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  1. In an old Firefly thread from years back, I mentioned that they should offer Chiwetel Ejiofor a boatload of money to be the lead in a new series set in the same universe. Make it 10-12 eps (so Ejiofor would still have time to do movies), put it on F/X, and just be about him walking the 'verse like Kane from Kung Fu. That way you could slowly introduce the older characters back onto the show in an organic way. River obviously is still involved with the resistance in some way, Mal is a legendary underground figure because of his actions in the movie (and therefore in hiding), so on and so forth. The operative walks the 'Verse and does good deeds and whatnot until he gets sucked back up into the resistance.
  2. I want him to get the LSU job because the SEC is now severely lacking in the quotable coach department with the loss of Spurrier and Miles.
  3. Their locker room is on the other side of Howard's Rock and the ramp, so they bus from one side of the stadium to the other. Which is lame.
  4. It's Les's fault. He kept recruiting running QBs and then tried to force them to be pocket passers in a pro style offense. Jefferson, Perilloux, Russell Sheppard, Brandon Harris, etc were all highly rated running QBs. If he would have just gone after pocket passers, they probably would have been neck and neck with Alabama the last 5-6 years.
  5. Not to take away from your pain, but the booth didn't review the play clock. They reviewed the game clock.
  6. Last night crushed me, DP. We have a defense for the first time in nearly a decade. We have an aces special teams unit, including maybe the best kicker in the nation. We have talent all over the roster. And that is what Gus does with the offense. A 3 QB rotation that would substitute mid-series. A WR started out at RB. Our "passing QB" wasn't allowed to throw the ball downfield until the 2nd half. Our "running QB" didn't have a single carry. Our versatile FB took about 7 snaps from center in some kind of version of the Notre Dame Box. Of course, we looked completely inept. Then Gus defends his game plan in the post game presser and promises to keep doing what he is doing. Ugh. Given how awful the rest of the SEC looked, this could have been a great season. Now, it looks as bleak as last year.
  7. I'm hoping that Miles's agent can continue to work miracles because the thought of someone like Tom Herman in Red Stick gives me nightmares.
  8. Yeah, this is their biggest problem. That OL got worked by the App St DL for most of the night. Not the best sign when looking at the rest of their schedule.
  9. I think it could be awesome in a Blade vs the vampire apocalypse kind of way if Ephraim and his entire storyline were exorcised from the show. No Eph = more bone sword half vamp gladiator, more Setrakian, more Fet, Dutch, council woman, Eichorst, etc.
  10. The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight was always my favorite. Followed closely by The Civic Minded Five.
  11. Ephraim still sucks in that 80's douchebag way that he's always sucked - and not awesome 80's douchebag like Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai, but smarmy douchebag like Walter Peck from the EPA. Ugh. Fet with the SEAL team was great. I'm confused at to why he hates awesome bone sword half vampire dude, but whatever. Maybe they're trying to make everyone as unreasonably stupid as Eph. Lower the bar enough to the point that their chosen hero doesn't seem so awful. Bolstering this point is Gus engaging in the stupid zombie trope of keeping his mindless vampire mother alive and chained up in her living room. I'm sure that's going to end well. It's just the first episode, and the only two protagonists untouched by the Eph virus is Setrakian and the councilwoman. The professor read a book and counseled patience in his curmudgeonly lovable way. Sensible, since the book is the MacGuffin or whatever, but not very exciting. Hopefully he'll get more to do when Eph inevitably tries to steal the book and trade it for his terrible son. As for the councilwoman, she continues to be the most competent character on the show. Eichorst remains a cool villain despite only having a minute of screen time. Nora and the creepy crawly kids would probably be good villains as well if they weren't so completely tied to Ephraim and Zacharias. The Master is less lame now that he's in the goth rock dude, but that's another low bar. Maybe he'll get more menacing as the season wears on.
  12. Maybe Brienne and Pod will pass Gendry while they are rowing.