I completed aSoS. That character is Jaime Lannister. Once he became a POV character I assumed that I'd grow to hate him. At first read I simply just tolerated his POV chapters. I gradually started to understand why Jaime was the way he was. He was a man that was misunderstood and he'd made many bad choices in life. Other than being known as one of the finest warriors in Westeros, he is also notorious for murdering Aerys II Targaryen. It wasn't until after Jaime confessed what happened in King's Landing and why he felt he had to kill Aerys II that my perspective on Jaime changed dramatically. After getting to know his father Tywin and his sister Cersei's true nature I understood even more (and sympathized) why Jaime ended up the way he did.
  5. Which characters of the series can be regarded as introverted?

    I know he no longer has a tongue but I believe Ser Illyn Payne to be particularly introverted, even if he is forcibly that way. Podrick Payne is very shy, withdrawn and reticent. Brienne is quiet as well.
  6. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    One POV character in particular I thought was incredibly stupid and I really disliked her on my first read of the series, Sansa Stark. After reading the books for a second time my opinion of her changed. What made me dislike her at first was when she lied to cover for Joffrey after he antagonizes Arya and the butcher's boy and as a result of that Cersei has Lady killed in place of Nymeria. After Ned informs her and Arya of his plan to flee from King's Landing, she rushes to Cersei and tells of her father's intent. Once she did that I truly despised Sansa. But like I said after my second read through of the series I then realized my judgement of Sansa was too critical and harsh. She is a lord's daughter who has been sheltered all her life and she's very innocent, naive and gullible. Not to mention that she has quite a bit of compassion and sympathy for others. I also like that she is beginning to learn how to play the "game of thrones" from Littlefinger. She's no longer the played, but the player.
  7. So who would you bend the knee to?

    I would bend the knee to Stannis if I had to choose between those seven. By "law" Stannis is supposed to inherit the Iron Throne, he is Robert's successor. Stannis doesn't harbor any of the madness that Dany does. Robb is a great war leader and warrior but he's not politically cunning and is clueless when it comes to playing the game of thrones (in that he is very similar to Ned). Balon Greyjoy is too ethnocentric and close minded to rule all of Westeros. If he conquered all of Westeros he would establish the Old Way everywhere he possibly could. Yes I agree he's a fantastic naval strategist and commander, but he's too narrow minded and he has almost no diplomacy.
  8. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Mord as a character. I would say he's second in line for the dumbest person in Westeros.
  9. Most unintelligent character in the series?

    Victarion is a big dumb brute who is better at taking commands from his brothers, especially Balon. I couldn't help but feel ashamed for the maester Kerwin when he was raped by four of Victarion's sailors. I don't know why but I laughed when I came to the part where Victarion throws his corpse overboard.
  10. I was thinking about who the most unintelligent character is in the series is (in all of Planetos) and I'm still trying to narrow it down. I'm not including Hodor on the list because he is the most obvious first choice. Patchface I don't consider the dumbest either because even though his mind and body are broken, he wasn't born that way. In aCoK it's mentioned that Patchface is nimble and witty, but after Windproud (Steffon Baratheon's two-masted galley) is shipwrecked on the way to Storm's End he is found days later, his mind and body broken. Since he is only able to spout prophecy I do find him somewhat dim. Many of the jesters and fools in a Song of Ice and Fire can be considered actual simpletons with IQs bordering on mental retardation. Some of them are just misfits or weirdos though. Take Shagwell of the Brave Companions for instance. I don't think he is unintelligent, just a psychotic psychopath. Moon Boy, a fool, is seen by others in King's Landing as another simpleton. Dontos Hollard says that he doesn't think Moon Boy is actually simple though and that he is probably faking it. Then there's Lollys Stokeworth. Lollys is obviously simple-minded but she can still function at a low level and she can hold a conversation. So after really putting thought into who the stupidest character in the series is I've come to the conclusion that Jinglebell (Aegon Frey) is by far the slowest character. Catelyn witnesses him drooling out of the mouth and jumping up and down to music at the Red Wedding, he is not able to speak either.
  11. I definitely want to know more about Howland Reed. Isn't there a theory out there that Jojen Reed is actually Howland Reed?
  12. Will Tyrion and Tysha ever reunite?

    I don't think they ever will.
  13. Name the one ASIAF character you'd hook up with

    Patchface, Biter and Ramsay Bolton.
  14. This book is quite boring....

    When compared to the previous 3 books in the series Feast is definitely lacking in action and there are some repetitive chapters. But we have to consider that the War of the Five Kings is winding down and we read more about what's going on in the Red Keep and the Iron Islands. In Feast we get to read about the political intrigue in KL and we learn more about the Ironborn as a people.   There are a few chapters set in Braavos ( through Sam and Arya POV chapters). So in Feast there is more world building and court intrigue to read of. Not a lot of action or war in this book but we sure do get to read about the repercussions and political fallout of it.
  15. Is it possible that Jeor Mormont is Coldhands?

    Forgot about that. Then who is Coldhands? I know there are multiple theories on him.