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  1. Mike

    The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    I think it could be awesome in a Blade vs the vampire apocalypse kind of way if Ephraim and his entire storyline were exorcised from the show. No Eph = more bone sword half vamp gladiator, more Setrakian, more Fet, Dutch, council woman, Eichorst, etc.
  2. Mike

    Amazon to resurrect The Tick

    The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight was always my favorite. Followed closely by The Civic Minded Five.
  3. Mike

    The Strain season 3 (Spoilers)

    Ephraim still sucks in that 80's douchebag way that he's always sucked - and not awesome 80's douchebag like Johnny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai, but smarmy douchebag like Walter Peck from the EPA. Ugh. Fet with the SEAL team was great. I'm confused at to why he hates awesome bone sword half vampire dude, but whatever. Maybe they're trying to make everyone as unreasonably stupid as Eph. Lower the bar enough to the point that their chosen hero doesn't seem so awful. Bolstering this point is Gus engaging in the stupid zombie trope of keeping his mindless vampire mother alive and chained up in her living room. I'm sure that's going to end well. It's just the first episode, and the only two protagonists untouched by the Eph virus is Setrakian and the councilwoman. The professor read a book and counseled patience in his curmudgeonly lovable way. Sensible, since the book is the MacGuffin or whatever, but not very exciting. Hopefully he'll get more to do when Eph inevitably tries to steal the book and trade it for his terrible son. As for the councilwoman, she continues to be the most competent character on the show. Eichorst remains a cool villain despite only having a minute of screen time. Nora and the creepy crawly kids would probably be good villains as well if they weren't so completely tied to Ephraim and Zacharias. The Master is less lame now that he's in the goth rock dude, but that's another low bar. Maybe he'll get more menacing as the season wears on.
  4. http://www.avclub.com/article/idris-elba-might-play-roland-deschain-dark-tower-a-229586 It probably won't happen, but for now: Fuck. Yes.
  5. Mike


    EB - Not my remains, Al. Al - Gabriel's trumpet will produce you from the ass of a pig. Of the many brilliant exchanges between Al and EB, this one was my favorite. EB accepts death at Al's hands, and his only request is a decet burial "just in case there is a resurrection of the flesh." Completely human, completely in character for both of them, and it still cracks me up.
  6. Mike

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I always assumed that Tigana was polarizing mainly because Brandin of Ygrath is polarizing. Tigana is a great story, but it is my least favorite of the Kay novels that I have read, specifically because I hated Brandin and how Kay presented him.