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  1. The Revenant. Considering how hyped this movie has been during the award ceremonies and still kind of is I was a bit dissappointed. The first act was great, and the cinematography in this was absolutely brilliant, with some of the nicest shots and environments I've seen in a long time. But I felt like act 2 and act 3 was very thin, both on the story and what we got out from it. There was barely any real story there, just one nice shot after another, with nothing really weighing behind what the characters do. With a little deeper characters and some more focus on the story, this could have been a great movie. I liked Birdman but this was pretty mediocre, and started to feel a bit cliche. It was like the writers just said "how can we get Leo in one more bad situation after another, with some really nice shots at it" and they didn't really work out what the movie was supposed to be about, other then kind of baiting at being something like an art movie. And Leo is a great actor, but Ithink I agree with others who've said that this wasn't really the movie he should have gotten an Oscar for. Vinyl (HBO) This is getting better and better every episode I feel like. I've heard some criticism against this, but I actually feel it's a series well worth a look. The Scorsese vibe is there, the stories are entertaining and the choice of music is great. The main character may not be the best or most interesting, but there's a lot of other stuff in the show weighing up that. It may not be a top tier show, but with some more development in season 2 it could even take some more steps quality wise. I have felt like the writing in season 1 has been very like Terence Winter, so it may be a big change in season 2 since he's leaving the show.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking more if it's in the genre of sci-fi or not, since it's easier searching for a movie knowing its genre. But I'm kind of getting the feeling that it was low sci-fi in that case and I don't have any suggestions what movie it could be right now.
  3. Cloud Atlas share some themes, but I guess that's not within a year or two. Do you remember if it was a sci-fi or not? Knowing that would probably narrow it down a little.
  4. I was tempted to buy Batman: Arkham Knight since I've played the other two but after looking at the Steam reviews I didn't. Apparently the port is quite bad. Looks like it'll be a buy on a console to play that, because the other two Arkham games I've played were great games.
  5. Well, that footage was not much to brag about. I had hopes that DC could succeed and make a pretty good movie universe, more serious and mature then Marvel and with some original ideas. But the more you get from it and the more you see from trailers I don't know really, but my hopes are a bit lowered I guess. I guess pretty much hangs on how Batman vs Superman is and I guess we'll see when Suicide Squad comes.
  6. Just saw Exodus: Gods and Kings and it was pretty bad actually. It felt uninspired and the movie dragged way too much and felt pretty colorless, both storywise and characterwise. It would have needed a much better script to make it work, and maybe a different approach to how they laid up the movie with regards to the historical time period. And even Bale, who used to be one of my favorite actors, was bland in this. I dunno, I was bored after one hour of the movie and I almost never turn off movies, but I was tempted with this one. It had a very uninspired portrayal of the villain, Ramses too. I remember seeing Prince of Egypt when I was younger and liking that, so maybe it's better to see that movie if you're interested in the source material. I keep hearing that Creed is good so I really need to see that one, was a Rocky fan when I was younger but has been a time since I saw the movies. As for Ridley not making a good movie in a while, how long do you you mean by a while? Exodus was bad and Robin Hood was mediocre but I think American Gangster was a pretty good movie, and Prometheus was an okay movie, which I thought had great visuals and cinematography. Haven't seen Counselor yet but I hear it's been pretty panned and maybe you're not a fan of Prometheus, but I found it to be a pretty ok sci-fi movie.
  7. Just came back from Hateful Eight, and I'd put it as third on my list, behind Sicario and Ex Machina. Good acting, and good dialogue but I just felt it was a bit thin storywise. It's definitely not one of Tarantinos best. But still, a mediocre Tarantino movie is still better then most of what Hollywood puts out. It was some interesting characters, and I liked the introduction with the stagecoach. But for 2 hours after that, the story almost goes nowhere. And some scenes are dragged out for way too long. And yeah, Tarantino is a master of dialogue, no one is arguing that, but I felt like he did this movie because he knows that and just wanted to build a movie around his written dialogue. I think with a little more story progression and if the movie didn't only take place on one location, it could have been much better. But that would have been a different movie though, and I'm quite sure this is exactly how Tarantino wanted the movie. This probably wouldn't make my top 5 Tarantino films, but it's still a solid movie, but it had more potential in my opinion. The actors were good though and Goggins definitely shows that he's a great actor for film, although that's no surprise considering his work on The Shield. Tarantinos narration also felt a bit unnecessary and kind of drags you out of the movie a bit. Anyway, now that he's gotten this out of the way I hope he'll go back more to his 90's roots and maybe give us a crime drama or something similar. I have some more movies from 2015 to see though so I don't think this will manage to stay at the top 5 when I see some of them.
