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  1. So the grand finale of relentless campaigning, countless ceremonies and sending messages is finally upon us. They know the winners, we know the winners, everybody know winners. Let's just hope they can read those cards correctly. It's Oscar night. Sit and enjoy
  2. It was... Vikander is not a bad actress, we all know that, but simply, the role was created having complete opposite of Jolie's Croft. This Lara Croft is essentially everything Jolie's isn't. Well, I got the tickets free, so why not use them... But, yeah... This has been terrible experience with a good laugh at the movie's expense.
  3. Watched new Lara Croft movie with Alicia Vikander. It was terrible. Words cant express how bad it was
  4. And, if anyone doubts it, she has been AMAZING
  5. I have just watched it and it was AWESOME... This movie has SOUL which so many superhero movies these days lack. Everything was very well put, the direction, the movie, the humor, the music... The music... It was so poignant, somewhere between Lion King and Straight Outta Compton, with necessary inclusion of Marvel epicness. The costumes were truly gorgeous. The movie did everything it was meant to do and I have to applaud them. I was very skeptical of the way how this movie was advertised at the beginning (Feige talking about cast being 95% African-American) but at the end, the movie was so much more. And yes, I froze I completely froze watching that movie and my eyes and ears were locked onto big screen.
  6. Well, they can always do something like they did with Voldemort. He was mainly off-stage, but when he would appear, all the hell would break loose
  7. My thoughts exactly... Damby looked dapper... I am still not sure about Law as Dumbledore, but he is a great actor and he can pull it off. That said, it was nice seeing Hogwarts again
  8. No one really does. The other awarding bodies have competed to be the one that predicts the Oscars best. And in doing so, they made the Oscars completely redundant. At the end, we all know winners. Isn't this kinda of thing for movies/TV shows that are done from historical Scottish POV? I haven't read Outlander books, but until Lord Grey, the English in the series were rather terrible. Well, as much as some of you hate Forrest Gump, Titanic, Braveheart, etc. in comparison to the latest Academy's blunders, they are at least memorable. I simply can't understand so many uninspiring choices in the past decade.
  9. Well, answering to Trump, Kimmel said that Netflix changed the ratings and how they should be counted. That is true, as the manner in which people watch television has changed for everyone. I wasn't speaking about ratings, more of people's general investment in Oscars. Perhaps I am older, but I don't see it as it was 10 or 15 years ago. One of the reasons probably is a number of televised award shows which in the past several years awarded the same people that at the end, Oscars simply become almost redundant.
  10. Well, with Shakespeare in Love. Crash, Argo, KIng's Speech, Birdman and many uninspiring nominations, one has to put it into perspective. I wouldn't put Titanic anywhere near the best movies but one simply can't deny the investment people had with every single Oscar it got. As you said, it was a story set to fail and somehow it succeeded. I think that we have become insanely cynical which is why Titanic remains the last great love story to get people in the cinemas. I couldn't agree more. Even I am at fault of this. Simply, cinema is for the likes of MCU, DCU, SW and the rest of the known Universes. I like watching the "small" movies at home, alone or with some friends. The audience is getting smaller and smaller. Anytime I start with Oscars, most people here in Serbia have not heard let alone watched those movies. And in the age of Internet, the sadness and anger over exclusion of Blade Runner from main category becomes more vocal.
  11. I don't disagree about that, but it does remain one of the world's most watched movies. I started watching Oscars as a kid. Here, in Europe, as you know, you have to stay awake all night in order to do so. And I haven't missed one. I still remember Whoppi and Martin and many others who made me laugh during those monologues. I do agree that lobbying has been through the roof in the past decade or two. Harvey Weinstein started it all (or brought it to a whole new level) with "Shakespeare in Love". But, in debate pop movies vs critical darlings, what you can't deny overrated popular movies such as Titanic, LOTR: ROTK, Avatar etc is the investment of people. Yes, the true moviegoers will get invested in the right movie, but not so many people will. And then the words "Academy Award winner" mean so little. At what point does obscure, niche preference turns into out-of-touch position? That was my point. Not that movies like Titanic were better winners.
  12. Carry on people... We need to know where the hell Murray belongs
  13. I agree... I really loved "This is Me" and it has amazing energy. The bigger issue is that Oscars are becoming culturally irrelevant. Simply, who cares anymore? In 1998, people cared because everyone in the world watched Titanic. Same in 2004, with LOTR:ROTK. In 2010, Avatar drew some numbers. People were invested. Now, it seems that the movies that get nominated and awarded are not something a lot of people are drawn to. Every year we have that the fewer and fewer people have watched the movies that are nominated.
  14. So, we are opening that box of worms Listen, I was so touched and inspired by the way Francis McDormand honored women. It was completely uninhibited, truly genuine... Stone's thing was really not fair. The first thing is that her aim is completely off. As I said, Academy can't award something that is not there. So, fight has to stand long before awards season begins. I do believe it was wrong because those four men worked very hard and they didn't deserve to be named as just "four men". Two of them were minority and del Toro's win, in the age where people seriously talk about wall on Mexico's border, means something. So, they were not just "four penis-owners". They are four individuals that may even not have the privilege and power many others have. I wholeheartedly believe in what McDormand said. We need to hear these women's stories and transform them into art. Give them support and money to do what they can do best. Attacking each other and ruining perhaps the rare moments of recognition someone gets, for me, is not the way.
