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  1. How do i find or read sample chapters?

    at least there are very detailed summaries of the chapters one might not be able to acess on this forum. it's not the same as reading george's words, but you'll know what happens and well, just have to wait for twow to be published. it depends on how long it will take, but maybe those chapters will be published for everyone in time.
  2. How do i find or read sample chapters?

    I wanted to install the app, but it says, it is incompatible with my phone? is there any other legal way to read the tyrion chapter?
  3. The Ghost of High Heart

    I only have the german version of the book here, so I can't quote right now, but it says that it was heavily raining at the Red Wedding and the moats looked like lakes because of all the water. And it's kind of logical that, if nobody hears the wolf cry, so doesn't Catelyn.. Sansa doesn't refer to LF as a giant, but LF says something about giant's heads which have been upon Winterfell's walls a long time ago. I think if LF was meant, the "ghost" would've spoken about a titan, not a giant? When Jon was with the wildlings, there were more giants than just Wun Wun, so it's possible that they're dead and have been turned into White Walkers and Sansa has some kind of role in defending the North against the Others in the end?