  8. That movie is on my watchlist too. I have heard some great things about it. Ok. Although I saw the movie more as a fantasy with real life inspiration, but if someone wanted uber-realism with this movie, I can see how that might affect their opinion and feel the movie was bad. And yeah, I can agree that there wasn't a big message throughout the movie, but there are some pretty subtle themes there that I enjoyed. I especially liked the ending, it's probably the ending that made it my favorite movie of the year so far, that and Del Toro's performance. But let's agree to disagree about the movie then, at least I got an explanation from you so now I see your point of view. I can understand why someone wouldn't like this movie, but it just hit the strings with what I like about a movie and is just the kind of movie I enjoy. Dark, with a tense plot and interesting characters, and especially pretty unique. It isn't groundbreaking but it felt pretty fresh from the way they did the movie. Villeneuve is gonna do the Blade Runner sequel and considering Sicario and his other movies I definitely feel that he can make a worthy successor to the movie. We'll see though, because it isn't the first movie you think about when mentioning movies that should have sequels.
  9. A lot of movies from that list that I'm gonna watch. Your lists are always good for recommendations. But may I ask why you didn't like Sicario? I thought it was brilliant. I'm gonna watch Hateful Eight tomorrow so we'll see wehere I rank that. The Assassin is on my watchlist too, as a fan of Asian cinema it feels like a given. I can agree that this year is no way near 2014 in terms of the movies released.
  10. I did, and I meant it. I feel every one of the prequels is better then TFA. And there's not even a contest between Revenge of the Sith and TFA, because Revenge of the Sith is a pretty good movie, in my opinion. But I've already been over this in the Star Wars thread so I don't feel the need to explain why I feel that way again.
  11. My top 5 so far: Sicario Ex Machina Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Kingsman Ant-Man I still have more movies too see so that list will definitely change when I've seen some more movies I'm anticipating. There's a big jump from position 2 to 3, since I consider the top 2 movies great movies, but the other ones are more ok or good. So the list will definitely change up. Movies I still need too see: The Martian, The Revenant, Hateful Eight, Spotlight, The Big Short, The Assassin, Creed I probably need to explain why Mad Max and Star Wars aren't on my list even though I've seen them. But Mad Max I feel the same as an above poster about. I don't feel that it had an interesting story to tell, and there was basically nothing gripping in the movie for me. Just a 2 hour chase scene with cliched writing and at the end I was just like, is that it? Is that all it got good reception about, because it was just a mediocre and bland movie to me. Star Wars was a big letdown for me too, it was way too cliched and just a big rip-off of the original trilogy with no clue about Star Wars mythology.
  12. Agreed. I'm not trying to defend that, I'm just saying that he had a pretty ok backstory, but you're correct, there's no mention of it in the movies. When you think about it, there's not much exploration of the villain's motivations at all in Star Wars. Even Palpatine with all his screen time, we still don't really know why he wants all that power. But it's probably intentional, since the dark side should be a bit clouded in mystery. As someone pointed out above, there's things the dark side has that makes them have an edge over the light side, even though we don't know exactly what they have all the time. I'm not saying Maul had a clear motivation. He was more a brainwashed pawn for Palpatine to use, as I said, he was raised to be a solder and probably knew nothing else. He's basically a dagger for the Emperor, and I don't think Maul himself cares much about his own motivations.
  13. Darth Maul was a slave who was raised to be a soldier since childhood. Dooku didn't really agree with the Jedi Councils point of view and ways so he broke free to try and create a vision of a world that he wanted. And if you wanna go up against the Jedis it's probably better to do it with Sith support than alone. There is a deleted scene from episode 2 that explains all this. When Obi-Wan goes to the archives to look for Kamino the librarian comes up and gives some backstory about Dooku, a nice scene that was cut for some reason. So both of those Siths actually have ok backstories, just that they aren't explicitly laid out during the movies.
  14. Interesting quiz. I'm up to 39/65 now, and feels like I'm starting to get a bit stuck. I will be quite impressed if anyone manages to reach 60 actually. edit: 48/65, that's about as far as I can get with this one
  15. Again, you're equating making a lot of money as a reason for why the film is good. The reason it's breaking all records is because it's Star Wars. Even if Lucas would have directed this it would have broken all records, considering were in an age where a lot of people go to the movies, and big blockbusters like this will always make a lot of cash. It's no testiment to JJ or Kasdan having written a good script. It's a testiment to them knowing how to make money, I'll give you that. Being a Jedi or Sith is exactly the same thing as being a Force user. Pretty much only Jedi and Sith use The Force in the movie universe. It's the basic cornerstone of being a Jedi. Say 90 percent of being a Jedi is devoting yourself to learning about The Force. Just read the Jedi Code. It incorporates a lot of other things too, since it's an order. But that Order is pretty much based around what the Force is, and mastering it and trying to understand it. That's clear even in the original trilogy. Again, I've explained why Luke could force pull his lightsabre. And you see how hard it is and how it has passed three years between Star Wars and Empire. You bringing that up isn't an argument in your favour. But I'll let you think that flying a ship and learning to use the Force requires the same training in the Star Wars universe, but when it comes down to it, you're simply wrong. I'm not saying that the Star Wars movies have to be accurate in every way in what has been established, because yes the Force is magic, but it also has rules since before, but you trying so hard to come up with arguments to why this movie works while completely throwing everything we've seen from 6 movies away. I can accept that you liked this movie and I have no problem with it, I've just said my opinion. But you trying to talk about Star Wars lore when you have absolutely no idea how it works isn't something I care to really waste anymore time with.