  15. She was, at the moment, ruling Lady of Winterfell and a member of the ruling family in Riverlands. Her claim would be stronger in North, but she is not without claim in Riverlands, either. She didn't abandon the position of ruling Winterfell, she renounced it in favor of her son. Which may be her biggest mistake. She arrested Tyrion on charges she believed are enough. That is how law worked and how even works these days. Police arrests you and then you prove your case. I don't know what is the issue here. The law, modern and even the medieval recognized the unlawfulness of prosecution of mentally unstable persons. And Catelyn most certainly was not in her sound mind at the moment. Unless you want to claim otherwise? Lady Stoneheart was always imagined as GRRM's answer to Gandal's resurection in LOTR. He believes that death takes your soul, or at least, part of you and that it would be impossible to come back from death unscathed. That is why LS is so different from Catelyn. Even Thoros spoke of how Beric was losing himself with each new resurrection. Perhaps because she didn't exact revenge on Tyrion? She didn't kill him right then and there. She imprisoned him in the name of the King, something she had some right to do so. That was not revenge. I am sorry, but we have fundamentally different views on Catelyn and Martin's writing. Given that I see that neither one of us will change the position, we should call it for today... All the best
  16. Have you watched Season 2 premiere? Audra McDonald is joining the cast. I have to say, I am enjoying this one much more than I have anticipated. Baranski proved to be quite capable of being lead actress and Diane seems amazing mix of dignified incredulity and craziness in response to the world around us.
  17. We needed three years to get second edition Catch phrase work in progress... Any ideas are more than welcome... Continuing the discussion. Last post by Zorral:
  18. This is the most sound argument regarding that particular issue I have read. You share something with Whopi Goldberg. She said that Oscars are the symptom, the consequence, but that the battle should be fought all year long. From the moment when the movie starts making to the moment they are released and ultimately awarded. Simply, it is the studios' problem, not the Academy's. But, then again, saying those kind of things can make you racist. Just look at the poor Charlotte Rampling.
  19. First, even GRRM said that Catelyn indeed HAD some grounds in capturing Tyrion. He said that it was the fact that Tyrion was a Lannister much bigger issue than the fact that Catelyn was in Riverlands. At the moment of arrest, Catelyn was de facto Warden of the North, as Ned clearly gave her all the power to rule in his name. So she always had the authority necessary to do what she did. It certainly was a dangerous move, but within the rights she had. As for vengeful spirit, I am sorry, but I can't hold her accountable for something she did in mind she was. We are not talking about cold, calculative murder, but about a woman whose mind has been completely shattered by events that happened around her. GRRM even said that we can't look at Lady Stoneheart as continuation of Catelyn, but as almost a new life. LS is just a shell of what Catelyn was. Again, Catelyn had every right. Also, she arrested Tyrion in Robert's name on the grounds of serious accusations. As false as those accusations were, something she didn't know, the basis for his arrest was there. Again, killing Bells is something we can't judge as her normal behavior. Especially having in mind her mindset at the moment. Which, btw, was the most difficult thing for Martin to write. Are you seriously claiming malice in the quote that shows her anti-war feelings? And that is a new character. Lady Stoneheart is most certainly NOT Catelyn.
  20. I am still torn between Litgow and Oldman... I am truly glad that Oldman won. It was perhaps a bit uninspiring choice (after all, British biopics have Oscar written all over them) but he was indeed absolutely amazing. As for other moments. I knew it was going to be heavy on the #MeToo campaign, but at some point, enough is enough. When Natalie Portman called out 5 male directors at the Golden Globes, it was childish and totally uncalled for. But when Stone did the same last night, singling out Gerwig, it was plainly idiotic and yes, mean-spirited. The way Frances McDormand celebrated her Oscar was something for the ages. Now, that is how you send the message (looking at you, Stone). I enjoyed the music. It was such a great lineup of songs. My favorite was "This is me" from The Greatest Showman but each performance was truly powerful. As for the big winner - The Shape of Water. I simply don't get it. Not my cup of tea... And I wholeheartedly believe Nolan should have won this one. Dunkirk was a masterpiece that demonstrated the full power of Nolan's talent and it did deserve recognition.
  21. It's 3 am here and I am watching Screw the morning hours Well, there was a lot of controversy with presenters for Best Actress, as Casey Affleck decided to withdraw from ceremony due to the current climate in Hollywood. But, if interested...
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  23. The past couple of years, I have dipped into teaching waters in order to finance my PhD course. I have been teaching English to Chinese and Japanese students online and I have to say that between language barrier, connection and computer problems and time difference, it hasn't been easy. I have found a new respect for people who are teaching. Talking about patience... That said, my cousin in Montenegro thought it would be a great idea to be available to parents 24/7. She created a Viber group and you know what? It doesn't stop ringing. Last summer, when we were in Montenegro, enjoying the nice cocktails at 2:00 am, her phone rang and one of the mothers sent message asking whether Harry Potter books are suitable for 10-year-old. So, I can only bow down to people who teach.
  24. Just like most players would take one GS over Olympic Gold. As for that particular medal, it is a great achievement, nonetheless. Especially for two players who normally don't play doubles.
  25. Federer won Olympic gold in 2008 in doubles with Wawrinka, he has also won Silver Medal in 2012. So, it is not like he is totally unsuccessful at the Games.